5 Easy Ways to Remove BBQ Sauce Out of Clothes

Eating a barbecue can get messy. Not only can the barbecue sauce drip on your hands, but it can also spill on your clothes.

Unfortunately, regular laundry methods often won’t remove barbecue sauce stains. You must try these methods on how to get BBQ sauce out of clothes!

Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Step 1: Get rid of excess barbecue stains

If there is an excess barbecue sauce stain, you should get rid of it first. Removing it in no time will prevent the stain from spreading on the fabric.

It may eliminate the excess barbecue stains but not those that have moved deep into the material. Scrape the affected area with a spoon or a butter knife.

Step 2: Run cold water on the affected area

Once you have removed all the excess barbecue stains, flip the garment inside and out. After that, run cold water over the stained area. Do this step until you notice that the stain is lightly fading.

Warning: Never use hot water since it could make protein-based stains set on the fabric. If this happens, the stain will be more challenging to remove.

Step 3: Pre-treat the fabric with liquid laundry detergent

After both sides of the fabric have been soaking wet, apply a liquid laundry detergent to the stain. Ensure that the liquid laundry detergent has set even on the other side of the fabric.

This home product effectively lifts off the oil and grease of the sauce. Leave it for ten minutes before washing the clothes.

Hydrogen Peroxide or White Vinegar

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Step 1: Sponge hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar on the stained area

Get a sponge and soak it in a small bowl with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. Once done, gently rub it to the stained area. The bleaching properties of these home solutions help in removing barbecue stains.

But if you are dealing with a colored garment, skip this step to avoid discoloration to your fabric.

Step 2: Use a stain remover

For better results, use a stain remover before washing clothes. The best stain removers to use are those in liquid form or gel sticks. These kinds of stain removers can easily penetrate the fabric.

You can apply a stain remover on both sides of the stain to ensure that it has been entirely covered. Let the stain remover do its work for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Wash and dry the clothes

After letting the stain remover set on the fabric, you can now wash your clothes using the hottest water. Check if there is still a remaining barbecue stain in your garment after one cycle.

If yes, apply a liquid detergent to the remaining stain, then soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes. After that, proceed to rewash the clothes.

Reminder: Don’t dry the clothes if some barbecue stains are left. It would be difficult to remove since drying the garment will make the stain set on the fabric.

Dishwashing Detergent

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Step 1: Pre-treat your barbecue sauce stained clothes with dishwashing detergent

Barbecue sauce stains can be easily removed through the aid of dishwashing detergent. Pour dishwashing detergent directly into the affected area.

Make sure that the detergent covers all the stains. Once you are done, gently rub the stained area with your fingers or with a piece of thin cloth.

Step 2: Put two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent into your washing machine

Put two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent in your washing machine. After that, use your trusted laundry detergent.

If the fabric is silk, don’t use dishwashing detergent. You can also conduct a spot test to check if the dishwashing detergent won’t damage delicate fabrics.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar

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Step 1: Pre-treat the garment with lemon juice and vinegar

The acidic properties of lemon juice and vinegar can break down the sauce stains. For pre-treatment, combine the lemon juice and the vinegar.

Dab an old toothbrush or a clean cloth, then apply the solution to the stained area. Leave it for five minutes. This method is suitable for white clothes only. It may cause discoloration to colored garments.

Step 2: Rinse the garment with cold water

To prevent the acidity from damaging your fabric, you must rinse it with cold water. The pre-treatment you have done will cause the stain to fade or disappear slightly.

If you haven’t noticed any changes, you can add the solution you applied to the fabric.

Step 3: Rub the garment with detergent or do your usual laundry

If you want to eliminate the barbecue sauce stain, you need to rub it with detergent. After laundering it, check if the stain has been removed.

If not, repeat the process. Never put the garment in the dryer if there are remaining stains since this will cause the stain to set.

Do you want to make a homemade stain remover? You can check this video to know how to make it.

Baking Soda and Cornflour

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Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda and cornflour into the affected area

First, you need to lay flat the garment to make it easier for the fabric to absorb the powder. If there is any excess sauce, dab it using a thin cloth. Once you are done, sprinkle some baking powder and cornflour into the stained area.

These powders will absorb the grease from the barbecue sauce. Let them sit for about one hour. After that, you can rinse the fabric with cold water.

Step 2: Pre-treat the garment

Before washing the fabric, you need to pre-treat it first. Do this by applying a small amount of liquid detergent to the stained area. Let the liquid detergent do its work by leaving it for about ten to fifteen minutes.

After the liquid detergent has been set, do your laundry as you usually do. Never dry the fabric if it still has a stain. You can repeat the process or choose other methods.

What are the different techniques to remove barbecue sauce stains?

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Instead of rubbing off the stains, you can get rid of them by tamping, sponging, and scraping. Pre-treating, pre-soaking, and flushing also work.

As much as possible, never brush the stains because they may only spread on the fabric. Once the barbecue stain is set deeper on the material, removing it would be more challenging.

Is it possible to remove dry barbecue sauce stains from the clothes?

Fortunately, you can remove dry barbecue sauce stains from your clothes. You only need to soak it in vinegar, then apply some baking soda powder and vinegar.

If the stain remains, you can soak the fabric overnight in a bucket with water, detergent, and vinegar. Don’t forget to rinse and wash the garment.

What can I use to remove stubborn barbecue sauce stains?

You can use oxygen-based bleach, like hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine bleach. Since these products cause discoloration, check if the garments can withstand the bleach.

Using too much bleach can weaken the fibers, so it’s important to use the correct amount. Another way is to put the garments in a washing machine with bleach and detergent.

Can I use vinegar to get rid of barbecue sauce stains on my white clothes?

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Yes, you can use vinegar in the stained area before washing the laundry. Aside from vinegar, you can also use lemon juice. Because of their acidity, they are effective for pre-treatment.

As a reminder, don’t apply these acidic home products to your colored clothes. You can use color-safe bleach instead.

When should I use dish soap for barbecue sauce stains?

When pre-treating the stains, you can use dish soap by applying it directly to the affected area. Aside from clothes, you can also use dish soap for your bedding and kitchen towel.

If you are in an important event and have no time to wash your stained clothes, you can apply dish soap as a quick fix.


Instead of throwing away your favorite clothes, there are many ways to get BBQ sauce out of clothes. The methods are easy to follow, and the home products you need are easy to find.

You also don’t have to spend dollars on cleaning experts or dry cleaning services.

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