What Colors Go With Purple Clothes?

In fashion, color combinations, or mix and matches, are integral parts of completing a specific look. Fashion is expression and an excellent way to express this is through colors. Assessing what colors belong together is part of the fun process of fashion. What colors go with purple clothes?

The Purple Pieces

what goes with purple

Although this color can sometimes be polarizing, people can either love or hate it. It is undeniable that purple is a fun color to play with in terms of clothing. Not only does it exude a distinct mood, but it also allows for combinations and offers a whole different genre of style whenever it is paired.

The color purple exudes mystery. It is a rich and mysterious color. It has a lot of shades that range from light to dark and it is set to cater to the designer and the wearer’s message and sense of style.

Purple is often associated with royalty and nobility. It is mysterious and strong. Although purple pieces have experienced a decline in recent years, they are slowly getting the attention they deserve nowadays as purple pieces are slowly being introduced again.

Now purple is slowly taking its place in the color palette of many people. There are a lot of purple pieces available and purchasable on the market. Here are some pieces you might want to explore.

Purple blouse

wear Purple blouse

It’s typical, but the right choice of purple shade top is worth it. Finding a blouse with a style that fits you is definitely worth the effort.


Purple tee

wear Purple tee

A purple tee can be a refreshing change in your daily wardrobe. The question is, why not a purple t-shirt? You can also pick a v-neck shirt that can help to emphasize your neck and chest.


Purple Cardigan

purple and brown outfit Purple Cardigan

Purple cardigans can draw attention to your body and add a pop of color to your outfit. Long or short, it can elevate your look.


Purple sweater

purple outfit ideas Purple sweater

Ah yes, sweaters are a fashion necessity, especially during the change of seasons. It is very popular when winter and colder days arrive.


Purple coat

what color goes with purple dress

Coats are also popular, especially when you stay in colder places. Finding the right shade of purple coat is a game-changer.

There are still a lot of top purple pieces that can be found in the stores. It’s fun to mix and match tops with accessories of many sorts, as well as find the right pants.

More Purple Pieces (Bottoms)

Of course, purple bottoms are also very much welcome in the fashion industry. The mystery and energy of the color purple exude power.

Wearing a purple bottom of any shade can help with expressing and emphasizing what you want to emphasize. And so, the choice of shade is also crucial. Here are some purple pieces you might want to try and explore.

Purple Skirts

what color goes with Purple Skirts

People often wear a skirt when attending a formal event. However, you can also spice it up and pair it with something more informal so you can take the formality down a notch.


Purple pants

what color goes with purple Purple pants

Not only tops are allowed to be purple, purple pants rock too!


Purple jeans

what color goes with purple dress purple jeans

and yes, jeans can be purple too. For people who prefer wearing jeans and smart pants, you can spice it up by adding purple jeans to your wardrobe.


Purple leggings

what color goes with Purple leggings

Leggings are excellent for an informal day or exercise day.

Colors That Go Well With Purple: Mix and Matching

A lot of people think that purple is quite a challenging color to pair and match with. This color is not so “naturally occurring,” unlike other colors like green and blue. However, in reality, purple is a relatively easy color to style and pair with.


purple and blue wear

Blue is one of the colors you can pair with purple. Blue denim fabrics, blue tops, and scarves can be a nice touch to your outfit depending on the shade. When wearing a darker shade of purple, you can pair it with a light and faded shade of blue.

You can also opt for a stronger look by pairing dark purple shades and dark blues. And for candy and soft look, you can go for soft and pastel purple shades with faded denim blues, perhaps a pastel purple sweater and faded blue denim boyfriend pants.



Purple and Beige wear

Beige is a very friendly color as it matches well with both earth tones and colors with higher contrast. Pairing beige-colored clothes with your purple top or bottom looks nice.

You can have beige skirts paired with lavender cropped tops and layered with a long beige coat or a darker shade of purple. And the icing on the cupcake, a pair of white boots or velvet heels, and you are good to go.



purple and grey wear

Gray is also a good neutralizer, so you can pair gray with darker shades of purple. A purple tee will look elevated when paired with gray long wrap or sarong skirts and black combat boots or black converse.


Purple With Red

purple and Red wear

Red is a strong color and pairing a strong shade of purple with it will double the power of the vibe. If you are into strong impressions and quite unique combinations, you can try this pair. You can pair purple sweatpants with an oversized red tee or sweater and then finish the look by putting on crew socks and a pair of vans.

More Color Combinations For Purple Articles

Purple is a nice color that can accentuate any look you are trying to pull off. There are bold color choices and also the basics. If a person wants to stick to the easy and fool proof, they can refer to the following basic color combination.


purple and Black style

You can never go wrong with black. Whether it’s purple or another color, black can be a very classy companion. A purple dress can be paired with a black scarf and a pair of black rock boots or strappy high-heeled sandals.



purple and White style

Another classic and almost universal color, white adds a soft touch of neatness to your purple getup. Whitetop, purple bottoms or reversed, you are good to go. Layering your purple top with something white or dirty white would be a nice color combination too.


Purple with Purple

Purple with Purple style

Yes, pairing purple with purple can be a creative and nice combination with the right choice of shade. The same shade paired with the same shade needs more work as you would need to make sure the accessories make up for the lack of diversity. A safe choice would be pairing a slightly dark purple shade with a lighter one (twice lighter) would be a good choice.

In dressing up, it’s never limited to black and white. There are always in-betweens, so you can always explore the style that is comfortable and good for you. Experiment with colors and you might discover a new color combination that might work very well with your aesthetic.

Styling With Accessories

In styling, it’s not just about the clothes but everything involved, including the accessories and makeup. It’s even how you bring yourself. When you wear purple clothes, you need to pair them with something that will emphasize your style and get your messages through.


Purple makeup can be quite out of the ordinary and daily looks and styles. However, applying it right and with creativity will surely help in elevating your overall look. Purple lipstick with a velvety and purple dress will look very classy and sophisticated with a whip of mystery and even magic.


Some people take very long when choosing their earrings. This is because some people want to highlight their ears and jewelry. Nowadays, earrings have become very diverse and rich in style.

It adds to your fashion statement quite relevantly. Pearl earrings and ear crawlers can go very well with a purple dress on a formal occasion. A fun and street style would also allow for larger sizes of hoop earrings. You can also mix different types of earrings, adding additional style and layers.

colors that go with purple clothes

Necklaces and Bracelets

These two types of accessories elevate the style you are trying to pull off. You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to them. Beaded necklaces and bracelets can fit well when trying to pull off a more comfortable look, while jewelry with gems is more appropriate for formal or semiformal themes.

These accessories are also good as they can come in combinations and layers. Layering neutral colors along with some bright colors to complement a purple get-up can be a game-changer.


Sunglasses can be the hip and cherry topping to some outfits. You can look classy, elegant, or even smart by spicing up your style with glasses.


Knowing what colors go with purple clothes is especially helpful for people who love to dress up but have a hard time matching colors.

Fashion is very much subjective, and color combinations are up to the stylists’ and the wearers’ preference. However, it would be helpful to know the more technical explanation and pair it with your own style and preference.

what colour goes with purple dress

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