How To Accurately Measure Clothing?

Whenever you are buying clothes at a store or online, you often have to deal with different sizes and measurements. With that said, it can get a little tricky. It is why it’s high time you learn how to measure your clothing correctly!

Why The Need For Measurements?

Every single month, an average adult spends about $161 on clothes. Imagine spending that much money on clothes that might not fit you. Now that’s something you don’t want to experience. It is especially true for those opting to buy “ready to wear” clothes. Those who lean towards customized clothing might not share the same issues, given that their clothes are tailored-made for them and their bodies.

If you don’t want to run into various sizing issues, it’s important to know your measurements. It’s easier to shop when you know what fits you and what works for you. Also, when you know what your measurements are, you can, more or less, convert or compare them with the sizing options available out there.

Where Do I Start Measuring?

You don’t have to be a seamstress to be able to figure out your measurements. There are a couple of tricks and tips that you need to know so that you would be able to get the right size of clothing when you need to. And it starts right here!

Men and women differ in various aspects, including their physical bodies and attributes. Given that, these are reflected in their clothing measurements, as well as in the design and tailoring.

It’s best to figure out the correct ways of measuring a man and a woman accurately to cover all bases. With that said, what are you waiting for? Go get those tape measures and get ready to measure!

More Than A Woman

When it comes to measuring a woman, there are a couple of basic areas that we should focus on. These are the most important points and these include the following:


Measuring the bust

Measuring the bust involves wrapping the tape measure underneath the woman’s armpits. It should be wrapped all around her body, and it should sit on the fullest part of the bust area. To get an accurate measurement, do not put too much pressure or squeeze the bust area. Making the bust smaller than they really are can affect the process and can give you false statistics.



Measuring the shoulder

Measuring the shoulder requires a woman to stand straight as well. The end of the tape measure should be around the outer part of your shoulder. It should move across the span of your shoulder until it reaches the other end.



measure the waist

If you want to measure the waist correctly, you must first figure out where the belly button is. Once you have located that, wrap the tape measure about two inches above the belly button zone.



measure arm

When it comes to the woman’s arms, take into account the measurement of the hoop part. It involves standing firm and straight with the arms at the side. You should loop the tape measure around under the woman’s armpit. For an accurate reading, the tape measure should not be too tight.



measure hip

Hip measurements involve the feet, pelvis, and back. You must put your feet together while keeping both your pelvis and back straight. If you wish to get an accurate measurement of the hips, you should encircle the tape measure around the large area found between the buttocks and the hip.



measure Inseam

To get the measurement of the inseam, the woman should stand straight. The tape measure should extend from the top of her inner thigh up until her heel. If the leg bends or relaxes, the tape measure might not be able to take the correct measurement of the inseam.

What A Man

Shopping for menswear can be difficult if the guy doesn’t know his body’s statistics. While there are some similarities with the women’s, there are differences to note.


measure Collar

Since some men tend to wear collared tops, they must know what their neck size is. Measuring the neck is quite easy. It starts with wrapping the tape measure around the throat. Once that’s done, you must insert a finger or two between the tape and the neck. It gives the neck some room, especially if there is a need to button the shirt’s collar.



measure Chest

The tape measure should hug the man’s chest area and backside. And it should go above the man’s shoulder blades and nipples. If you want to make sure that the measurement is not too tight or too fit, try inhaling a bit.



measure Sleeve

When measuring the sleeves, you have to take into account the length of both arms. To be safe and sure, opt for the longer arm measurement.

Measuring the man’s sleeve is very interesting. It’s not solely focused on the arm. It also takes account of the area where your neck and shoulder area, and then it goes down the arm up until the wrist.



measure Waist

If you don’t know how to measure the size of your waist, don’t worry. It’s very easy to do. It starts with wrapping the tape measure around your belly button. However, to get a more accurate measurement, move it an inch. Try adding a finger or two between the space where your waist and tape measure meet. This would give you, more or less, the correct measurement of your waist.

Size Conversions

Whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t hurt to take note of your measurements. If you have the chance to buy clothes, you now have references at your disposal.

However, there might be times when you need help with converting the measurements. You might be buying clothes from a store based in another country, or you are shopping in a foreign land. It’s because, in some parts of the world, they use different sizing conversions.

At first, the size conversions might be confusing to you. But after a while, you would be more familiar with it. As long as you know what your measurements are, you don’t have to do complex mathematical equations to get the size conversions correctly. Gone are the days when the universal sizing system did not exist.

Factors To Consider: Clothes Measurement

Clothes Measurement

Despite knowing your body’s measurements by heart, there might be moments when you are still not able to fit into some pieces of clothing. There are several reasons why this happens.

Different Brands, Different Measurements

Clothing brands and manufacturers don’t have the same measurements, even when a universal sizing system exists.

One of the reasons why this happens is because these clothing brands have their fit models. And they use their fit model to determine the size and fit of the clothes they make. While this does not sound ideal, it is the brand’s prerogative to design and tailor clothes that fit their vision.

If you are eyeing something but don’t know if it’s the right fit for you, you can check some sizing charts out there. If you own another piece of clothing from the same brand, use that as a reference.

You might have a better idea of how the fits of a brand go if you are a frequent buyer of theirs. You are more familiar with their sizing as well as their silhouettes. While it might not always be 100% accurate, at least you know a little bit about the sizing and fitting of the brand.

In recent years, some online shopping portals and websites have incorporated size conversion calculators and charts for their customers to use. It’s something that you can find convenient, especially if you are struggling with figuring out what your measurements in certain types of clothes and brands are.

Country Of Origin

If you observe the origins of the clothes you are wearing, you might be able to point this one out. Where the clothes are from can play a part in their fit and sizing.

For example, a brand that comes from South Korea or Japan might not have the same sizing as a brand from the United States or the United Kingdom. There is, more or less, a sizing difference. And it’s noticeable once you start comparing the fit, sizing, and measurement of the clothes.

Unisex Clothing

Some brands carry unisex clothing.  There are even some that solely focus on selling unisex sizes only. If you are a man or woman who doesn’t know what your unisex sizing is,  don’t you fret. It isn’t a lost cause. Tables show the measurement conversions between men, women, and unisex sizing.

A Requirement: Measure Clothing Accurately

Knowing your body and its measurements can be life-changing. While you might run into some sizing issues with different clothing options from time to time, learning how to measure your clothing in detail can make a world of difference.


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