9 Tips to Organize Baby’s Clothes – First-Time Moms’ Guide

Being a parent is no easy feat. You have responsibilities that seem to no end. Perhaps one of the hardest things to do is how to keep things together. If you want to lessen your daily struggle, you might look into figuring out how to organize your baby’s clothes.

Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Organized

If you are a parent, your goal is to give them the best of everything. In the first year of a child’s life, parents tend to spend a lot of money, including clothing.

Given that the child has so many clothes, it comes as no surprise if things can get a little messy at home. Combining this with other responsibilities can be a bit chaotic. It’s high time you work on keeping your baby’s clothes in order.

1. Dresser, Closet, Or Both?

Before you start arranging your baby’s clothes, you need proper storage spaces for them. Depending on how big the space is, some parents can have both closets and dressers for their babies. The way you organize your baby’s clothes is also dependent on the amount of storage spaces you have. The more space you have, the more clothes you can keep.

If there’s a closet, you can add additional bars or dividers. However, if you have limited space, you have to prioritize. You can get a dresser that fits the space you have. There are also movable clothing racks that you can find in stores.

If you have a lot of time to spare, you can even build one for your baby. Don’t let the limited amount of space stop you from making sure your baby’s things are in place. It would help lessen the stress you might be feeling as a parent.

2. Audit Baby Clothes

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While this might sound like a daunting task, it has to be done. You have to take all of your baby’s stuff from the dresser or closet. Before you can even think of organizing them, you have to know what you are up against!

You can take note of all the clothes your baby has. There might be some clothes that no longer fit them. There might be some outfits that you might have forgotten. You can figure out what to keep and what to discard.

If possible, look into your baby’s clothes several times a year. If you can edit their closet or dresser better. It would allow you to analyze which ones are worth keeping or which ones need to go elsewhere.

If there are clothes that you wish to discard, don’t throw them in the trash can just yet. Apparently, more than 20 billion pounds of clothing are thrown out. The bulk of clothing waste comes from children’s wear.

If you want to be more sustainable, you might be able to repurpose your baby’s clothes. If that’s not possible, you can collect them and give them to someone else’s baby! There are various places that accept donations for baby clothes.

3. Start Sorting ASAP!

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Once you have taken note of what you are dealing with, you need to start storing the baby’s clothes. You can categorize the clothes by size. If there are clothes that no longer fit your baby, you can just take them out of the running.

Another way to sort your baby clothes is by arranging it by color or by usage. Some parents might opt to categorize their baby’s clothes by season. Whatever sorting method you choose, as long as it’s something that would make pulling clothes out for your baby easier, then go for it!

4. Folding Or Hanging

If you have both a dresser and a closet, you need to know which clothes to fold and hang. If you have a dresser, you might want to put the baby’s basic things there.

You can get dresser dividers to keep things well organized. You can get them in-store or online. If you can’t find anything that fits your dresser, you can just make your version. There are so many DIY ideas online that you can check out.

In the dressers, you can store their underwear, socks, and other accessories. You can even keep some of the daily things they wear there like pajamas, onesies, and the like. Since a baby tends to change clothes multiple times a day, you want their house clothes to be as accessible as possible.

To maximize space, make sure you fold each item well. You can’t just throw things in the dresser drawers and hope for the best. You have to be consistent or else your effort would be put to waste.

As for the clothes that need to be hung, you can try coordinating pieces to save you some space. For example, if it’s a shirt and short combo, you can pin them and hang them together.

You can buy a bunch of clothespins and use them for this purpose. Not only does this save you space, but it also saves you time as well. You no longer have to browse through the entire closet to find the pieces that you are looking for!

5. Buy Storage Boxes and Bins And Label Them

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If you are constantly wondering where you kept this or that, you end up wasting a lot of your time and energy. Apart from the dressers and closets, you might also start buying storage boxes and bins.

There are many types of storage bins and boxes that you can get for your baby’s clothes. If there’s a specific look you are going for in their room, you bet you can find something that fits the whole vibe.

And once you find them, the next course of action is to label them individually. You can label them according to clothing type, size, or whatever you can think of. Doing something like this ensures that you know where you keep a certain item of clothing. You won’t have to constantly open every drawer or whatnot to find what you are looking for.

6. Keep Clothes Under the Crib Or Bed

Your baby might have clothes that they can’t wear yet due to size or season. If you don’t want them to eat up space in the closet or drawer, you might want to keep them under the bed or crib.

You can either store them in a bin or box that would fit under the bed or crib. You can just take these clothes out when it’s time for the baby to wear them. If you can’t find anything that fits, you can probably build something out of light materials or something like that.

7. Hang Baskets Or Racks On Doors

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If you think your baby has way too much stuff and you need more storage space, you can make use of the closet doors. You can even use the door of your baby’s room. It’s all about maximizing, dear parents!

You can hang cubbies or baskets behind the doors and store small items in them. You can even keep some of their shoes there as well. If a basket or rack doesn’t work for you, you can get a shoe organizer. We all know that a baby’s outfit is not complete without the perfect footwear. So if you don’t want to scramble every single time you need a pair of shoes, you now know where to look!

8. Keep Hampers and Laundry Baskets Nearby

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If you can keep your baby’s clean clothes together, then you won’t have a problem with dirty ones. Every single time your child changes clothes, you need to throw them in the designated hamper or laundry basket. Leaving them lying around would mean extra work. And as a parent, that’s something you should avoid.

If you can manage to get more than one, that would be great. You want to separate the whites from the colored ones. It would lessen the work you have to do when it’s time to wash the baby clothes.

9. Maintain The Order

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A parent’s life can be hectic. However, if you want to avoid running into the same issues over and over again, you have to make sure your baby’s clothes are not in disarray.

If you want to keep your baby’s clothes organized, you need a system that works for you. And you need to maintain it. If you are not checking their clothes and how they are on a regular basis, you might fall behind and you might have to start over and over again. Consistency is the key when it comes to sorting, coordinating, and arranging your baby’s stuff.

Get Organizing ASAP, Mama!

If you don’t start organizing your baby’s clothes now, you are only putting more burden on yourself. There is no perfect formula when it comes to knowing how to organize your baby’s clothes. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and how you make life easier for you and your beloved offspring!

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