3 Ways to Shrink A Swimsuit (Save Money on Swimwear)

Summer season is almost coming, and you’re probably planning to go out for a vacation on a nice beach break together with your friends! So you grabbed your best swimsuit, checked if it still fits you, and—Oh, no! You’ve lost some weight, and your swimsuit doesn’t fit you anymore.

It’s alright, and you don’t have to worry because we’re here to help you shrink a swimsuit! You don’t need to buy another swimsuit for your beach vacay, you don’t need to spend some cash in order to shrink that swimwear, and you don’t have to scroll over the internet searching “How to Shrink a swimsuit” because we’ve got you covered!

All you have to do is read until the end of this blog, and you’ll find a solution—easy, right? So let’s get started!

How to Shrink a Swimsuit using Ironing?

How to Shrink a Swimsuit using Ironing

Of course, the first technique is the easiest. You’re probably wondering “how can my iron shrink my swimsuit?” Well, the high temperature of an iron can ably shrink your swimsuit.

You needed to follow these steps correctly in order for you to shrink your swimwear. No need to worry since all these steps are easy to do!

  1. Wash your Swimsuit using Coldwater: Using your hands, you need to wash your swimsuit in cold water together with a moderate laundry detergent to remove any marks or stains. Because if there’s any stain on your swimsuit, the iron can cause the mark to stay permanently on your swimwear.
  1. Dry your swimsuit by condensing them between two towels: By doing this method, your favorite swimsuit will not be damaged. So place the towel on the ground and put your swimsuit above it, then place the second towel above the swimsuit, and you can start stomping them in order for it to be dry.
  1. Prepare the Iron board: Before ironing your swimsuit, put a light cloth above the ironing board and roof it with a soft cloth. You don’t have to worry since it will not stop the heat from getting to your swimsuit, and this will avoid straight contact between the iron and your suit so that it won’t be damaged.
  1. Start Ironing: Following the last step, set the iron’s temperature to the bottommost setting, then start ironing your swimwear from top to bottom. Make sure to press the suit thoroughly so that you can see the water vaporizing. Remember not to press them super long so that the iron will not burn the cloth.
  1. Iron the other side evenly: Once you’re done ironing the side of your swimwear, turn the other side of your swimsuit and start pressing it evenly—the same way you pressed the first side, otherwise, you’re swimsuit will be uneven. So be sure to press them identically so that your swimsuit will shrink evenly.

5 Steps to Shrink a Swimsuit using a Dryer

How to Shrink a Swimsuit using a Dryer

One of the most evident solutions for shrinking your swimsuit is using the dryer. For sure, everybody experienced that their shirt shrunk—accidentally, just by putting it inside the dryer, correct? It’s quite irritating, yes, but look, who knew that it would benefit us now?

  1. Before tossing it inside the dryer: Make sure you turn your swimsuit in reverse so that the color won’t fade. Also, remove the pads so that they will not look crooked—you can quickly put them back later on, so there is no need to worry.
  1. Hand wash your Swimsuit: Again, you must hand wash your swimsuit using a cold water and a soft detergent to avoid any stains. Don’t try to wash your suit using washing machine, it will only loose the swimsuit even more.
  1. Use the towel method: Once washing your swimwear is done, make them dry—not completely, just make it damp—using two towels. When we say “Using the towel method,” it is the same as step number 2 in How to Shrink a Swimsuit using ironing. Again, don’t squeeze the swimsuit very hard.
  1. Put the swimsuit in the dryer: Now, put your swimsuit inside the dryer and set your dryer to its highest and longest drying time. You should keep in mind that that dryer must have enough items inside. Since being too full can’t shrink your swimsuit, and too empty will shrink your swimsuit, like too much.
  1. Wait for it to cool: Now that the dryer’s finished drying your swimsuit, you need to wait again for it to cool down. Don’t wear it too soon since the cloth is still hot—you don’t want to burn your skin, right? Once you’ve noticed that it shrunk, it’s a good outcome; if not, you can repeat this process for the second time or try the other ways!

3 Steps to Shrink a Swimsuit using Boiling Water

How to Shrink a Swimsuit using Boiling Water

Here’s another easy way for you to shrink your swimsuit. Yes, a boiling water! If using a dryer didn’t do anything to your swimsuit, try joining the dryer method and this boiling water to see if there will be a difference!

