28 Free DIY Clothing Rack Ideas – You Can DIY This Weekend

If you don’t organize your clothes, there will be chaos everywhere. Imagine seeing your clothes strewn across every corner of your room. If you want to keep things in order but don’t know where to start, here are 28 DIY clothing rack ideas to help you out!

DIY Clothing Rack Ideas

Build Your Own Clothing Rack

You don’t have to be an expert in carpentry to put up your own clothing rack. If you are ready to commit to building one, then what are you waiting for?

1. Mobile Clothing Rack

Mobile Clothing Rack

If you don’t have closet space for all the clothes you have, here’s a simple solution for you. Now you can make a simple yet stylish mobile clothing rack for yourself. Do not let the long list of things you need intimidate you at all. Once you have got everything, just follow the instructions and you are set. To make it easier, there are images to help you out as well!


2. $20 PVC Clothes Rack

Here’s an inexpensive way to build your very own clothes rack using PVC pipes! You can just run to the nearest Home Depot or a similar store. You can check if the store can help you with cutting the PVC pipes according to your specifications. It would save you time and energy and make it easier for you.


3. Copper Clothing Rack

Copper Clothing Rack

If you lack storage and floor space, this might help. The star of this clothing rack is the copper pipe. It serves as the centerpiece of the design.

You can build this copper clothing rack in six easy steps! Under each step, there is an image that can serve as your guide.


4. Easy Industrial DIY Clothing Rack With Lights

 If you want a sleek and industrial feel with added lighting to your clothing rack, you can use steel pipes. Before starting this, you would need several pipes in different sizes. And then you can even add a lighting fixture to your clothing rack. It would add more pizzazz to this DIY project.


5. Plumbing Pipe Clothing Rack

Plumbing Pipe Clothing Rack

If you want something solid for your clothing rack, then you can make use of plumbing pipe. Gone are the days when steel pipes were only used for plumbing. If you are keen to follow this idea, be prepared to spend about $80 to $90. While this might sound costly, you are spending for something that you can use for a long time.


6. Clothing Rack in A Matter Of Hours

If you only have a couple of hours to spare, you can create this clothing rack within that time frame. Buying the materials you need would cost you between $50 and $100. You would make use of several steel pipes for this. You would also need plywood for the wooden base.


7. Wall Mounted Industrial Clothing Rack

Wall Mounted Industrial Clothing Rack

You can use this DIY idea if you are aiming for something that looks good and works well. It’s hard to miss the things you need to do to put this together because there are photos and instructions. There are only five main steps. If you follow them correctly, then you’re good to go!


8. Bedroom Clothing Rack

If you need a clothing rack for your bedroom, then you should look out for this one. Apart from listing down the materials needed, you can see what they actually look like in real life. You can also see how this bedroom clothing rack was built – from measuring the wood to putting every single piece together.


9. A-Frame Clothing Rack

A-Frame Clothing Rack

Are you planning to build a clothing rack for your kids? Then this is one project that you should take note of. This clothing rack is made primarily of wood. If you need help cutting and sawing wood, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Once you have built the A-Frame rack, you can decorate it with your kids. You can color and enhance it according to their preference.


10. Clothing Rack For Less

When we say this is a “clothing rack for less”, we mean it! All you need is $13! It’s because you just need these materials:

  • Two 10 feet PVC Pipes
  • Two ¾ Elbows
  • Four ¾ Tees
  • Four ¾ Caps
  • Spray Paint

Once you have everything you need, you can begin with assembling them!


11. PVC DIY Clothing Rack

PVC DIY Clothing Rack

Here’s a clothing rack that you can easily assemble and take anywhere! It’s simple, cost-efficient, and space-saving.

This clothing rack is made of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. Apart from the inexpensive PVC pipes and elbow, you just need a PVC cutter and a measuring tape. Once you have all these things together, you can create the clothing rack in three steps only!


12. Tree Branch Clothing Rack

If you want to incorporate a piece of nature into your home, you can use a tree branch to make a clothing rack. If you are out walking or hiking, you might come across a perfectly good tree branch. You can then pick up hooks, strings, and hangers from your local store.


13. Wooden Clothes Rack

Wooden Clothes Rack

If you think building a wooden clothes rack requires an expert skill level, then that’s where you are wrong! If you know you have done some basic carpentry and woodwork, you’ll be fine. There are 22 steps involved in this and it would take you about five hours to put this wooden rack together.


14. Zero Cost Clothing Rack

Before you can even start with building your clothing rack, you might want to sketch the plan and figure out the things you need. It includes the PVC pipes and all the other materials you need.

With the sketch in hand, it’s easier for you to remember which parts go together. To make your work more efficient, you can label each material during the planning stage.


15. Clothing Rack With Shelf For Children

Clothing Rack With Shelf For Children

If you have children, you want to make sure that they can access their clothes with no trouble at all. It is the perfect opportunity to build a clothing rack for them.

