30 Easy to Do DIY Clothes Racks

Finding a spot to hang your clothes and dry them can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Especially when you have limited space in your house and there’s no dedicated space for drying clothes. To address that, try looking at the list of DIY cloth rack plans here.

1. Simple Modern Clothing Rack

homemade diy clothes rack

This clothing rack is a unique piece you can place in any corner of your room. Its design, which fits into corners, can save you a lot of space in your room.

Its fresh new design is simple yet not dull. It can also be portable as it is thin enough to fit in. Of course, the height will still depend on how you would do it.


2. DIY Pallet Clothing Rack

If you’re looking for something simple and a space-saving clothing rack, then this could be an option for you.

This DIY clothing rack can hold many clothes. At the bottom of it, too, you can also put things of your choice. It has a space that you can utilize to save space again.

Its upper corners can also serve as a rack for your bags or hats!


3. Multi-layered clothes drying rack

clothing rack aesthetic

If you need lots of space to place your clothes, this multi-layered rack could be the answer to your problem. This is A-shaped, and the layers are proportionally apart from each other. Each layer is diagonally distanced from the previous layer, creating spaces for your clothes to breathe.

This could be perfect for drying your clothes inside your home when it’s raining.


4. DIY A-frame clothing rack

This A-framed clothing rack is so simple in its design. It is light by its overall design. You can easily transport it as it does not take so much space. The design is not only sleek but also durable.

Its A-frame design enables it to keep a stable balance. You can rest assured that your clothes are safe in their place.


5. Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

how to make a clothes rack

This copper pipe clothing rack is undoubtedly simple and cheap to make. You can now use those pipes that just take up space in your house. Pick them up, and use them to spice up your room a bit. You can also find the other materials at home.

 It is a hanging design, so you can utilize the space underneath. This is a good choice for small rooms.


6. Layered Garment Rack

This clothing rack is not only a space saver. This layered garment rack lets you put most of your clothes in it. It makes your room more organized, having things you need all in one place.

In this layered garment rack, not only can you hang your clothes, but you can also put something under. It has a layer for your hangers and shelves too.


7. DIY Clothes Drying Rack

diy garment rack

This is for those who have big spaces outside and are fond of drying clothes under the sun.

This garment rack is perfect when you need to dry so many clothes at a time. It is big and looks like a giant elevated spiderweb. Almost anything could fit in.

You can put your clothes on a hanger, or you can just simply hang them in the strings.


8. Garage Sale Clothing Rack

This garage clothing rack would also be one of your choices. It is an easy perfect fit if you want to roam around in a walk-in closet. It features a round rail, which is also a stylish way to organize your clothes.

This round rail helps people see clothes simultaneously in a single clothing rack.


9. Black-Iron Pipe Rack 

diy hanging clothes rack

Nothing is exceptional about the black-iron pipe rack, but its black feature. It is simple, versatile, and can fit almost any interior design.

Its slim design, yet spacious, can hold maybe most of the garments in your closet. Being made from iron pipes, you can rest assured that they can sit still no matter how heavy your clothes are.


10. DIY Folding Clothing Racks

If you just want to hang your clothes occasionally, this folding clothing rack might be best for you.

Folding clothing racks can also carry many clothes simultaneously, holding many spaces. Once done using, you can put aside this folding clothing rack. It is slick and slim and can fit in any small space. It is the most efficient space saver.


11. Fashionable Wooden rail 

clothing racks diy

This is just another unique design that might suit your taste. This wooden rail is not just unique in appearance, but it indeed serves to organize your clothes. Since it has hooks, your clothes will surely be put into place, unlike other clothing rails without.

It could also be less costly if you can find a beautiful and durable branch around your place.


12. Mobile Clothing rack with a shelf

Like other aesthetic clothing racks, this one also serves you many functions. More than a rack for your clothes, you also get to put your valuables on the shelf.

How the shelf is placed together with the rails compliments each other. They look nice and organized as they should. Plus, they are also movable. This rack could just serve you more than a clothing rack.


13. Hanging Rail 

free standing clothes rack diy

Maybe you do not need a rack to store all of your clothes. Instead, what you need is something to hold your clothes temporarily.

This hanging rail looks best to do the job. It uses scratch materials, yet it still looks elegant. Indeed, this holds enough space to be used in your bathroom or dressing room.


14. Designed modern clothing rack

This designed modern clothing rack is one of the organized racks you could ever have.

This clothing rack has different holes designated for a single hanger. It means more space to see the clothes hanging on the rail.

Its design, also having wood and metal together, is elegant.


15. Kids rack with shelf

diy clothing rack with shelves

Even at a young age, you can teach your kids to be organized. These kids’ rack with a shelf is just a bit smaller than regular-sized ones. It has a small stand wherein they can put their few owned stuff.

This also features small rails to hold a few clothes hangers and small tips to hang in other things.


16. PVC clothing rack

If you’re looking for something durable yet quite more budget-friendly, then a PVC clothing rack is for you.

