How Many Clothes Does a Newborn Need? (First-Time Moms’ Guide)

How many newborn clothes do I need?

If you are a new parent, you might be asking that question.

Having a new addition to the family could be exciting news. Maybe all the more if we are talking about a baby!

It is easy to splurge on baby clothes. Not only are they cheaper than most adult clothes, but they are also adorable. You think of buying a onesie or two, and it is easy to end up with 20! You can never have too many baby clothes after all, or can you? Well, let us answer that question.

Quick Overview of Newborn Clothes Quantity

Clothing Item



5 Pieces


5 Pieces

Sleepers Or Footies

3 Pieces

Booties Or Socks

5 Pieces


2 Pieces


5 Pieces

Coats Or Jackets

2 Pieces

Hats Or Beanies

2 Pieces

Newborn Clothes Checklist

Actually, yes, you could have too many baby clothes. Do not forget that these tiny humans will not stay in the same size for long. They have a lot of growing to do once they are out of the womb.

Actually, they are expected to grow double their birth weight when they turn six months old. If you buy too many, they may outgrow some of them before they even get to wear them. With that, here is a checklist to help you not overflow the baby dresser.

Bodysuit – 5 pieces

newborn clothes

Bodysuits are great. They fit for any season and any time of the day. As you might already know, babies do not stay in their bodysuits for long.

You will have to change them at least once or twice a day because of leaks and messes the little ones would unavoidably make. That is why it is good to have a few that are always ready at your disposal. Also, it is easy to get on your baby, making the changing easier.

Onesies – 5 pieces

newborn baby clothes

Bodysuits and onesies are similar, and like bodysuits, you would want a couple of onesies at your disposal.

Onesies are known to be looser than bodysuits, so if it is a little hot, you might want to dress your little one in onesies instead of bodysuits.

If you prefer your baby to wear looser clothes, you might want to lessen the number of bodysuits you are getting. You might want to buy more onesies instead.

Sleepers or Footies – 3 pieces

how many onesies do i need

Despite the name, sleepers could also be worn in the daytime.

Among all the baby clothes on the list, you would want to have more bodysuits, onesies, and sleepers. Do not get too much, but feel free to buy extras of these three.

Footies might be a great choice to cloth your baby with when it starts to get chilly. It could give that much-needed warmth on cold nights without having to add multiple layers.

Booties or Socks – 5 pieces

baby size clothing

You need to keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy.

Many baby clothes already offer coverings for the feet. To add, socks easily fall off. Because of these things, some suggest skipping socks entirely. However, we think having a few would be a good idea. Many baby clothes already cover the baby’s feet, but not all. It is good to partner socks for those clothes.

If you do not want to use socks, you could opt for booties. Unlike socks, they are a little harder to kick off.

Pants – 2 pieces


Technically, babies do not need pants, but it is great to have a few to partner with bodysuits when it is chilly.

Hopefully, you will not run out of sleepers or footies available, but if you do, a bodysuit with a pair of pants and some socks could do the trick for cold seasons.

Mittens – 5 pieces

newborn vs 0 3 months

Mittens have an important function in a baby’s life. They are not merely for keeping the baby’s hands cozy and warm. Mittens help protect your baby.

Newborns have sharp nails and sensitive skin. Furthermore, they also move a lot. With all the moving around, they could scratch themselves accidentally if they do not have any mittens on! Worse, they might even poke themselves in the eye! We do not want that.

Mittens are small. That is why it could be easy to lose them. With that, it is good to have plenty of extras.

Coats or Jackets – 2 pieces

baby clothes sizes

It is good to have at least two coats or jackets for the cold seasons. This way, you will have one ready even if the other is being washed. You could also opt for a sweater, but a coat or a jacket is great because it would be easy to open or remove when the baby starts to get too warm. [A Complete Guide When To Wash Baby Clothes]

Hats or Beanies – 2 pieces

baby's outfit

Of course, we cannot forget about hats and beanies. Hats and beanies are also pieces to help keep your baby warm and cozy. Make sure you have at least two, so you have one ready, even if the other is in the wash.

With all that, it might be a good time to point out that this checklist is only meant to give you an idea of how many baby clothes you will need. The numbers could vary from one person to another as there are several factors to take into account. Some of which we will talk about in the next portion.

Things to Remember

Now that we have talked about the checklist, here are some things you might want to keep in mind with baby clothes.


Diapers are not baby clothes per se, but almost every baby will wear dozens and dozens of diapers. Make sure you stock up!

You might have to take a few trips to complete the checklist. Be on the lookout for diapers that are on sale. If there are baby things you would want to have plenty of, diapers are definitely on the list.


When it comes to size, many suggest getting baby clothes in 0-3 months sizes. Also, you do not have to worry if the clothes are a little big. Babies cannot really move around much yet. Loose clothing will not be much of a problem.

baby clothes sizes

Style & Convenience

There are a lot of adorable baby clothes. However, you might want to opt for those that are easier to take off and put on. Those cute clothes that are a little complicated to put on and take off will not be that cute when you have to change a diaper in the middle of the night.

Let the baby’s uncles and aunties buy the cute clothes. When there is a new baby, every cute little outfit seems to remind and invite everyone to get the little one some new clothes!


Depending on how often you do your laundry, you might want to add or lessen how many pieces you are getting. If you do your laundry often, you might want to take away a few pieces off of the checklist. On the other hand, if you do not do the laundry that often, you might want to add a few more articles of clothing.

Climate and Season

Now, depending on your area, you might need to tweak this checklist a bit. In addition, you might also need to add or do away with some pieces depending on when the baby would be born. For example, if it is cold in your area and you are expecting a winter baby, you might have to add a few more coats to the list.

baby clothes basics


This checklist is only meant to give you an idea regarding the minimum number of clothes you should get your baby. If you feel like adding a few extra pieces in there, then you could! It is good to have a few extras instead of not having enough, after all.


Now, if you are wondering where it would be best to get baby clothes, then you might want to check out some of these brands:

Burt’s Bees Baby – One of the crowd favorites, and you do not have to look far and wide to find them. You can easily find them on Target. If you do not feel like making the trip, you can also head over to Amazon or shop directly at their site.

Hanna Andersson – Want to match with your little one? You might want to add a few pieces from Hanna Andersson to you and your baby’s wardrobe.

Garanimals – Whether you are on a budget or not, Garanimals is a brand you might want to consider. They offer cute, convenient, budget-friendly baby clothes. We think that ticks off three of the things you would want baby clothes to have.

A few other brands that are worth mentioning would be Old Navy Baby, Carter’s, and Zutano.


How many newborn clothes do I need?

Today, we talked all about baby clothes. Specifically, how many you would need. Baby clothes are cute and all, but as you have seen, you can have too much!

We hope this little checklist was able to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one and the setting up of your baby’s first wardrobe.

If you have any other concerns like this one, then feel free to check our past discussion. See you!

How Many Clothes Does a Newborn Need

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