Motherhood: A Complete Guide On When To Buy Maternity Clothes

As soon as you find out that there is another heartbeat inside you, that is when you realize that you are officially entering motherhood. You may wonder when to buy maternity clothes? Because no later than five months, your baby bump will become visible, and your old clothes will not fit anymore.

What is maternity clothing?

Pregnant women wear maternity clothes to adapt to the changes in their body size during their journey to motherhood, hence, pregnancy.

There are different maternity clothes pregnant women can buy according to their preferences and needs. These clothes are intended for them and give them comfort to move freely despite their growing size. Aside from convenience and comfort, it still makes them fashionable.

When to buy maternity clothes?

What is maternity clothing

Before you start buying maternity clothes, make sure that you have done an inventory of your wardrobe. This is advisable for you to check which items you will need and avoid overspending on things you do not necessarily need. You can keep some of your garments, such as oversized shirts, oversized dresses, yoga pants, and skirts. And instead, invest in maternity undergarments.

Although, understandably, first-time mothers will get so excited about purchasing maternity clothes, try not to splurge yet during the first trimester of your pregnancy journey.

It is advisable that you only start buying maternity clothes during the first few days of your second trimester simply because that is when the changes in your body usually begin occurring.

Although you may find it too early, it is just the perfect time since you are supposed to wear maternity clothes by the time your regular clothes do not fit you anymore.

Signs you should watch out for to start buying maternity clothes

  1. You start preferring spandex material for your clothes.
  2. You feel bloated almost all the time.
  3. You find it hard buttoning pants.
  4. Your baby bump begins to take a little peek out of your shirt.
  5. You find your button-down shirts difficult to button all the way towards the end.

Although no one is stopping you when you want to buy maternity clothes, you may do so as soon as possible, especially when there is a sale to help you save a lot of money.

No woman experiences the same pregnancy journey. Therefore, it usually depends on when your baby bump and changes in your weight and size occur.

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4 Factors to consider when selecting maternity clothing

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when selecting and buying maternity clothes. This is especially helpful for first-time moms who are both excited and anxious at the same time.

Take note of the following factors that can guide you once you start purchasing your maternity clothes.

Consider buying multifunctional maternity clothes

maternity clothes

It is essential that you are aware that pregnancy is somehow seasonal. It is not a lifetime, and the pregnancy journey only lasts for nine months.

It is understandable for first-time mothers to get excited when buying maternity clothes. Still, it is also crucial that you are responsible enough only to purchase what you need.

Although it may be tempting to stock up many maternity clothes, especially when you have noticed your baby bump starting to peek.

Make sure that you can wear the maternity clothes you have chosen to purchase throughout your journey to motherhood. It is also advisable that you can still wear these pieces even on your postpartum days.

When choosing multifunctional maternity clothes, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this sweater or oversized shirt too big to wear even if I am 35 to 37 weeks pregnant?
  • Are the buttons of this button-down shirt easy for me to remove when I start breastfeeding my baby?
  • Is the fabric of this garment soft enough not to cause any skin irritation, especially to my C-section cut?
  • Are these pants loose enough to still wear them comfortably even if I get a C-section cut?

Select a versatile style of maternity clothes

Consider buying multifunctional maternity clothes

The changes in a pregnant woman’s body during her pregnancy journey are pretty unpredictable. What may fit during the first trimester might become a little tight during the first few weeks of the second trimester. Imagine how tight it would be if this happens, especially when you reach the third trimester, right?

You must consider in your selection such versatile style maternity clothes. Clothes that are loose, soft, flowy, and made of stretchy materials. These maternity clothes will make them last throughout your pregnancy journey. Therefore, you get the most out of your purchase, and these clothes are definitely worth every penny.

Invest in key pieces

If you have extra money to splurge a little more on your maternity clothes, try investing in some key pieces that you will still be able to wear again and again.

