5 Quick and Easy Ways to Dry Clothes in Your Apartment

Have no place to dry your clothes other than inside your apartment? Many tenants are facing the dilemma of drying their clothes inside their rooms.

Wrong methods of drying your clothes can make them smell musty. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways on how to air-dry clothes in apartment.

Investing in a drying rack

how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer

If your apartment has no balcony or a garden, the best choice you can make is to invest in a drying rack. A drying rack can save you a lot of space.

Aside from that, it will prevent you from making your whole apartment look like a mess. There are different kinds of drying racks that you can choose from.

Freestanding Rack

If you have enough space inside your apartment, you can have a freestanding rack. It is better if it has wheels to move it around if you need to. Although some freestanding racks are portable, most cannot be disassembled. If you have a small apartment, this rack is not advisable.

Wall-Mounted Rack

For a permanent solution to your drying problems, a wall-mounted rack can help you out. Even if you have a small space in your apartment, this rack is still useful.

Make sure that you can fold it once you are done using it. If you love to renovate all the time, take note that you cannot move a wall-mounted rack in different places.

Ceiling-Mounted Rack

If you don’t have enough space on the floor, why don’t you try using a ceiling-mounted rack? Not only can you save much space, but your clothes will dry quicker!

The higher your drying rack is, the more warm air is available. Also, you don’t need a ladder to hang your clothes on the rack. Fortunately, ceiling-mounted racks have strings so that you can raise and lower them.

Portable Rack

A portable rack is ideal for those who travel a lot or move all the time. It is so handy that you can bring it even when traveling. This rack is also helpful if you have a small space in your apartment. Once you are done using it, you can hide it under your bed or in your storage area.

Applying the proper technique on hanging your clothes

drying clothes without a dryer

Messy clothes will be more challenging to dry, especially indoors. Surprisingly, there is a right way of hanging your clothes. Filing and folding the clothes in the basket will make it easier to hang them properly.

Always start from the most oversized items like table cloths and blankets. You can proceed to smaller items like jeans, tops, and underwear.

In folding large items like sheets, tuck one corner into another, then fold them in half. After that, hang the sheets on the drying rack with their corners hanging down.

Once you are done with the sheets, dry the jeans or pants by hanging them by the legs. Pulling up the pockets of your pants will also help in drying them faster.

Aside from your jeans and pants, one of the bottoms that you must hang is your skirts. Since skirts wrinkle easily, a hanger with adjustable clips is also helpful.

Also, add a protective layer such as tissue between the clip and the fabric. Doing this will prevent any delicate fabrics from wrinkling.

For your shirts and blouses, dry them upside down to remove the water from the heaviest part of the fabric. If you are dealing with tee shirts, the easiest way to dry them is by hanging them upside down by their bottom.

The best way to hang your undies is to hide them on the backline or middle line of your clothesline. This technique will prevent your visitors from seeing your valuables. When drying your socks, hang them by the toes. [4 Methods To Dry Clothes Without Dryer]

Turning on your fan

If your apartment is not well-ventilated, you can turn on your fan to dry your clothes. Through evaporation, the air from the fan removes the moisture from the fabrics. Once the water has been eliminated, it would be easier for the clothes to dry up.

To prevent the wet clothes from losing their shape, you can lay them flat on a rack before drying them. The number of hours to dry the clothes will depend on the fabric’s thickness.

For wool, it may take 24 hours or more to dry. On the other hand, Cotton fabrics may take 6 hours or more. Opening the windows will also help in drying the clothes faster.

Hang your clothes in a well-ventilated room or space

how to dry clothes fast without a dryer

If you have large windows, you can move your drying rack nearby. Not only will the fresh air dry your clothes, but the direct sunlight will also help a lot.

However, don’t expose your colored clothes to direct sunlight. Doing this may result in discoloration, or it may weaken the fibers of the garments. Once the clothes are dry, get them right away.

If you don’t have large windows, you can also place your damp clothes in a well-ventilated room. Open the doors and the windows so that the air will circulate freely. As a reminder, never put wet clothes in dark and narrow places since they could have a musty or moldy smell.

The moisture in your window is a sign that there is too much humidity in your room. If this is the case, drying the clothes in the room is terrible since mold may grow. You can choose other methods to dry your clothes indoors. [How Long Does It Take To Air-Dry Your Clothes?]

Using other devices or appliances that will dry your clothes

If you don’t have any fans in your apartment, here are some of the devices that you can use to dry up your clothes:

Laundry Dryer

best way to dry clothes without dryer

If your washer has a dryer, you can use its air-dry feature to dry your clothes. Once you have turned on the air-dry setting, the dryer won’t have any added heat.

Instead, it will get the fresh room temperature air to dry the clothes as they are tossed inside. The only problem with drying in the washing machine is that it could cost you higher energy bills.

You can also use a tumbler dryer, especially during winter. Although it can dry your clothes quickly, it is more costly than your laundry dryer.


use Dehumidifier to dry clothes

If you want a less costly drying of your clothes, you can use a dehumidifier. It is a device that helps in removing the water from the air. This appliance is also helpful if your clothes smell moldy though freshly washed.

Aside from being an environmentally-friendly device, dehumidifiers are also less damaging to clothes. Unlike tumble dryers, there is no need to employ high temperatures to the fabric. Also, mechanical wear is not necessary.

To dry your damp clothes using a dehumidifier, you must close all windows and doors. Once done, set the dehumidifier in Turbo mode. Put the clothes on your drying rack, then move the dehumidifier near them.

Air Conditioner

use Air Conditioner try clothes

Another option that you can try is an air conditioner. This cooling appliance also works as a dehumidifier. To cool down your room, the device absorbs the heat and the moisture in the surrounding. That is the reason why it releases dry and cool air.

If you want to use your air conditioner, a drying rack will dry your clothes faster. Turn on the aircon until it ultimately gets the moisture out of the clothes. Don’t forget to turn off the appliance once you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to dry something fast

Is air-drying better than drying clothes in the dryer?

Drying your clothes naturally is better than using a dryer. Air-drying is an environmentally-friendly and less costly method. Aside from that, it can give your dry clothes a fresh smell. It also extends the wearability of the garments due to the absence of high temperature.

What kinds of fabrics must be machine-dried at a low temperature?

Fabrics that must be dried at a low temperature are spandex, viscose, and polyester. The same goes for acrylic, nylon, and Lycra.

Can I use a hairdryer to dry my clothes?

You can use a hairdryer for clothes that are not too wet. If it is free from water and clutter, you can use this method. However, this process will undoubtedly take a lot of your time since you have to dry your clothes one by one.

If you have a fan or aircon, it is better to use them than your hairdryer. Check this video to see how you can dry clothes with a hairdryer.


Before air-drying, you must know the proper ways on how to air-dry clothes in an apartment. Drying your garments incorrectly may cause a moldy smell to your clothes.

Or worse, you may end up with damaged clothes. The good news is, you can have fresh-smelling clothes by following the methods above.


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