It looks like an assembled rack through pipes. It is not the best-looking racks you could ever have at all. It looks like a typical and basic rack we usually see. But if you put on more creativity in putting them together, you could perhaps level it up.


17. Fold-out Clothes Drying Rack

diy clothing rack with shelf

This cloth drying rack is incredibly efficient for people busy with their schedules. This rack has many rails, which means many spaces for clothes. And what makes this rack unique is its folding feature.

It is attached to the wall, and you can hide it anytime you want to. So hang it in there whenever you get those clothes dry but have no time folding them yet.


18. DIY Iron Pipe Clothes Rack

This Iron Pipe clothes rack is directly attached to the wall. It means that it is permanently put on the wall. And it does not look bad at all. The pipes have different levels. Thus, it could somewhat still look like a design.

Depending on how many pipes and how many clothes you would hang, it would look fabulous.


19. DIY heavy Duty clothing rack

diy clothing rack ideas

If you need racks so strong as those in the mall, then this is it. This H-shaped DIY heavy-duty clothing is. The design of this rack makes it carry more than what it can seem to hold. Its durability gives more space for more clothes.

And it is all thanks to the materials used in making it. You should use high-grade metals.


20. DIY Rack with Portable Crates

This clothing rack contains a frame for your clothes and different storage. Around the main rail to hang your clothes on are crates to put your other things on. There should be enough crates for your items.

It can either be feminine-looking or masculine, depending on how you design it. It can fit that small space in your room.


21. Wall-mounted Ladder Rack

how to make a clothing rack

For another minimalist style clothes rack, this ladder rack is just impressive enough. On itself, it looks stylish enough, but it just looks even better when placed with clothes.

However, this may not hold as many clothes as typical clothing racks. The materials to be used could not be as durable as heavy-duty materials. This is more about aesthetics and minimal purpose.


22. Wooden Clothing Rack

This wooden clothing rack is another aesthetic you can use. It is a new and unique piece to spice up your interior design style. It gives nature vibes inside your room. You can try this when you just got bored of metal pipes.

It is also a minimalist piece. You just got to put it in one part of the room to hang your clothes on.


23. Ladder Wardrobe

diy portable clothes rack

You can now make use of the old ladders in your garage. With this DIY idea, you will have a new yet cheap wardrobe.

This clothing rack idea is not just fresh and unique but also functional. The steps on the ladder can serve as divisions for your clothes. This is best for those people who classify their clothes.


24. DIY $100-worth Garment Rack

If you have an elegant interior design, you should pair it with everything brilliant. Just like this here. What makes it fancy-looking is its simplicity that compliments all of its pieces together.

Aside from its rails, it has a shelf in the lower and upper parts. The lower part of the shelves can put your shoes or anything. The upper can be for anything fancy-looking.


 25. DIY Industrial-Inspired Clothing Rack

homemade clothes rack

This DIY could be one of the best choices if you need the clothing rack to be portable. It is easy to assemble because you’ll only need a screw to put it all together. The parts are not too big to carry. Its design can fit in different contexts without looking awkward.

You can put things more than your clothes on its flat surface below the rail with its design.


26. Zero-Cost Clothing Rack Design

Putting up some beautiful furniture at home does not always have to be costly, just like this zero-cost clothing rack. It is made of everything you can find around your house. It makes use of those plastic water gallons that you can just put in the trash. So, why not repurpose materials you already have?

This recycled clothing rack edition could look fabulous with the materials you’ll use.


27. Basic Clothing Rack

homemade clothing rack

Sometimes, simplicity is the most elegant thing you could ever add to a design. Come to consider this basic clothing rack. If you have blank wall space in your small room, you might as well put this there. Not only will it occupy that blank space, but it is undoubtedly helpful to keep your space well organized.

It also has extra spaces on top, which you can also utilize.


28. Custom Clothing Rack

This custom clothing rack might be new to you. These clothing racks are usually used in boutiques or clothing stores. But maybe you haven’t thought of putting them up in your home.

Well, it is a good idea to do so. Especially if you do not want to take up many spaces in your home for drawers, you can also utilize the small spaces for your small things.


29. Boho Casual Bamboo Clothing Rack

clothing rack diy

This new refreshing idea for the clothing rack is perfect for feminine designs. It is ideal with a nature-inspired interior design. The bamboo rack would also complement flowers and leaves, making you feel closer to nature.

This can be the best use with an earthy color palette of the interior. The beige color of the bamboo would also make other furniture pop out.


30. Dollar Tree Clothing Rack

This is just another nature-inspired clothing rack. Literally nature-inspired because you’re using the tree here as it is.

If you want something new and very unusual, this is a great idea. Also, this is convenient if you have trees around you. You can just cut them and assemble them to have that new clothing rack.



Saving space and keeping things organized and aesthetic has never been this easy. You just need to find which best fits your interior design, and then voila! You’ve got a new and better living space.

Sometimes, you just need to look at some DIY Cloth Rack Plans to fix things.

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