Such clothes include maternity denim pants, leggings, black dresses, and alike, which you can still wear on different occasions and seasons.

Do not size up

It would be best if you will not size up when choosing maternity clothes. Although you may think that you have to simply because your size and body are growing, this is only applicable when you buy standard maternity clothes. However, if you are purchasing true maternity clothes, then your regular size is quite okay.

7 Maternity Clothes Must-Haves

You can wear standard clothes during your pregnancy journey, but it is better to invest in true maternity clothes. You can still wear these again even during your postpartum and when you try to expect another child after a few years.

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1. Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

There are different maternity jeans styles you can choose from, ranging from classic boot-cut, skinny jeans, elephant cut, Capri, or straight leg.

Rest assured that these maternity jeans will give you comfort as it is soft and stretchy. Often, pregnant women start wearing these jeans on the first few days of the second trimester of their journey to motherhood.

If not, most maternity jeans have at least 1 to 2% of spandex, which makes them flexible and stretchable. Hence, regardless of how big you grow, it can adapt to the changes. You can also opt to purchase denim overalls if you want to. These pieces can make you stylish even during your pregnancy.


2. Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses

Most of the pregnant you will encounter often wear maternity dresses. This is one of the staples of maternity clothes a pregnant woman should have. It keeps every pregnant woman stylish without compromising their comfort. This is one of the good investments as you can still wear them even after pregnancy.


3. Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings

Another wardrobe staple is the black tights or commonly known as the classic leggings. You can either wear your current leggings or if you do not yet have one on your wardrobe, then include it on your list of maternity clothes to buy.

These leggings do provide not only comfort but also light pressure support while looking classy and chic. They are also intended to expand, so you do not have to worry regardless of how big you get.


4. Maternity Support Shorts

Maternity Support Shorts

According to recent research, it has been found that almost all pregnant women will experience Diastasis Recti Abdominal Muscle or what is commonly called DRAM by the time they reach the 35th week of their pregnancy. In layman’s terms, it is known to be an ab separation.

If your budget does not yet allow you to purchase support shorts during the early days of your second trimester, then you can opt to wear low-waisted shorts in the meantime. It is preferred to have a waist extender.

These support shorts are intended to keep your bump comfortable. These are essential, especially during your third trimester. Investing in support shorts is a good idea, especially helping your body cope with your pregnancy and labor adjustment.


5. Maternity Tees and Tank

Maternity Tees and Tank

It is a great idea to invest in maternity tees and tanks that provide you easy access, especially when breastfeeding your baby. Most maternity tees and tanks are designed to either have a low-cut armhole or an invisible zipper.


6. Maternity Nursing Bras

Maternity Nursing Bras

Make sure that you do not forget to invest in maternity nursing bras. These nursing bras will help improve your posture as it prevents you from suffering any neck and shoulder excruciating pain you may experience from breastfeeding.

During the first few days after your labor, it is essential that you have a soft bra on your wardrobe to help you navigate yourself from the challenges you may encounter during the breastfeeding period.

Once you are prepared to become more active and have adjusted to breastfeeding, you may start wearing nursing sports bras. When choosing sizes, pregnant women usually increase the size by at least a cup or two. However, it is still advisable to get your cup size by a professional.

These nursing bras can support you while making you feel comfortable due to their softness.


7. Maternity Underwear

Maternity Underwear

Lastly, never forget to purchase maternity underwear. This underwear provides a variety of sizes and styles ranging from high-waist, low-waist to thongs. Choose accordingly, depending on your preferences.

Make sure to choose underwear that is stretchy and has breathable fabric. Always take note that comfort should come first so you will not have additional struggles during your pregnancy.


Now that we have learned the best time when to buy maternity clothes and what kind of clothes, there are still factors that may affect your decision and choices, such as your current weight and body figure. Make sure that you choose what you think is comfortable so that you may enjoy your pregnancy journey.

When To Buy Maternity Clothes

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