How to Wash your Jeans Properly?

You might agree when I say that a pair of jeans is perhaps the most used piece in your closet. There’s nothing more fulfilling than finding the perfect pair of jeans that feels just wonderful and comfortable for any occasion. Whether wearing it for work or a casual look on a chill hangout with friends, jeans are a must-have!

However, while jeans are made with tough and durable fabric, you should know how to take care of these essentials to make them last much longer. So, keep scrolling and find out how you can wash your jeans properly!

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans

Okay, first thing first. We all can agree that we should wash our jeans. But isn’t it too extreme to wash your jeans every single time you wear them? So, how often should we toss our jeans in the laundry basket and let the washing machine do its thing?

According to research, around twenty-seven percent of people answered that they clean their jeans after three times wearing them before putting them in the hamper for washing.

The study also features that around twenty-one percent of people wear denim pairs five times before putting them into the laundry basket. On the other hand, only eight percent wash and clean their jeans after wearing them.

However, other denim gurus don’t advise you never to wash your jeans at all. While there’s no strict rule on when you should wash your jeans, it boils down to one thing. Washing jeans depends on your activity level.

If you wear your jeans for heavy-duty tasks such as landscaping and construction, you might wash them often. But if you use your jeans for casual getaways or office work, it will not be bad if you go on for multiple wears before you wash them. The golden rule is to put your pair of jeans on washing mode after three to ten years or once they begin to smell.

Washing your Jeans by Hand

Washing your Jeans by Hand

Trust me, that day will come when you’ll eventually wash your denim pairs no matter when or where. And nothing can beat the good, old way of cleaning them and extending their life than through the gentle and old-fashioned handwashing method. Here are ways how you can wash your jeans by hand.

Pick a suitable detergent

It would always be better to pick laundry soaps or detergents perfect for dark clothes to prevent fading. As much as possible, avoid bleach since it can damage your jeans’ indigo dye. And skip using fabric softener.

Instead, try to use homemade essentials like distilled white vinegar. Aside from balancing the odors, vinegar would set colors. And that’s why it’s a fantastic option for brand-new denim or dark-colored jeans.

Fill your Sink to the Brim

Whether you’re washing your jeans in a bucket, bathtub, or large sink, fill them with enough cold water to submerge your pieces of denim. When washing jeans, it’s best to use cold water to avoid fading.

Afterward, add a small amount of vinegar or mild soap and detergent. Then, let your jeans soak in cold water for around fifteen to thirty minutes.

Rinse the Jeans

Try draining the soapy water and rinsing your jeans by filling your sink with cold water. You can do this process two to three times to eliminate all the suds. Then, one final rinse under running water will do to remove any soap residue.

Dry the Jeans

Once your jeans are absolutely soap-free, it’s time to roll them up with a towel to remove any excess water. While the typical thing to do is to twist or wring your jeans out, please don’t do this since it can damage the fibers of your jeans.

Finally, unzip the zippers, or unbutton them to air-dry your jeans. Lay them flat, put them on a hanger, and find a spot with good airflow.

Do you need more tips on how to best handwash your favorite pair of jeans? Well, watch this video for more ideas!

Washing Your Jeans by Using a Machine

While washing your jeans with your hands might be the ideal method, there’s nothing wrong if you prefer machine-washing your favorite jeans. Tossing your jeans and letting the washing machine do its magic is still one of the best!

After all, there’s no better way to remove all dirt, germs, and oils than a washing machine. So, here’s how you can clean your jeans damaged and guilt-free!

Washing Your Jeans by Using a Machine

Turn your denim jeans inside out and zip them

Turning your jeans before washing them is essential since it will clean out that dirty part of your jeans exposed to sweat and oil. And doing this would minimize the contact with indigo dye. And lastly, zip your jeans up so they won’t snag on the fabric.

