What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality?

Often, our clothes are associated with who we are as a person. Some people may even judge us based on how we present ourselves and what type of clothes we wear.

In this article, we’ll explain the connection between clothes and personality. Find out what your clothes say about you.

Connections between our Clothes and Who we are

There are many ways in which we consider our clothes to represent our ambitions and personalities, without us noticing it.

Sometimes, clothes help us figure out where we are in life and where we want to be in the future. It gives us hope for what may happen and makes us feel like we fit in society.

But most of the time, we also need to figure out what our clothes say to us rather than what it says about us. Our clothes influence the way we work or do things daily. Makeovers bring you a new sense of personality that you can wear during that day.

That’s why it’s important to know what our clothes say about us so that we can understand what people may perceive us in our daily lives. Staying true to yourself is the best way to go at all times. If you want to know more about it, check this video below.

Colors and Moods

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Unbeknownst to all of us, the colors that we wear say a lot about who we are and what mood we’re feeling at the moment. This generalization is based on the brightness of a color and an assumption on the colors you choose to wear. Check out the meaning of each color below.

  • Red: The first color on the list is red, which we mostly associate with romance and passion. Many people wear red to show that they are in control and fierce. Another thing associated with red is sexiness and sensuality. That’s why red is mainly worn for dates and intimate celebrations with a significant other.
  • Yellow: Another color that shows a positive mood is yellow. People who wear this color are described as someone energetic and lively. They can quickly bring a smile to your face and brighten up the mood.
  • Green: If you want something that makes you feel reliable and comforting, go for any shade of green. This soothing color will help make you look appealing to the eyes. It’s a color associated with nature, so people will automatically assume that you are a nature lover, charismatic person.
  • Blue: One of the most common colors worn by people, blue represents a person’s success and confidence. This color produces calming effects and makes people around you feel comfortable. It also gives out a professional vibe, and that’s why this color is primarily used in corporate events and job interviews.
  • Black: Many people love wearing black, but what does it mean? If you wear black in the office, you are respected and a leader in most ways. Worn on events, black may show off elegance and luxury. Just make sure not to wear too much black since you may look unapproachable.
  • White: Simplicity and Optimism are two things that white gives off. Wearing white will give an impression that you are a carefree person that can be relied on with everything. Perfection is everything, but make sure to add a few colors here and there.

Fashion Styles and Personality

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There are many fashion styles that you may want to try in our modern times. But keep in mind, each style has its personality that it conveys, so make sure to wear something that’ll show the real you. Read the listed fashion styles and the personality they show.

  • Girl Next Door: If you like a more straightforward, clean-cut type of clothing, you are considered a Girl Next Door. This type of person is considered modern and chic in terms of fashion. They are the ones who choose neutral over any other color and an easy-go-lucky person.
  • Comfy: If there’s a girl next door who likes to go simple, there is also a comfy type of person who will never sacrifice comfort for anything. She likes wearing sweatpants and oversized shirts, ones that will be comfortable to lie on your bed in.
  • sporty: You are considered a sporty person if you mostly wear tank tops, leggings, rubber shoes, and jackets over dresses and shirts. As many people call it, the’ gym attire’ has become a huge fashion statement for the past decade as more people consider this type of clothing as comfy for everything.
  • Stand-Out: Some people are not afraid to make bold choices regarding fashion, and they are called Stand-Outs. They love wearing clothes that make a statement, like bold prints and striking colors. The clothes they wear give off a confident vibe.
  • Feminine: The feminine style of clothing involves wearing dresses and florals. Other designs may involve soft colors, laces, ruffles, and cute prints. People who love wearing this type of fashion are considered hopeless romantics and want to be treated like a lady. It’s usually worn during dates, especially the first ones.
  • Trend-Setter: Keeping up with the latest fashion styles and trends can be difficult, but not for this person. A Trend-Setter is always ready to walk down the runway with the latest styles, and her life is the runway. People will want to get fashion advice from her.

Clothing and Psychology

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Over the past few years, more and more studies have been made on the connection between clothing and psychology. Researchers have been developing ideas on how our clothing can convey our personalities.

According to them, we consider our clothes to symbolize our status. That’s why we put much effort into it. They may also reflect our moods. If you want to know more, read the description below.

  • People who like neutral colors may seem like they do not want to leave their comfort zone as they are already satisfied with their routine. However, what is life without change? These people might have a fear when it comes to change, so they should try to switch up their routine in any way.
  • Several people have become invested with matching prints or colors of clothes with their families in the past few years, and it has become a trend itself. These people are considered to be family-oriented and very loyal to each member.
  • Research says that a person is too sentimental if they hold on to all of the clothes they used to wear, even if they don’t fit them anymore. Studies advise that it’s better to get rid of 70 percent or more of your clothes every year so that you won’t get too attached to your old clothes and you can follow the latest fashion trends.
  • Many people in their late teens are more fond of wearing floral prints or pastel-colored clothes as they are leaning more to their feminine side. They want to be seen and treated like a lady who is just right.

Different Pieces of Clothing and Characteristics

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While we may not be aware of it, the different pieces of clothes that we wear do have something to say about our personalities.

They add up with the color and style we wear and make a cumulative assumption based on our personality. Look at the following pieces of clothing and check if you like wearing them.

  • Abstract Prints: For bold and outspoken people, Abstract prints are the way to go. They enjoy the patterns and designs that make them stand out and look confident. They are never afraid to try something new, no matter how bizarre it may be.
  • T-shirts:If you are a big fan of wearing plain, old t-shirts, that shows that you want to be as comfortable as you can ever be. This type of clothing conveys an easy-going person who doesn’t give two cents about what other people may think of them.
  • Hoodies: Many teenagers nowadays enjoy wearing hoodies, and it’s an essential part of their daily outfits. They are big and comfortable, perfect for any casual occasion. Hoodies make people look mysterious, as you may never know what they are hiding under their sleeves.
  • Loose Fitting: Those who are big fans of loose-fitting clothes are considered carefree people. They enjoy comfort and fashion in the mix of each other. While some may consider this not a fashionable item, these clothes can bring a lot of comfort to whoever wears them.
  • Tight Fitting: If there are people who love wearing loose-fitting clothes, there are certainly a group of people who enjoy wearing tight-fitting clothes on the other hand. These people love showing off their figures. But, they are also considered as heavy overthinkers and conservatives who want to fit in.


Clothes may seem like a simple thing that you wear day and night to cover yourself up and make you comfortable. Through this article, we were able to show what your clothes say about you and why people associate our personality with the type of clothes we wear.


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