8 Ways to Get Eyeliner Out of Clothes

Eyeliner is a very great tool to shape and accentuate our eyes. With the rise of makeup trends thanks to social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok, the popularity of eyeliner skyrocketed during these past years.

Although it’s a very handy tool, mishaps can sometimes happen like getting an eyeliner stain on your clothes. Don’t fret! This article is here to guide you on how to get eyeliner out of clothes.

Things to Know Before Removing Eyeliner Stains From Your Clothes

Before trying the methods to remove your eyeliner stains, be sure to keep this thing in mind first.

how to remove eyeliner from clothes

Don’t Let the Stain Dry Out

If you accidentally stained your clothes with eyeliner, take care of it as soon as possible. Letting the stain dry out is the worst decision if you want to salvage your clothing.

As time goes by, the pigment will seep into the microfibers of your clothes that can cause permanent damage.

Don’t Use Water

Most of us might think of water as the first solution in cleaning things. Although this is generally true, using only water might not help you with removing eyeliner stains. Water can lift off the residue and spread the pigment through the fabric of your clothes, causing more damage.

Don’t Rub

Rubbing off your stain can be almost instinctual, but it’s best to refrain from doing it. Rubbing the eyeliner residue will cause the stain to spread, grab a spare cloth or cotton ball instead and gently dab it to the stained area to remove the excess.

By not rubbing the stain you can minimize the damaged area.

how to remove eyeliner from clothing

Removing Residue

Before putting any liquid cleaning agent in your stained clothes, be sure to remove as much residue as you can. You can do this by either scraping the fabric dry or getting a wet cotton ball or any spare fabric to dab on the stained area.

By removing excess residue, you can minimize the spreading of the pigment. This can also make the removal of the stain much easier.

Know Your Fabric

To ensure no damage will be done to your clothes, you must know what type of fabric your clothes are. Products such as bleach and stain removers are designed to lift off pigments. You might think this is good right?

Eyeliners are pigmented and they can remove it. There is a problem though, along with the removal of the eyeliner stain, the color of your clothes might also come off.

If you know that your clothes are susceptible to damages, it’s best to stray off from harsher chemicals.

8 Ways to Get Eyeliner Out of Clothes

Now you know this information, we can now talk about the products you can use.

Makeup Remover

remove eyeliner from clothes

If putting makeup is one of your hobbies, you might have a makeup remover in hand. If yes, then great.

Makeup removers are designed to get rid of any type of pigment made by makeup so when it comes to eyeliner stain removal this is your best bet.

To remove eyeliner stain from your clothes using a makeup remover, just simply pour a good amount on a cotton ball or cloth and gently dab it on the stained area.

Note that you must not rub the stain off as this can cause smudging and can increase the stained area. Gently blotting the eyeliner residue off may take a good amount of time, but it’s needed to remove the excess.

After letting the makeup remover sit in, you can either run it under warm water or wash it with laundry detergent.



how to get eyeliner off clothes

Alcohol is one of the necessities these days. If you are out of the house and want to get rid of eyeliner stains as soon as possible, this is the product for you.

Just take a cotton ball or q-tip and gently dab it to the stained area. Putting alcohol in a fresh stain can cause it to spread so use something to remove the eyeliner residue off.

If you don’t have alcohol in hand, sanitizers also work as well. Just make sure that your sanitizer is clear and doesn’t have any coloring in it.


Liquid Detergent or Bars

how to remove liquid eyeliner from clothes

Liquid detergents are designed to get rid of dirt and grime from your clothes. Since eyeliners are very pigmented and coated with oils, using a laundry detergent is a good way to get rid of the stains.

To use liquid detergent as a stain remover you can put a few drops to the damaged area after removing the excess eyeliner residue. Then, you can either gently rub it with a toothbrush or any spare fabric. After that, you can rinse it with cold or hot water.