Set the Washing Machine on Gentle Cycle

To maintain the life and form of your favorite jeans, put your washing machine on a gentle cycle. The delicate cycle can minimize your jeans’ usual wear and tear from everyday use. On top of that, this can keep your denim’ style, colors, and design intact.

In addition, use cloth-friendly soap or mild detergent when washing your jeans. Never use detergents with bleach ingredients or bleach itself. And to make your denim a bit softer, try using a gentle fabric softener.

Top up your Washing Machine with Cold Water

While using lukewarm water when washing jeans, never try hot water. Often, hot water could cause color loss, specifically on darker-shade jeans. Plus, it can shrink the jeans’ fabric too.

Place Jeans with Other Jeans or Clothing with Similar Shades

Perhaps, an essential factor when washing jeans is the indigo bleeding scenario. Washing your jeans too much might fade or lose their color. So, wearing jeans in similar colors or washing them separately would be the safest thing.

Line dry the jeans

The air-dry method is probably an excellent way to dry jeans. Vice-versa, tumbling denim inside a dryer might not be a great idea when you want to prevent color loss and shrinkage. But if you like to save time and use the dryer, put them on low heat gentle cycle.

While the jeans are still damp, let them dry on a line or rack. Stretch their seams to prevent shrinkage. And fold your denim at knee level and hang them on a rack or cloth hanger to dry. But as much as possible, don’t overfold while drying the jeans to prevent creases and wrinkles.

Can’t figure out how to safely wash your jeans through a machine? This YouTube Video brought to us by Denise Jordan might help you!


Washing your Denim for the First Time

Perhaps, it’s crossing your mind whether you should wash your jeans for the first time. Well, the answer is a big yes! This can prevent the dyes from bleeding with other clothes and on your skin.

Before glamming up and wearing your newly bought jeans, it’s best to give them a soak or a handwash without any soap or detergent. But if you’re using a washing machine, put them on a soak cycle mode.

Basic Care Guide for All Jeans

What is known as durable, high-quality, and versatile work attire, jeans come now in a wide range of styles, colors, and fabrics. While all jeans come with different care guides on how you should wash or dry them, there are a few essential tips for all types of denim jeans in your wardrobe.

Delicate Wash Cycle

Denim jeans may always appear like a rough fabric. But it doesn’t mean you can go for a full-round, heavy-duty cycle. It will always be best to choose gentle or delicate wash cycles. To avoid fading and shrinking, use cold water. Are your jeans in the dark shade of black and blue? If that’s the thing, a mild detergent comes in handy.

Basic Care Guide for All Jeans

Inside-Out Method

Another helpful tip that you can try for all jeans is turning your jeans inside out before washing them. This method would help preserve your denim’s external fibers from direct exposure to detergent.

Doing this would also lessen the impact of friction on your jeans. But for a disclaimer, I highly recommend you look for your jeans’ care instructions. Often, jeans can release dye, especially if it’s your first time washing them.

So, the care tips would be helpful so you can know if you must wash your pieces of denim separately. Or if you could wash jeans with other clothes, it might be better to put them in similar attire and colored jeans.


Exposing your denim jeans to direct heat inside your dryer may not be a good idea. It can fade, yellow, or shrink your favorite jeans. At worst, allowing pair of jeans in intense dryer heat mode can widely stretch its fabrics.

So, if you find using your dryer inevitable, it is better to go for a low or no-heat cycle. Or, best, opt for dryer balls to have your denim jeans tumbling.

Always remember that the fantastic way to dry jeans is to put them up for air drying. Put away your jeans from the washing machine when they’re still damp. Then, hang them up right away. Once your denim is completely dry, you can now fold or hang them in your wardrobe.

The Bottom Line

Knowing the proper tips to wash your jeans correctly will make them last and serve you for ages. After all, we love jeans for their versatility! So, the next time you opt to wash your jeans, or perhaps this is now a sign to do so, keep our handy tips in mind. You will thank us later!


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