6 Steps to Remove Soy Sauce Stains From Clothes

Soy sauce is tasty, but it doesn’t look great on your clothes, furniture, or carpet. This is undoubtedly true because soy sauce is a dark liquid that emphasizes stains.

As with most stains, the sooner you begin removing soy sauce stains from your garments, the easier it will be because the stain will not have time to set. We’ll show you how to get soy sauce off your clothes in this article.

6 Steps to Remove Soy Sauce Stains From Clothes

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To remove a soy sauce stain, you’ll need to put in some time and effort. The following is the procedure to remove soy sauce stains from clothes.

  1. Set away any stray soy sauce with a paper towel. Use a napkin or a clean cloth and blot the moist area. Rubbing the stain will cause it to harden and become more difficult to remove. This should be avoided at all costs.
  2. To finish the rinsing, use ice-cold water. Rinse the stain with cold water to prevent the soy sauce from drying. To prevent the stain from seeping farther into the fabric, wash the clothes in cold water from behind.
  3. On-the-spot stain removal can be accomplished with liquid laundry detergent. Using your thumb and fingers, carefully wipe the liquid washing detergent into the stain. After 3 minutes of keeping it in place, properly rinse it.
  4. Bleach the stains to remove them. Check the cloth’s colorfastness or whiteness before bleaching it using lemon juice, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid doing this on vivid, patterned, or non-colorfast fabrics. Alternatively, apply liquid laundry detergent and bleach, rinsing thoroughly between applications. Rinse the fabric gently to remove any lingering stains. Instead of chlorine bleach, try distilled white vinegar or lemon juice on tough soy sauce stains. These natural eco-friendly things do not affect the environment.
  5. Soak the item if the stain persists. To remove a stain, use liquid laundry detergent and warm water for 30 minutes. Once you’ve used a stain remover, you can wash the garment generally with the hottest water that’s suitable for it.
  6. After washing, but before putting the garment in the dryer, check if the stain is completely removed. If the stain is still there and you dry it using the dryer, the stain will set, making it harder to remove. Repeat the cleaning procedure if a stain is still visible after the first round of cleaning.

How to Remove BBQ sauce from Clothes

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Soy sauce is sometimes used as an ingredient in barbecue sauce, which is used to marinate meat. It can improve the flavor of our food, but if any of it ends up getting on our clothes or carpet, cleaning up the mess is a bother. Fortunately, removing BBQ sauce stains from clothes is simple with a few home remedies. Below are the tips to help you eliminate BBQ sauce from your clothing.

  1. Allow the stain to sit for 5 minutes after pre-treating it with vinegar or lemon juice. Use a toothbrush or a tiny brush to press down the stain if necessary.
  2. Use water to rinse the stain after 5 minutes, then check to make sure the acid hasn’t harmed the cloth.
  3. Most of the time, pre-treating the stain loosens it enough for rubbing with detergent or washing in the washing machine to remove it.
  4. If the stain is not yet removed and is still visible, hang the garment to dry. If your machine dries it, you risk setting the stain.

Removing Soy Sauce Stains in White Clothes

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  1. Bleach is required to remove the sauce from white clothing.
  2. You can use any laundry detergent if you like but bleaching eliminates the stain more quickly.
  3. Powder or gel detergent is applied directly to the stain and then rinsed away to remove it.
  4. Soak it in water for many hours to get the best results.
  5. Use a concentrated cleaner to get rid of the dark soy sauce stains in a hurry. When you spray it on, the stain turns pale right away.
  6. After spraying the issue area, use washing powder and warm water to remove the stain.

There are additional steps to take if the stain is particularly old or difficult to remove.

  1. Prepare warm water and add a dishwashing liquid.
  2. Directly on the stain, use a small amount of liquid soap. Allow the fabric to soak in the tub overnight, then squeeze out the excess water.
  3. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to sit on the stain for 30 minutes before rinsing it off properly.
  4. During the laundry cycle, make sure to use colorfast bleach. Before putting the fabric in the dryer, check to see if the stain has been removed.

Use Ammonia

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Prepare an Ammonia solution by combining the following ingredients:

  • One half a cup of alcohol
  • One teaspoon of ammonia
  • One tablespoon. of regular gasoline.

