8 Ways to Cuff Jeans for Different Situations

You probably have a pair of jeans in your wardrobe! A pair of jeans is hands down the most versatile piece of clothing in existence. Take advantage of your jeans’ versatility by cuffing them today. Cuffing your jeans is an easy way to get a top-notch hemmed look.

Why Cuff Your Jeans

  • For A Smart Casual Look: Cuffing your jeans is an easy way to create a smart casual look. People tend to wear jeans in casual settings. But if you’d like to smarten up your look, quickly cuff up your jeans. Throw on a tailored coat to complete this professional effect.
  • Fashion: Cuffing your jeans doesn’t have to be that serious. Sometimes, you might choose to do it because you appreciate its aesthetic appeal. Cuffed up jeans are very fashionable. They show off your ankles, define your legs, and accentuate your height.  It’s a great look especially if you are tall. Cuffing your jeans also exposes the attractive selvedge and roping pattern on the other side of the hem.
  • To Fix Loose Jeans: If your jeans are loose at the hem, cuffing them makes them tighter. A perfect way to make skinny jeans even skinnier.
  • Show Off Sneakers and Socks: Do you have an eye-catching pair of statement socks that you’d like to show off? You don’t have to give up your jeans just because they would cover the socks. Cuff ‘em right up! The $6 billion sneakerhead industry knows quite a bit about cuffing jeans. Sometimes the only way to show off your bespoke sneakers is to cuff your jeans.
  • Protect Your Hem: If you are walking somewhere muddy, dusty, or grassy, protect the hem of your jeans by cuffing them.

Main Types of Jean Cuffs

The best thing about cuffing your jeans is that cuffs are temporary. You don’t have to visit your tailor, meaning you can wear many different kinds of cuffs. Change up your look with the following jean cuffs!

1. Single Cuff

Single Cuff Jeans

The single cuff is the easiest to do and the most common cuff. To make it, fold your hem up two inches.

The single cuff is compatible with most jean types, but it’s best suited for jeans of the correct length.

Wear it in casual settings, where the contrast between the inside of the denim and the rest of your jeans can provide a visually pleasing effect.

2. Double Cuff

Double Cuff Jeans

To get a double cuff, make a single cuff twice. This makes for a tighter roll. Use the double cuff for straight-cut or tapered jeans. It works equally well in both casual settings and stylish occasions. It’s a good way to make jeans that are too long just the right length.

3. Pinroll Cuff

Pinroll Cuff Jeans

This classic and beautiful cuff is also known as the pinroll cuff. To make a pinroll cuff, fold your jeans’ inseam vertically. Hold this fold and then make a single cuff. You can add another smaller single cuff to make it tighter.

Use the pinroll cuff for regular-fit pants. Avoid using it on skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans, or tailored jeans. The pinroll makes jeans tighter, and these already fit snugly. Wear the pinroll for smart casual events or everyday wear. Use it to show off your sneakers too!

4. Mega Cuff

Mega Cuff Jeans

A mega cuff is a type of single cuff that’s at least 4 inches. It works well with heavy denim and loose-fit or oversized jeans. It’s a strong fashion statement that’s perfect for women wearing boyfriend jeans. It’s also common in rock-and-roll subcultures. The cuff can make you look shorter, so it’s recommended for people who are taller.

5. Bicycle Cuff

Bicycle Jean Cuff

Make a double cuff then pull up your jeans up to your knees. It’s a great casually messy look. The cuff is ideal for outdoor activities like cycling. It exposes your calves to the summer breeze and prevents bicycle grease from getting on your jeans. Bicycle cuffs look amazing on summer jeans, especially well-worn ones.

Special Jean Cuffs

1. Inner Cuff

Also known as the inside-out cuff, this cuff is stylishly chic. It creates a clean and unique look by not showing the denim’s inside. Make the inner cuff by doing a big cuff inwards, then a smaller one outwards. The inner cuff looks great on darker denim, as well as skinny or tapered jeans.

2. The “Skinny” Double Cuff

Use this cuff to get the look of a double cuff without actually making one. Make a single cuff and then fold the hem inwards to hide it. The “skinny” double cuff gives you the look of a double cuff without the bulk of one. It looks fantastic with ankle boots!

You can also use this cuff if your jeans are too short or too tight for a regular double cuff.

3. The Japanese Cuff

The Japanese cuff is also known as the Tokyo cuff or the Tokyo turn up.

