How to Wear Sweater Dress Over Ankle Boots? (With Outfit Ideas!)

Winter’s coming, and you find yourself missing the times wearing a dress. But we know that it is easier said than done. Coming up with an outfit that is fashionable and functional is challenging during the cold seasons. At the same time, chic and style is something we can’t compromise.

The solution? Of course, that is to wear a sweater dress with a sleek pair of ankle boots. With this iconic outfit, you can rock your way during the holidays. So how do you start? This blog will give tips on successfully pulling off your sweater dress with ankle boots. Bonus-we got some outfit ideas too!

Ankle Boots and their Chic Design

Ankle Boots & Their Chic Design

It’s no doubt that ankle boots are stylish and durable shoes. Aside from its chic design, it’s versatile; you can mix and match it with any clothes on the trend. Kidding aside, you can wear your sweater dress with ankle boots too! By definition, ankle boots are short boots extending to the ankle, where the foot meets the lower calf.

Crafted from leather, faux leather, and suede, you’ll find ankle boots closed and open-toe, low-heeled, or flat. Famous ankle boot styles include Western-inspired Chelsea Boots, combat boots, square-toe boots, and platform boots.

Ankle Boots vs. Booties

People often referred to ankle boots and booties similarly. However, while these books have an uncanny resemblance, they are slightly different to look forward to. Ankle boots end just a few inches higher than our ankles.

On the other hand, booties end precisely on the ankle. In addition, you can freely and safely wear ankle boots in the snow. But unfortunately, booties indeed do not have their place during the winter season.

Wearing Sweater Dress with Ankle Boots

Wearing Sweater Dress with Ankle Boots

Ankle boots indeed belong to the fashion baby of all styles of boots. They are the ultimate go-to shoes for any dress, especially a sweater dress! Most of the time, what we spot on is classic and styles ankle shoes that end exactly above our ankle with an almond-shaped toe. But recently, squared-toe-shaped ankle boots are making their comeback.

For a fancy and sophisticated sweater dress pairing, it’s best to go for patent leather or sleek black leather pants with stiletto heels and pointed toes. But if you like a simple but chic look, pair a casual sweater dress with an earth-tone suede ankle boot with block heels.

Of course, there’s no stopping you from making a bold fashion statement when wearing your sweater dress with ankle boots. Go for animal prints. Mix and match your snake print or leopard print ankle boots with your sweater dress!

Stylish Tips on Pairing Sweater Dress with Ankle Boots

Stylish Tips on Pairing Sweater Dress with Ankle Boots

A sweater dress over ankle boots is an all-time classic winter outfit. This fantastic combo will keep you feeling warm but chic also! Pairing your sweater dress with your favorite ankle boots will make you realize something. That is, fashion and warmth don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We’ve collected stylish tips to help you pull off your look with a sweater dress and ankle boots! By doing this, you can confidently wear an iconic winter outfit you love!

Reach for the Belt

Putting a belt on a classic sweater dress with boots will take this outfit to the next level. The belt’s buckle will not only add a flair, but it can accentuate your waistline. Then, put on black ankle boots for the finishing look. And if you need to cover up more, have a pair of black leggings or tights under your sweater dress.

Go Monochromatic Style

If you doubt wearing a sweater dress with boots, but you still like it, go for monochrome! I bet that you can never go wrong with this style. Reach for a monochrome sweater dress.

Or pick ankle boots that come in neutral colors! Monochromatic tones are not only accessible but they can be put together with a sweater dress and ankle boots. It can add a layer of elegance too!

Make a Fashion Statement with Pattern Knits

Make a Fashion Statement with Pattern Knits

Do you look pretty plain? Make a fashion statement by pairing a knit sweater dress with books. It can be anything that you like. A long or short knitted sweater dress will look just fine!

And whether it’s ribbed, chunky knit, cable knit, or checkerboard knit, different patterns on your sweater dress can add a visual intensity. And the next step is to wear your favorite ankle boots! By having pattern knits, the sweater dress and ankle boots would make a fab outfit!

