How To Get Wax Out of Clothes? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Wax is labeled as being one of the most hydrophobic substances available. And so, it would be a puzzle to think about how to get wax out of clothes if they don’t mix and will surely avoid water. But still, it’s not impossible to remove wax when you know the right methods available.

Candle Wax Stains Removal

Removing Wax From Your Clothes or Fabrics

Candles are very accessible and are mostly present in a household. Therefore, there are instances where you could see small spots of candle wax on fabrics when previously interacting with them. You can either notice the stain as it unfolds or discovers it later on when the stain has hardened on the fabric.

Step 1. Unlike other stains that require immediate attention for easier cleaning, it is best to let candle wax droplets dry first before attempting removal. It could be very tempting to rush and get the wax out of them while the candle droplets are still soft, but try your best to avoid it. Instead, let the candle wax either naturally dry or place some ice cubes on it to let it dry quicker.

Step 2. When candle wax has dried, most of it can be easily removed. You can use a flat material like a spoon or a knife to scrape the candle wax off the fabric. A sharp material will work well in scraping. However, you should match the material with the fabric you are dealing with, as you can slice a piece of fabric when not done carefully.

Step 3. Now that you are left with candle wax that has seeped in, you have to apply pressure and, yes, heat it up. What is the safest way to heat your clothes? The answer is to do it by steaming. As the heat will melt the wax again, you will then encourage the candle wax to seep into something else, like blotting paper or paper towel. Take note that it’s better not to use a paper towel when dealing with fluffy fabrics like wool, fleece, or velvet. There can be tiny bits of tissue stuck with the fibers. Now you would want to sandwich the seeped wax area between the blotting paper. Make sure that you are working on a flat surface.

Step 4. Place a thin towel over the layered fabric and wax, then iron through the towel

Step 5. Wash as you normally would.

Color Candle Wax Removal

Candle Wax Color Removal

Some candles come in bright colors, and when they get seeped in lighter colored fabrics, the colors stay. These colors can range from being slightly visible to very visible, so you would need to remove them from your clothes.

Now that the majority of the wax has been heated and seeped away from your clothes, all that’s left is the dye. You would only need to prepare your trusty liquid laundry detergent.

The next step would be to locate the candle dye stain and pour enough liquid detergent onto it. Use your fingers to rub the detergent in and help it work on the fabric.

After finishing these quick steps, you can proceed and wash your clothes as you normally would. After washing them, make sure to check if the stain is completely gone before hanging them to dry. If you can still see stain marks, just repeat the steps until they’re gone.

More Ways to Remove Wax from Clothes

When waxing your skin at home, you can encounter some problems, and you could get some on your clothes. When you do, there are steps you can follow to save your clothes.


  1. Let the wax dry. You can freeze the wax and then it would be easier to snap it and get it off the fabric.
  2. Get some paper towels, preferably unpatterned, and place them on either side of the fabric.
  3. Set your iron on low and non-steam and let it press through the fabric. Be careful and do not place the iron for too long in one spot.
  4. Pretreat the stained area. You can use your trusty laundry liquid detergent, preferably, one that is specially crafted to remove stains or has effective stain-removing properties.
  5. Work the detergent into the area with your fingers or a soft-bristled brush.
  6. Leave it and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  7. Check your fabric’s care instructions and see the highest temperature they can take.
  8. Prepare your wash water and wash at the highest temperature permitted by your clothes.
  9. Without rinsing the detergent off of the stained area, load your clothes into your machine and wash as you normally do.
  10. After washing, check if the stain is still present. If yes, do not load it in the dryer yet, but instead, repeat the steps above. If the stain is completely gone, then you are good to go.

Getting Rid of Wax From Carpets

Getting Rid of Wax From Carpets

Carpets, being an agent that works on the floor, can be very at risk of spilled wax. When this happens, you can follow the method below and prepare a damp cloth, a material to scrape wax with, if there is any, and an iron. Make sure that the cloth is damp but not dripping.


  1. Scrape off excess wax using a blunt object like a spoon or blunt knife.
  2. Lay a lint-free, damp cloth over the stain. Make sure it covers the stain completely.
  3. Set your iron to medium heat. This process pulls the wax out of the carpet and transfers it onto the damp cloth.

Reminders For A More Effective Process

remove wax on clothes

For any method you are trying to follow when removing wax from your clothes, there are extra hacks or tips that will help you do the job more effectively. These tips are also most probably those that are important to note and bear in mind.

  • When dealing with wax, patience and holding back is essential. You always need to wait for the wax to dry before trying to get it out of the fabric.
  • You can also freeze the wax to speed up the process! Freezing helps solidify the wax, making it easier for you to remove it from the fabric.
  • When first applied, do not blot. Again, when dealing with wax, it’s better to wait.
  • When using a pretreatment agent like detergent, it’s best to leave it on the clothes, letting it seep and do its work as you put them in the washer.
  • When scraping off dried wax, be sure you are not using an overly sharp material to avoid puncturing the clothes. For more sensitive fabrics, you can use a spoon instead, and the motion should be a gentle skim instead of pushing the spoon into a dig. 


Accidentally spilling or dripping wax on your clothes and fabrics can be a cause of panic for those who have no knowledge of how to get wax out of clothes. And so, knowing these simple methods can save you the panic hassle and, at the same time, save your fabrics from ruin.

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