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Hey everyone, my name is Jessica Oliver, and this is my fashion and clothing blog where I’ve been on a mission to inspire women to feel good vibes about themselves and have fun with fashion since 2015!

Considering myself a genuinely dazzling clothing enthusiast, I have worked and earned an admirable reputation in the fashion industry for the past ten years. Before shifting into digital marketing and navigating the fashion blog world, I am proud to have run and managed my own clothing store, American Two Shot, in none other but the glamorous city that never sleeps, “New York.”

Meet & Greet: Get to Know Me on a Deeper & Intimate Level

However, at present, I put my clothing business plans on hold for the time being so I can give my 100% effort and time to my husband and our lovely three kids.


In college, I studied and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion and Technology at International Fashion Academy on their campus in Paris. Later on, I joined the post-graduate program to nurture further and enhance my creativity. I took a Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion and Design at the same institution. At this time, I’ve hosted, launched, and jumpstarted my own fantastic fashion shows and events.

Fashion Industry Experience

As a women’s fashion authority and designer, I’ve been at the forefront of the clothing industry, showcasing my newest designs all across the United States and Europe. Being a veteran in the world of fashion with over fifteen years of designing experience, I desire to fulfill my vision to successfully market my latest works all over the globe.

Digital Marketing and Blogging

In line with my effort to expand my fashion influence, I teamed up with a web developer and graphic designer to launch and create laundry To Wear, a website that features the latest fashion, beauty, and chic lifestyle tips and wardrobe trends. In November 2015, I finally announced the opening of my website.

The Story & Inspiration Behind My Personal Clothing & Fashion Blog

Since time immemorial, it cannot be denied that all women and men alike want to be tuned to the latest fashion updates and clothing forecasts. This sole reason becomes the powerful inspiration why I jumpstart my personal blog, laundry To Wear.

In addition, being an all-around-the-clock housewife and mom, I sincerely understand the struggle of juggling work, personal life and space, and household chores, including washing clothes. That’s why I gathered and compiled some laundry and clothing care tips in my digital space.

On top of everything, being part of the evolving consumerist and capitalist society, I know that you and I, especially Americans, have a lot of old clothes piling up in our cabinets since ancient times. Because of this, I have a burning desire to share some tips about recycling and resourcefulness. And there’s no other way to do that than following and sticking through DIY Clothing Plans.

Today, my website is a fast-growing clothing and fashion blog with aspirational content showcasing and featuring the latest in outfits, trends, wardrobe how-to tips, and guides, as well as the best clothing ships and deals from the United States’ biggest retailers and brands. All in all, it is my goal to inspire, empower, and help all of you look glamorous.

Editorial Policy

Overall, I want my audience to get not only the best tips but also accurate and verified information. When it comes to introducing the hot and best clothing stores, I personally conduct an ocular visit and scout all the shops across the country, so I know what I can recommend to all of you guys who have been following me on this blog!

In case there’s a developing trend and story after publication, rest assured that I will update the articles to reflect the latest information available at the moment. I sincerely believe in transparency, so there’s no room for doubt, and you can wholeheartedly rely on my personal clothing and fashion website.

At Laundry To Wear, I understand that the majority of my audience is smart and creative people. Due to this reason, it is my sincere wish that you’ll become part of my blog. When I create content, I must look beyond fluff. I hold myself accountable and responsible to high standards.

My Goal

Working with the latest technologies since 2010, I hope that my blog will become a new-generation search engine that will make every clothing tip and store searchable based on your liking and preference.

As a sole believer in the saying that style is something that we all naturally have, it is my wish that my fashion blog will allow my audience to learn every fashion and clothing tip that will definitely match their style. As the next “Google of Clothing and Fashion Tips,” I hope you’ll get something and always leave my blog with a smile.

I’m so happy you found your way here to laundrytowear.com.

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