Make a single cuff then a mega cuff. Ideally, the single cuff should line up with the hem stitching.

The Tokyo cuff is popular among people who are obsessed with denim. That’s because it’s a perfect way to show off your jeans’ hem chain-stitching. Use it if your jeans are extra long!

Summing Up The 8 Jean Cuffs

Summing Up The 8 Jean Cuffs

Types Ideal Jean Type Where to Wear The Cuff
Single Cuff ● Most types of jeans

● Right-length jeans

● Casual settings
Double Cuff ● Straight-cut jeans

● Tapered jeans

● Casual settings

● Stylish occasions

Inner Cuff ● Tapered jeans

● Skinny jeans

● Darker denim

● Stylish settings

● Professional settings

Bicycle Cuff ● Summer Jeans ● Outdoor summer events

● Bicycling/Hiking

Pinroll Cuff ● Regular-fit pants

● Longer pants

● Smart casual events

● Everyday wear

Mega Cuff ● Loose-fit pants

● Heavier denim

● Boyfriend jeans

● Rock-and-roll events
The “Skinny” Double Cuff ● Shorter jeans

● Tighter jeans

● Casual settings
The Japanese Cuff ● Extra-long jeans

● Designer denim

● Stylish settings

Cuffed Jeans Tips for Women

Cuffed Jeans Tips for Women

  1. When wearing skinny jeans, use a single cuff to keep your silhouette clean. Heels complete this chic look.
  2. For a crisp feel, iron your cuffs after folding them. Pointed-toe heels look extra sophisticated with an ironed cuff.
  3. Splurge on designer denim that comes with detailed inner hem finishing like stamping or colored serging. You will get an extra special cuff!
  4. You can make your cuffs as clean or messy as you like. For example, a single cuff can be even or sloppy depending on what look you want or the kind of denim.
  • Rule of thumb: Loose and messy cuffs look good with casual wear i.e. a T-shirt and sneakers. Clean and even cuffs work well with sleek shoes and a professional outfit.
  1. Wearing your boyfriend’s jeans? Top up this bold fashion statement with a mega cuff!
  2. Change up your cuffs as often as you can. Repeatedly wearing the same cuff on the same pair of jeans will wear out your hems. There are lots of different cuffs to choose from!

Cuffed Jeans Tips For Men

Cuffed Jeans Tips For Men

  1. When in doubt, rock the single cuff. It works with almost all men’s shoes and all kinds of denim.
  2. Take your single cuff to the next level by stacking the cuffed jeans. Stacking is when you let the excess fabric from your jeans heap over your shoes.
  3. When wearing loose-fit jeans, use wider or bigger cuffs. Opt for smaller cuffs when wearing slim-fit or skinny jeans.
  4. Apart from when you’re rocking the bicycle cuff, do not cuff your jeans above your calves. Generally, your cuff should sit right at the top of your shoes.

When Not To Cuff Your Jeans

  1. When you are wearing complicated shoes like Mary Janes, espadrilles, and strappy sandals. These create enough visual interest on their own.
  2. When you are wearing flared or wide-leg jeans. The cuff won’t hold up or it will look awkward.
  3. When you are wearing jeans that are already quite tight. Cuffing tight jeans creates discomfort and doesn’t look too good.
  4. If you have a very professional event coming up. Sometimes, cuffing can look too casual. If your jeans are too long, nicely hem them with the help of a skilled tailor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between hemming and cuffing?

Hemming is when you take your pair of jeans to the tailor to permanently alter its hems. You can shorten your jeans, add length, or add details to the hem.

Cuffing is a temporary way to change the appearance of your jeans’ hems. You cuff your jeans by simply rolling up its hems.

Are there alternatives to cuffing my jeans?

Yes. Hemming and stacking. Permanently change your jeans’ hems through hemming. Stack your jeans by letting the excess fabric heap over your shoe. Combine stacking with a single cuff!

I’m short. Should I cuff my jeans?

Of course! Go for it. Cuffs can make anybody look better. You just have to pick the right one. Cuffs can sometimes make people look much shorter than they really are. As a general rule of thumb, go for smaller and sleeker cuffs if you are on the shorter side.


Cuffing jeans is an indispensable hack for anybody who wants to look fashionable! A nicely cuffed hem makes any ordinary pair of jeans look top grade. Achieve your desired look in minutes by paying attention to these tips and tricks.


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