If you want a more easy way, you can get a bucket of warm water and put on a quarter cup of laundry detergent. Let your damaged clothes soak in soapy water for a few minutes. Once you notice that the pigment is coming off, gently wash the clothes. Since the residue is removed, you can gently rub it off. Once the stain is removed, rinse your clothes with water.

See how the detergent bar is used here.


Dish Soap

how to get eyeliner out of fabric

Dishwashing soap is not only useful in the kitchen but to stain removal as well. Dish soaps are also designed to remove oils so it’s a great product to use for your eyeliner stains.

It works almost the same as liquid detergent. If you want the dish soap to seep more into your fabric, you can use a toothbrush and gently rub it in.

After letting it sit for a few minutes, you can wash the clothes under cold water. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.


Stain Remover

removing eyeliner from clothes

If you want a sure method to remove stain marks from your clothes, stain removers might be the one for you. Stain removers are great, especially for dried-out stains. If your eyeliner marks are dried out, using a stain remover can still get them off.

To use this, just put on a few drops on the desired area and let it seep through the fabric. You can either leave it for a few minutes to an hour. Then, you can get a fabric brush and gently rub off the stain. This should remove all of the remaining stains. You can now put it in the laundry and wash it with your other clothes.

This method is great for dried-out eyeliner stains and large damaged areas.


Vinegar and Baking Soda

how to remove eyeliner stains

This may sound like a science project but vinegar and baking soda is both very good stain remover. Vinegar has acetic acid, good for cleaning clothes while baking soda has stain removing and bleaching properties. To use this method you can put on equal parts baking soda and equal parts vinegar with warm water. Let your clothes soak in the mixture overnight. The satins should be out once you rinse them with water and run it through a washer.

If that method didn’t work, we have another method for you. Take a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda and mix them together. And then, using a toothbrush, gently work the mixture into the stain marks on your clothes. Brush it in a circular motion for a few minutes. You can see the eyeliner residue being lifted off, then rinse the fabric with water. If there are still stains, repeat the process until it’s gone.

This method is great for its accessibility. Most of our households already have these products and if you are going to buy them, they are relatively cheap and easy to find. This is also the safest for your clothes, as vinegar and baking soda are not harsh chemicals.


Shaving Cream

does eyeliner come out of clothes

Using a shaving cream might come as a surprise to a lot of you.  It is a great way to deal with a lot of makeup stains such as foundation, concealer, and lipstick.

Just spray a good amount of shaving foam in the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the foam has seeped into the fabric, rub it in a circular motion to remove the eyeliner residue.

After that, run it over cold water and repeat the process until your clothes are as good as new.



remove eyeliner from clothing

This product is another unconventional stain remover. Most hairsprays contain a large amount of alcohol.

Just use the hairspray as you would use the shaving cream method.

The only catch in this method is not all hairspray works. Be sure to check for high alcohol content on the label of your cans before using hairspray for stains.



how to get eyeliner out of carpet

If nothing of the products worked out for you, bleach might be the only solution. Although it’s not recommended as bleach is a very strong cleaning agent and can easily remove any stain. If you can you should opt for a fabric-safe bleach to minimize the damage.

Just put on a few drops to a large quantity of water, and get a cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball and gently blot it to the stained area.

After that, you can run your garment under cold water or wash it with liquid detergent.

You should treat this product as a last resort as using bleach on your clothes can cause damage especially if not done correctly.


Hydrogen Peroxide

how to remove liquid eyeliner

Hydrogen peroxide is a cleaning agent most commonly used in treating wounds. This product can also be good for removing stains. To use this you can use it the same with bleach.

Just mix a few parts into a bucket of water to make a weak solution. Let your clothes soak overnight before rinsing them off with detergent.


No one wants to taint their favorite clothes with eyeliner so we hope this article helped you in getting rid of the stains.  If you have more questions or you just want to know more about clothing and how to take care of them, be sure to comment down below.


how to get eyeliner out of clothing

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