It involves lumber and other materials. After cutting the lumber into several sizes, then it’s time to start working and piece everything together!


16. Aesthetic PVC Clothing Rack

Before you can even start with building your own clothing rack, you might want to sketch the plan and figure out the things you need. It includes the PVC pipes and all the other materials you need.

‘With the sketch in hand, it’s easier for you to remember which parts go together. And to make your work more efficient, you can label each material during the planning stage.


17. Do-It-Yourself Garment Rack

Do-It-Yourself Garment Rack

Digging into your closet to find your favorite clothing pieces can get frustrating. If you want to make it easier for yourself, then you need this do-it-yourself garment rack. The only things you would need for this are the following:

  • Conduit pipe
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Base
  • Casters
  • Elbow Joins
  • Floor Flanges

Once done putting these materials together, you’ll get a beautiful and functional garment rack that you can proudly show off.


18. Under $12 Clothing Rack

This is the ultimate DIY clothing rack idea for those who are on a spending budget. It would cost you about $12 only. You can pick up the following materials for this cost-saving project:

  • Two 10 Feet ¾ PVC Pipes
  • Four Tee Connectors
  • Two Elbow Connector
  • Four Base Caps

If you still have some money to spare, you can pick up spray paint to beautify the clothing rack.


19. DIY Clothing Rack For Those With A Budget

DIY Clothing Rack For Those With A Budget

Buying clothing racks from a store might be costly for some people. If you are working with a budget, you might opt for this DIY steel pipe clothing rack. The main material that you need is steel pipes. The awesome thing about this DIY project is that how big the clothing rack depends on you and the space you have


20. Dress Up Clothes Wooden Clothing Rack

Dress Up Clothes Wooden Clothing Rack

Playing dress up is one of those activities that kids love. If you want to make their dress up clothes more accessible, try building a clothing rack for them. Instead of using steel or PVC, you can use wood to give it a softer vibe. It would be perfect to display in your child’s room or playroom.


21. One Hour Copper Clothing Rack

One Hour Copper Clothing Rack

An hour is all you need to put this copper clothing rack together! For this, you need a couple of copper pipes and elbows. There are photos you can check to see if you are doing the right thing. There’s even a diagram, complete with measurements that you can use as a reference when making this at home.


22. Tree Branch Rack

If you have access to tree branches or can source them sustainably without harming the environment, consider this DIY idea. Always ensure to source wood responsibly.

Apart from the tree branch, you need some hooks and strings. To start, drill the hooks on the ceiling. And then tie the strings on both ends of the tree branch and attach them to the hooks.


23. Make It Double!

Make It Double!

If you want to use your available wall space, you can create a double pipe garment rack.The initial plan is for racks that are 8’4” wide and 8’8” tall. However, you can always change the sizing to fit the space that you have.

If you are interested in this idea, there’s a diagram that you can check out!


24. Easy, Cheap, And Functional

If you want to display some pieces of your clothing around your bedroom or in another area of your home, you need this movable clothing rack.

You need a couple of threaded pipes and screws. You might also need a plank of wood for that base. If you want that wood to have that treated look, you can use a wood stain.


25. Copper Clothing Rack With Wooden Wheels

Copper Clothing Rack With Wooden Wheels

If you have been eyeing copper racks for the longest time, this might be your chance to own one. If you can’t justify the high price points of copper clothing racks sold in stores, you can just make one for yourself!

There’s a diagram as well as written instructions to make it easier for you to assemble the different copper pipe pieces.


26. Rolling On

Are you living in an apartment or flat that has limited closet space? Then you need this Rolling Clothing Rack. There are only seven things you need, and you can pick these all up at your local store:

  • ½ Plywood
  • Closet Rod
  • 10 inch of ½ Conduit
  • Spray Paint
  • Casters
  • Flanges
  • Screw Couplings


27. Large Iron Pipe Clothing Rack

Large Iron Pipe Clothing Rack

If space in your room is not an issue, then you can choose to build this large black iron pipe double barrack. It measures about 8 feet wide and 6 ½ feet tall. Since this is made of iron, you know it’s going to be durable and strong.

If you don’t have enough space but like the idea of something sturdy to hang your clothes on, you can just downsize and figure out a size that works for you.


28. Pallet Clothing Rack

or a modern and stylish clothing rack, consider using pallets. Pallets can often be sourced from local businesses, and sometimes, you can even obtain them for free! Apart from pallets, you just need some nails, screws, and steel poles and you are ready to begin!

Start Constructing Your DIY Clothing Rack Today!

Don’t underestimate your ability to make things happen. Given that there are so many DIY clothing rack ideas out there, you’ll be able to make your own in no time! You just have to trust your instincts and do your own thing! 


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