Put on a Blazer

And yes, it’s cold outside. So, a sweater dress may not suffice to keep you warm. In that case, layering your sweater dress with a blazer is a fantastic option. Putting on a coat or blazer with a contrasting color hue to your sweater dress can make your outfit pop. Finally, grab your scarf and favorite ankle boots for a complete look!

Sweater & Ankle Boots’ Outfit Guide

The sweater dress and ankle boots are indeed a match made in heaven. This outfit would be easy to pull off. But for a fantastic kickstart, here are ideas on best wearing your sweater dress over ankle boots!

Maxi-Sweater Dress & Ankle Boots

Maxi-Sweater Dress & Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the perfect partners for mini to midi-length sweater dresses. With this outfit, you can tuck in a pair of opaque leggings that match the boots or dress’ color. But if you’re not easily cold enough, wearing a pair of socks that peek out one or two inches above your ankle boots would be a fantastic idea.

Maxi-sweater dress will look fabulous with flat ankle boots. This style is good since there’s enough gap between the hem of the dress and the top of your ankle. The shoes wouldn’t hold onto the edge of your clothing as you walked.

But if you insist on wearing a long sweater dress with ankle boots, it’s best to pair it with a wide maxi style with a front or side slit.

Sweater Dress with Leggings & Ankle Boots

Sweater Dress with Leggings & Ankle Boots

How about adding leggings paired with sweater dresses and ankle boots? For a seamless look, pick a pair of leather leggings that would beautifully match your ankle boots. Much better, matte black leggings would do wonders on match suede booties.

But of course, when wearing leggings with sweater boots, always opt for a tight one. Any baggy areas will feel like you’re wearing oddly structured pants. Finally, ensure the leggings are long enough to tuck into the ankle boots. This way, it would not pop out once you walk.

Sweater Dress & Chelsea Ankle Boots

Sweater Dress & Chelsea Ankle Boots

Chelsea boots are classic ankle boots. Featured in different heel heights and color shapes, these boots are one of the best options for a sweater dress. When pairing Chelsea boots and a sweater dress, keep things casual with a mid-length sweater dress.

Or you could wear a tight midi-length style with a thinner knit and side slit. This outfit style would balance the Chelsea boots’ toughness with the sweater dress.

Sweater Dress & Combat Ankle Boots

Sweater Dress & Combat Ankle Boots

Combat boots and a sweater dress would make a fantastic duo. This robust boot would go well on any sweater, even with a thinner knit dress. A soft and tight-fitting kit or a loose sweater dress would surely add some layer of feminine touch to the combat boots.

As for its length, keep the sweater dress shorter or above your knee. Or you can have a longer one with a slit. You can magically show off your ankle boots as you strut or sit. For instant glam, wrap this outfit with a wool coat, sporty leather purse, or a wool coat.

Sweater Dresses & Sock Ankle Boots

Sweater Dresses & Sock Ankle Boots

If you like to elevate your sweater dress with a sleek style of boots, pair it with tight ankle boots called sock boots. You’ll find this type of ankle boots in different heel types, color shades, and many stretch materials, with tight-knit versions. To make it fancier and elegant, complete your look and express a fashion statement with a metallic clutch and chain belt.

Sweater Dresses & Western Ankle Boots

Sweater Dresses & Western Ankle Boots

Finally, a sweater dress looks best with Western-style ankle boots. A short sweater dress can magically showcase the look of the shoes. But you can pair the Western ankle boots with longer sweater dresses with a slit on the side.

And, of course, to wrap up your look, you can always add a belt to the sweater dress, a handbag, and dangly earrings. With this ankle boots style, you can keep your legs legging-free and bare!

The Fashion that Speaks

Ankle boots are one of the great things to pair over sweater dresses. One can instantly look incredibly stylish with these bold small boots. Whether sporting a maxi sweater or a short sweater dress, you’ll come across ankle boots that perfectly blend with your outfit. So, go for the fashion that speaks and start wearing your sweater dress with ankle boots!


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