Mix all the ingredients, then apply the mixture to the soy sauce residue and dry thoroughly before being washed away.

Use Oxalic Acid

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When acid penetrates the cloth, it can dissolve the stains. Water and oxalic acid mixed together will help you remove stubborn stains.

Pour one teaspoon of acid into a glass of water and pour it into the basin with the discolored garments.

Soy sauce stains will be less visible after an hour of soaking, and you can then wash the item in the washing machine to entirely remove them.

Removing Soy Sauce Stains in Colored Clothes

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When cleaning colorful clothing, opt for mild cleansers like glycerin or vinegar.


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  • Rub some liquid glycerin on the stain to get rid of it.
  • Using cold water and a powder or washing gel, remove the stain after 20 minutes.
  • Adding 1 teaspoon of ammonia to 4 tablespoons of glycerin can improve its effectiveness.
  • Wait 15 minutes after applying the mixture to the stain before rinsing.


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Removing the residual sauce from the cloth might be aided by soaking in vinegar. In this situation, vinegar is not cleaning but rather a booster for the primary detergent.

The stain will come out much easier if you soak the clothing in washing powder and add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the mix.

Vinegar should not be used directly on the stain. The stain can be lightened and the color removed with a concentrated solution.

Other Home Remedies to Remove Soy Sauce Stains on Fabric

Using Salt

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Drips of soy sauce in jeans can be best removed using salt. The salt will act as the neutralizer to the fats in the sauce and absorb them. Drizzle it on the jeans before washing them and leave them for a while. The last step is to wash your clothes again.

Using Dishwasher Gel

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You get rid of soy sauce stains using dishwashing gel or by making a solution of soap and water.

Using Potato

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Raw potatoes are the safest approach to remove soy sauce odors. Peel and cut the potato into halves. Apply pressure to both surfaces until the stain disappears.

Slices of potato work well for stain removal when rubbed into the fabric. Let the clothes sit with potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes before washing.

Are soy sauce stains removable?

Despite their stubbornness, soy sauce stains can be removed. When used as a condiment, Soy sauce causes a light brown stain, which is unsightly on white or light-colored garments. It’s best to get rid of the stain as soon as possible.

Does soy sauce leave stains on clothes?

If you spill soy sauce on your clothes, it will create a light brown stain, and it would be challenging to get the stain out. If the soy sauce stain is still new, it will be much easier to remove.

Removing soy sauce stains in upholstery

Having a soy sauce stain on your upholstery isn’t fun, especially if your furniture is light-colored. Let’s have a look at how to get soy sauce out of fabric now.

  • Take care not to spread the stain by blotting up any extra soy sauce from the upholstery.
  • Prepare a dishwashing liquid solution by mixing one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of cool water.
  • Use a fresh white towel or cloth to soak up the solution after it’s been prepared. Rinse off any extra liquid and use a soft scrubber to remove the soy sauce stain.
  • Wipe up any remaining moisture by blotting the affected area until it’s completely dry.
  • Once the stain has been removed, rinse the area with cold water with a fresh white towel or cloth, then blot dry.
  • Try to avoid getting any more of the upholstery wet when removing the soy sauce stain.

Removing soy sauce stains on the carpet

Even while dealing with clothing may be simpler, this may be more difficult on the carpet.

  • Prepare a treatment combination as soon as you notice a brown stain under your feet.
  • Mix one large scoop of dishwashing liquid with 400 milliliters of water.
  • To remove the sauce stain, wet a cloth and blot the affected area until it disappears.
  • If the stain persists, try sponging it with one large spoon of ammonia mixed with 12 cups of water and working your way up to the stubborn soy stain.
  • After the treatment, use clear water to rinse the carpet and allow it to air dry completely.
  • And by the way, the same techniques work well on upholstery with soy sauce stain removal.


Soy sauce is a fantastic dressing alternative for many dishes, from salads to soups to savory hot dishes. However, if it accidentally spills on your clothing, it can cause stubborn stains.

Soy sauce stains are removable, provided that you take action as soon as possible. The tips and solutions listed above are the different ways to treat soy sauce stains in clothes that you can use when encountering the same problem.

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