4 Easy Ways to Get Crayon Out of Clothes (Step-by-Step Guide)

Crayons are effective at keeping children preoccupied. However, when kids color beyond the lines and on their clothes, it can be quite a problem. How to get crayon out of clothes is something people with kids wish they knew. It can be challenging but there are plenty of ways to get it done.

Are crayon stains permanent?

Are crayon stains permanent

PThe first question that probably comes to mind when you see crayon stains on clothes — or any fabric surface, for that matter — is whether crayon stains are permanent. The good news is that they are not!

Crayons are made of wax mixed with pigments that give them color. Wax is quite difficult to remove when attached to fabric. This is why it can be a struggle to remove crayon stains. Whether your child accidentally put crayon on his clothes or left a crayon inside his pocket to melt, the rule is to act on it right away.

There are many methods on how to get crayon out of clothes and you can use household products that are already lying around in your home. Continue reading to find out what these are and even get a few tips.

How to get crayon out of clothes with dish soap

How to get crayon out of clothes with dish soap

Don’t have time to run to your grocery store to buy a cleaning agent? No worries! Just head over to your kitchen sink and get your liquid dish soap. Dish soap is a pretty effective product for getting crayon out of clothes.

Step 1: Scrape off crayon residue.

Before proceeding to take off the stain, first, remove as much residue as you can. Get a dull knife or a credit card and scrape off whatever crayon you can get. Remember to do this gently so as not to ruin or worse, tear, your fabric.

Step 2: Put dish soap and rub.

Drop a small amount of dish soap on the stained area. Break down the wax that has settled by rubbing an old toothbrush or a clothes brush against the stained area.

If you are working on a delicate fabric, you can use a clean cloth instead of a brush. Once you notice the crayons stain bleeding on your cloth, use another area of the cloth and continue.

Do the rubbing until you are able to completely remove the crayon stain.

Step 3: Leave the dish soap to soak.

After removing the stain, leave the dish soap to settle in the fabric for a couple of minutes. The next step is to put it under warm running water and gently rub the fabric against itself. Be sure to rinse away the soap before throwing your garment into the washer.

Step 4: Wash your garment.

Put your garment in your washer, add the usual laundry products that you use, and machine wash it. The key is to use the warmest water your garment can handle.

To know if your clothes can be machine washed and what water temperature they can handle, check the clothes tag. Don’t know how to interpret the care instructions? Watch this tutorial:

Step 5: Hang and line dry.

Using the dryer is much more convenient in drying clothes but when you are working with stains, the heat from the dryer might cause unnoticed stains to settle. Instead, hang and line dry your garment. The wind and heat from the sun are less likely to cause stains to settle on your fabric.

Just follow all these steps on how to get crayon out of clothes with liquid dish soap and presto — you will remove colored wax stains in no time!

How to get crayon out of clothes with a stain remover

How to get crayon out of clothes with a stain remover

If you have a stain remover lying around your house, then it’s time to put it to good use. Stain removers can get the job done even when dealing with crayon stains.

Step 1: Remove residue by scraping.

The first step of getting rid of dried crayon stains is to scrape off residue with a dull knife or card. Gently remove the wax to reduce the area of the stain you have to deal with.

Step 2: Apply stain remover.

Put stain remover on your crayon stain.  You can use a stain remover stick, gel, or spray depending on the qualities of your garment. Double-check the instructions of your stain remover to be guided on the fabric it can be used on and how long you can let it sit on the fabric.

Those who have dealt with crayon stains on clothes swear by stain remover sprays, as they soak and penetrate the fibers of the fabric better.

Let the stain remover settle on the fabric and watch it dissolve or get rid of the crayon stain. If the stain is stubborn, use a toothbrush or clothes brush to rub the stain away.

Step 3: Rinse with warm water.

Take off the stain remover on your garment by rinsing it with warm water. If your garment cannot handle warm temperatures, use a water temperature it can tolerate.

Step 4: Wash your garment.