  1. Boil some water: The fastest and simplest way to do this method is to boil the water in a large pot—once the water starts boiling, you can soak your swimsuit directly. We prefer using a large pot to boil the water than a kettle since you need to transfer the water to a container before you can soak your suit.
  1. Turn off the heat: After soaking your swimsuit in the boiling water, you can turn off now the stove. Remember not to let the water boil continuously; instead, let the water decrease at its temperature.
  1. Dry the swimsuit: After 20 minutes, now that the water is somehow cold, you can take your swimsuit out from the pot and dry it using towels. Once it’s dry, you can now see the difference. As mentioned above, you can use this method together with the dryer method. But you’ll add this step after you wash your swimsuit before you put it inside the dryer.

Two Types of Swimsuits and How to Shrink them (Polyester & Nylon)

Haven’t you heard about these two types of swimsuits that we will gonna talk about? Yes, you have read it right! There are 2 typical swimsuits that are very popular for swimwear.

You may not be familiar with these two types—what you call them, but you will surely say, “Oh, I have this type of swimsuit!” since these types of swimsuits are prevalent. And believe us or not, one of these types—maybe both of them, can be found inside your closet.

What is a Polyester Swimsuit? How do You Shrink it?

What is a Polyester Swimsuit How do You Shrink it

You probably have this type of swimsuit inside your closet since it’s very common for a swimsuit to have a fabric like this.

Polyester Swimsuits have been very popular and shared in the swimwear industry for how many years. Since it’s trendy, it is one of the most excellent competitive swimwear of all time!

You may not know it, nor you’ve never heard that it’s one best competitive swimwear, but this type of fabric for your swimsuit is very reliable.

Characteristics of Polyester Swimsuit
Durable Quick Drying Stretchy
Lightweight Hold its Shape Soft
Comfortable Fit UV Protection Easy to laundry

Let’s now proceed to the question, “How do you shrink a polyester Swimsuit?” The answer is very easy.

You can use any type of the methods we have stated above in order to shrink your most favorite swimsuit; hence, we recommend using the dryer method since polyester is easy to shrink, especially if you’ll run it on a hot machine.

What is a Nylon Swimsuit? How do You Shrink It?

What is a Nylon Swimsuit How do You Shrink It

One of the most common swimsuits is this Nylon Swimsuit—which has almost the same function as polyester swimsuit. Despite of being one of the most common swimsuits, the term Nylon Swimsuit must be new to your ear since most of the time, the “polyester swimsuit” are the most known up to this day.

This type of swimsuit is perfect for any water sports or water activities—making it the best option if you love those things. Nylon swimsuit is made from a synthetic cloth—which may absorb more water—but it’s definitely good as polyester since it also gives you the benefits such as being stretchy, soft, and light-fit!

Characteristics of Nylon Swimsuit
Durable Abrasion Resistant Stretchy
Lightweight Good Elasticity Soft
Easy to Clean UV Protection Easy to laundry

Now that we’ve discussed the nylon swimsuit—and now that you’re familiar with it. You’re probably wondering what is the secret on “how to shrink this type of swimsuit?”

Well, you can use any methods that we have stated above. But the secret to shrinking this swimsuit is the ironing technique! So when you use this method, we guarantee you that this method is hundred percent effective!

How to make the shrinking effect very effective?

In order for your swimsuit to shrink effectively, we made this list—which you can consider; so that the shrinking method will be very effective on your part.

  1. There are many different fabrics when it comes to swimwear–as we have stated in this blog. So make sure you pick the right method for your swimsuit in order for the shrinking to be effective.
  2. According to our research, the correct time for your swimsuit when you’re shrinking your swimsuit is: thirty minutes for polyester and fifteen minutes for nylon.
  3. Ensure that your swimsuit is not too large when you will shrink it. So that the shrinking method will effect accordingly.

Final Thoughts

After you shrink your swimsuit, it indeed makes your confidence high—because of the perfect fit, of course! Also, this techniques will save you from spending too much cash in case you accidentally bought a bigger size or you’ve lost weight.

Now that you have learned the different ways to shrink your swimsuit, we hope that we’ve fulfilled our role—helping you answer your question, “How to shrink a swimsuit?” So if you loved and learned from our blog, don’t forget to share this with your friends! Bye~


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