9 Home Products to Get Nail Glue Out of your Clothes

Nail glue can leave an ugly stain on clothes. Unfortunately, this adhesive cannot be easily removed by regular washing. However, there are home products that you can try to get rid of the stain.

Learn the easy ways on how to get nail glue out of clothes using home products!


how to remove nail glue

Acetone is the main ingredient in a nail polish remover. It is effective in removing nail glue from clothes. This works best for white clothes with acetate, triacetate, and modacrylic fibers.

If your clothes are colored, you may use other milder chemicals or natural remedies. Acetone can cause discoloration if applied.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Make sure that the glue is dry
  • Apply acetone to a cotton swab
  • Gently rub the cotton swab to the affected area, avoiding the surrounding fabric
  • Wait until the nail glue softens
  • After the nail glue has softened, rub it off using an old toothbrush
  • Rinse the clothes in cold water
  • Get rid of the residue by washing the clothes in warm water
  • Air-dry the clothes
  • Repeat the procedure if the nail glue still remains

If you are washing colored clothes, make sure that the acetone won’t have contact with other areas of the fabric. Instead of using an old toothbrush, you must use a knife or a tweezer to peel off the nail glue.

Check this video to see how acetone can help you remove glue out of your clothes.

Soapy Water

how to get nail glue off

Soap is an effective nail glue remover. You can use it for your colored clothes. Since it has milder properties, it won’t cause any discoloration.

Aside from soap, you also need to prepare cold water. For better results, adding a laundry detergent will be helpful.

Here’s how you can use this method

  • Put the affected clothes on a basin filled with cold and soapy water
  • Soak them for a few minutes to soften the glue
  • Using an old toothbrush, scrub the affected area until you have removed the glue
  • Rinse the clothes and do your regular washing with a good laundry detergent

If you have a hard time scrubbing the glue away, you can dip the old toothbrush on a laundry detergent. Doing this technique will add to your scrubbing power.

White Vinegar

what takes off nail glue

Since it has acidic properties, white vinegar can remove the nail glue out of your clothes. However, it is not as effective as acetone. You can use this home product for more minor nail glue stains.

If you are dealing with bigger stains, use stronger chemicals or mixtures.

If you want to try this method, you can check these steps

  • In a bowl of water, pour out some white vinegar
  • Get a thin cloth and dip it into the mixture
  • Gently rub the material on the affected area
  • Leave it for a few minutes
  • Once the glue has softened, scrape it using your fingernails or the edge of your credit card
  • Remove the residue by putting your clothes in the washer for regular washing
  • Let the clothes dry

Mineral Spirits

how to get nail glue off your nails

If you wonder what mineral spirit is, it is the solvent used to clean paintbrushes. Compared to thinner, it is milder and less toxic than many other solvents. It can work similarly to acetone for some applications.

If you don’t have any available acetone at your home, the mineral spirit is a good alternative.

You can try doing these

  • Apply a mineral spirit to a dry cloth
  • Dab the dry cloth to the affected area and wait for the glue to soften
  • Once the bond is soft, remove it using a knife or a razor blade
  • Rinse the clothes in cold water
  • Do your washing as usual
  • Dry the clothes in the sun

Aside from fabrics, you can also use the mineral spirit to remove the nail glue from the glass.

Rubbing alcohol

how to get off nail glue

Because of its active ingredients, rubbing alcohol helps remove nail glue. It can break down the adhesive material on the fabric, making it easier to get rid of the bond. Aside from the rubbing alcohol, you also need to prepare a paper towel and some cotton balls.

These steps are straightforward

  • In a ½ cup of rubbing alcohol, soak the paper towel
  • Place the paper towel on the affected area
  • Leave it for about 30 minutes, then remove the paper towel
  • Get a cotton ball and rub it on the stained area
  • If the cotton ball breaks apart easily, you can use a knife to remove the remaining glue


nail glue removal

Bleach is a standard cleaning agent that can remove stains, including nail glue. Since it has strong properties, it can cause discoloration for colored clothes. This method is suitable for white garments only. You can use other methods for your colored clothes.

  • Soak the clothes in warm water for about 30 minutes
  • In your washer filled with water, pour ½ cup of bleach
  • Do your regular washing
  • After washing, air-dry the clothes
  • Check if the nail glue has been removed
  • If the adhesive has not been released, repeat the procedure for its complete removal

Salt Solution

how to get nail glue off nails

If you are dealing with stubborn nail glue, you can use a salt solution. Salt can improve the cleaning action, whether table salt or coarse ground granules. Amazingly, it can loosen the nail glue out of the fabric.

You can do this method through these steps

  • In a bowl, mix salt and a small amount of water
  • Dip an old toothbrush into the solution
  • Rub the toothbrush to the affected area until the glue has been dislodged
  • Remove the residue by rinsing and washing the clothes
  • Let the clothes dry


remove nail glue from nails

Using an iron to melt the glue is helpful if you rush. The heat can only melt the glue on the surface of your clothes, but it cannot penetrate the fabric. To remove them completely, you can use other methods.

However, prepare your iron and old cloth if you want to try this method.

Here’s how to use this method

  • Place the garment on the ironing board
  • Turn on your iron and set it on the heat setting recommended for the fabric
  • Get the old cloth and put it at the top of the affected area
  • Run the iron on the old cloth
  • Lift the rag and check if the glue has been removed
  • If the glue is still on the garment, keep ironing the old cloth until you have removed it
  • Wash the garment using hot water
  • Hang and air-dry the garment

Metal Spoon

how do you get nail glue out of clothes

Suppose you are looking for the easiest way to remove dry nail glue, scraping it with a metal spoon works. Don’t use this method for wet nail glue since it will only worsen your problem.

Here’s how to do it

  • Let the nail glue dry for about 15 minutes
  • Place the round edge of the metal spoon outside of the glue
  • Through a pulling motion, scrape the nail glue out of the fabric
  • Remove the glue bits on the fabric with your hand
  • Put the glue bits on a paper towel

Tips to Remember Before Removing the Glue Out of Your Clothes

how to take nail glue off clothes

Before you do any of the methods above, it would be beneficial to read this section first. These tips will help you prevent damaging your clothes while trying to remove the nail glue.

Tip #1 Never wipe a wet nail glue

Wiping on wet glue will only make it harder for you to remove it altogether. Aside from spreading it on the garment, the nail glue will also go deeper into the fabrics of your clothes. A dry glue is easy to remove. You can scrape it off your clothes using a knife or your fingernails.

Tip #2 Be gentle when scrubbing your clothes

Ensure that you are gentle when rubbing or scrubbing the nail glue out of your clothes. Applying an intense force will only damage the fabrics. If the fibers weaken, they will be easier to tear. Also, don’t pull the glue so hard because it can break and stretch the fabric.

Tip #3 Wash the clothes after the treatment to get rid of the residue

Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to wash the clothes thoroughly. It will help you get rid of the remaining nail glue. Also, washing can eliminate the smell and residue of the home products you use.

Tip #4 Wear safety gloves when dealing with strong chemicals

If you are dealing with strong chemicals, it is advisable that you wear safety gloves. It will protect your skin from any harmful effects caused by cleaning agents. You can wear rubber gloves or any gloves that are used for cleaning.


Learning how to get nail glue out of clothes can save your favorite garments. You don’t have to buy costly stain removers to get rid of the nail glue. There are home products that can assist you.

Check what items are available inside your home and follow the tutorials above.

how to get nail glue off clothes

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