If the crayon stain is removed, wash your garment as you usually would in the washing machine. Use warm water if possible together with your trusted detergent.

Step 5: Hang and line dry.

As mentioned earlier, using a dryer might do more harm than good. If you can, just hang and let the wind and sunlight dry your clothes.

This simple method on how to get crayon out of clothes using a stain remover will fix your problem right away.

Watch this video of how a stain remover was able to get crayon out of clothes:

How to get crayon out of clothes with baking soda

How to get crayon out of clothes with baking soda

When it comes to cleaning, baking soda is a go-to product. Not only is it good at making whites white, but it is also a secret ingredient in how to get crayon out of clothes.

This method is particularly useful if you did not notice crayon stains before washing your garment and the stain has set.

Step 1: Scrape off crayon wax residue.

Using a dull knife or card, scrape off any wax residue that can still be removed by hand.

Step 2: Wash in hot water, detergent, and baking soda.

Unlike other methods, you don’t need to pre-treat your stain when using baking soda. Simply add detergent to your washing machine and mix in a cup of baking soda.

Take note of this important part: wash in hot water with the usual wash cycle.

Step 3: If the stain is stubborn, add bleach.

The wash cycle with baking soda should do the job. However, if there are still traces of crayon stains, add bleach and let it sit in the solution for about half an hour. After which, run a wash cycle with the bleach solution.

Before adding bleach, see to it that your fabric can handle the product. If you are afraid of discoloration, you can opt to use color-safe bleach which you can find in grocery stores.

Step 4: Line dry your garment.

If you have successfully removed your stain, hang your garment and put it outside to dry. With just baking soda and some help from bleach, say goodbye to crayon stains.

How to get crayon out of clothes when it’s melted

How to get crayon out of clothes when it’s melted

Did your kid accidentally leave crayons inside his pocket and go outside to play on a warm sunny day? Well, chances are, the crayon has melted inside his pocket and stuck on his clothes.

Don’t worry. There is an easy fix to that. Remember to act on it right away to prevent further problems.

Step 1: Put ice on the stain.

If the wax is still hot and in liquid form, don’t try to remove it. You might end up spreading it further and causing more stains. Instead, grab some ice cubes and put them in a ziplock or plastic bag. Put the ice bag against the melted wax to harden it.

If your garment is not that big, you can put it inside your freezer for half an hour. This method will also harden your melted wax.

Step 2: Remove wax by scraping it off.

Once the wax has cooled down, it will be easier for you to scrape it off. Use a dull knife or a card to get the wax residue out.

Step 3: Sandwich your garment in paper towels.

Grab some paper towels and put the garment in between them. Be sure that the crayon stain is sandwiched well.

Use white paper towels to prevent discoloration which is most likely to occur when you use colored or patterned paper towels

Sandwich your garment in paper towels

Step 4: Press your iron against the paper towel.

Get your flat iron and warm it up. Once warm, gently press it against the top layer of your sandwich which is the paper towel. By doing this, the stain will stick and transfer to the paper towel.

Once the wax has transferred to your paper towel, either change your paper towel or use another area and repeat the process. If you just stick to one paper towel, the stain might stick again to the fabric.

Be careful when executing this step! Make sure that your iron is not too hot that it will burn the paper towel, but still hot enough for the wax to transfer. Also, don’t do motions when ironing the stain and just let it sit on the affected area.

Step 5: Pre-treat remaining stains.

If there are still minimal stains, either use a stain remover or a dish soap to pre-treat these stains. As a guide, you can use the instructions listed above on how to get crayon out of clothes using liquid dish soap or a stain remover.

Step 6: Wash your clothing and line dry.

Achieved your goal of removing the crayon stain? Then wash it with the help of your washing machine and hang it outside to dry.

Getting crayon out of clothes is easy peasy!

Removing stains is relatively easy especially when you know the different methods on how to get crayon out of clothes. You can use household products that you already have at home. Add a bit of patience and get rid of that crayon stain in no time!


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