9 Quick and Easy Ways to Dry your Clothes During Rainy Season

Unfavorable weather may prevent your clothes from drying. They may also develop a mildew smell if not dried immediately. Also, you may have a hard time figuring out what to wear.

To prevent this from happening, here are ways on how to dry clothes fast, even during the rainy season.

Using the dryer

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There are techniques that you can apply to dry your clothes quickly. One of these techniques is to periodically clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Failing to clean your dryer will lead to a lint buildup that will prevent airflow.

It is also advisable to clean your dryer hose at least once a year. Furthermore, you should check the vent for blockages at least twice a year.

 If you need to dry jeans that are particularly moist, you can use a towel as a moisture separator. The towel will dry the damp clothing by absorbing its moisture. Also, it will lessen the humidity inside the dryer which will decrease the drying time needed.

Another method you can try involves using your washer and dryer in tandem. Set your washer on a “spin and drain” cycle and set your dryer to high heat. If your clothes are soaking wet, remove the excess water by setting the washer into a spin and dry process.

After ten minutes, place the clothes on the dryer and set them in high heat for 15 minutes.

You can also make the vent hose shorter to decrease the drying time by 20 percent. First, you need to disconnect the hose from the dryer. After that, clean it from any built-up lint. When you cut it, make sure that it remains long enough to reach and connect to the dryer.

Getting rid of excess water

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One of the most common ways of getting rid of excess water from your clothes is by squeezing. You can also twist them with your hands. Do this before you put your clothes on the dryer or hang them.

Also, avoid wringing the clothes too much since this can stretch the fabric.

You can also roll the damp clothes on a towel. The towel will absorb the excess water from the clothes. To do this, lay a large towel, then put the damp clothing on it. Roll up the towel tightly and twist its bundle.

If there is still excess water, use another towel until all of the water is removed.

If you have a salad spinner, you can quickly dry small clothing items like socks or handkerchiefs. Place your clothes on it and let it spin for a while. Wait until the excess water is removed.

You will need to dry your clothes completely with other methods. But this procedure makes your clothes dry faster.

Using a hairdryer

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Another quick way of drying your clothes is using a hairdryer. The first thing you need to do is remove the excess water by wringing the wet clothes. After that, lay them on a flat surface or hang them on a hanger.

As much as possible, don’t set your hairdryer in a high setting as this may shrink your clothes. Start blow-drying the clothes spot by spot.

Don’t forget to turn the clothes inside out to dry up quickly. As a warning, don’t point the hairdryer in one spot for a long time since it can cause damage to the fabric. Too much heat can weaken the fibers of the garments.

Ironing your clothes

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If you are in a hurry, ironing your damp clothes will dry them in no time. Since iron is a direct heat source, it can easily remove the moisture from wet clothes. However, always check the fabric first. Too much heat can damage the delicate fabric.

First, lay the clothing on the ironing board. Next, set your iron to a low temperature. Move the iron around the garment while pressing it gently. Flip the clothing to make sure that you dry all the areas.

Set the iron at a high temperature once you notice that the water has evaporated. It will completely dry your garment.

Hanging the clothes

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When you have no choice but to hang your clothes indoors, there are things you need to remember. Instead of hanging your clothes in any part of your house, investing in a drying rack is helpful.

You can place it near your window or your fan so that it can get good airflow. It will also help in preventing the clothes from having a musty smell.

Whether you hang your clothes outside or inside your house, put spaces between them. The excellent airflow will dry them quickly. Furthermore, hang them neatly on the drying rack. Crumpled clothes take longer to dry.

You can also lessen the moisture inside your house by putting a sack of unrefined salt or a stack of newspapers. Place them in the corner of the room. These items are good at absorbing the moisture in the room.

Freeze drying the clothes

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Another appliance that can help you dry out your clothes faster is your refrigerator. You can freeze-dry your damp clothes. To do this, put your wet garments in a plastic bag, then put them inside the fridge.

As much as possible, place the bagged clothes in a compartment or section without food. Dirty clothes may contaminate your food, or they may get stains from sauces.

You can leave your clothes overnight to make sure that they have dried successfully. Once you take them out of your fridge, don’t forget to iron them. This technique is helpful when it is raining outside.

Drying small items in the oven

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You can also use your oven to dry small garments like socks and underwear. Before putting the garments inside the oven, remove the excess water first. Using this method, it will typically take about one hour to dry the garments.

If you want to try this one, you must first preheat your oven to 100 degrees. Turn off the oven once it is already hot. Put the garments on the baking sheet and place them inside the oven.

Sorting your clothes

Sorting your clothes according to their weight and thickness will dry them faster. After sorting your clothes, load first the light garments. Doing this will dry them quickly.

Once the delicate clothes are dry, you can proceed with the heavier garments. They will have more space to move around your dryer, causing them to dry in no time.

Using dryer balls

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Dryer balls have lots of benefits. These are static removal, extra fragrance, and less drying time. Also, you can choose from wool dryer balls and plastic dryer balls. In selecting the size, extra-large ones are more effective than regular ones.

Aside from drying your clothes, you can also add some fragrance. Do this by adding essential oils to the dryer balls. Once you purchase these balls, you can throw them in the dryer.

As simple as that! As a reminder, throw the balls on regular-sized loads and not on gigantic loads of laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dryer balls is recommended to use?

If you want a natural product, then it is recommended that you use wool dryer balls. Aside from its eco-friendly material, you can also add essential oils to it. Also, they don’t make any noise inside the dryer, unlike the plastic dryer balls.

Can I dry my clothes in a microwave?

While there are various appliances suitable for drying clothes, a microwave isn’t recommended. You may only burn the fabric of your clothes, or worse, you can set it on fire. For safety reasons, never use your microwave as an alternative to a dryer.

How long will it take for clothes to dry indoors?

The drying time may depend on the thickness of your clothes and the moisture inside your room. However, most clothes dry up after one hour or up to 24 hours when hung indoors.

Can I use my fan to dry my clothes quickly?

Sure! Using a fan is an excellent way of drying your clothes. Instead of laying it flat on a surface, put the garment into a coat hanger. You can also turn the clothes inside out to dry all areas.

How will I dry my clothes using the radiator?

Hang or place the clothes above the radiator, allowing them to absorb the heat. If you are using a drying rack, place it beside the radiator. As a warning, please don’t put your damp clothes directly on the radiator. It may cause some damage to your clothes.


After learning the different ways to dry clothes fast, you don’t have to worry during the rainy season. Pick the method that will suit you the best.

Also, follow the procedures carefully to prevent damaging your favorite clothes. Through this, you won’t run out of clothes to wear.

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  1. Just about everything you mentioned requires electricity and special appliances.

    I’m in the Himalayas and monsoon has started and i have a sweater, pants, and underwear that i quickly need to dry but it’s raining.

    My solution, ring everything out by hand as best I can and hand up to dry a little for a few hours and then where all my damp clothes through the evening and let my body heat do the drying.

    Simple but effective and I’ve done this many times before in the past when I have just one outfit i quickly need to dry do i can wear mu clothes right away. Actually, I travel light and don’t have many extra sets of clothes.


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