Best Colors to Style Up Your Black Clothes

Black can make one’s style more audacious and daring. Also, most people keep black clothes on their wardrobes. They find them suitable for any season and event. Although black is a universal color, some colors compliment it, but others don’t. Read more to know what colors go with black clothes.

For black tops:

Black tops perfectly match with light-colored pants like white. But if you want to look fierce, you can add some bold colors. However, the colors of the pants suitable for black tops may depend on what events you are attending.

Casual wear

Casual black wear

You can pair up your black top with jeans, palazzo pants, and even leggings in any color. This outfit is ideal if you go out with some friends for lunch. You can also wear light-colored pants if you want to brighten up and add vibrance to your black shirt.

If you want to have an intense and dramatic vibe, you can try burgundy leather plants. Black-colored shirts look good on gray, khaki, cream, and beige pants for men.

You can style up with fun-color espadrilles and funky sneakers. Leopard print shoes will make you look bold. But if you want to keep it simple, you can wear any color of ballet flats.

Work Outfit

black Work Outfit wear

You can achieve a classic look with your black button-up shirt. Dress it up with white-slimming pants and black pumps. You can also add silver hoops and wear red lipstick. This outfit will give you a smart work look.

Minimalists who love to wear a black blouse can have a simple yet fashionable outfit. It would help if you paired a light-colored top with black skinnies. A soft gray jacket can also break the monochrome style and add sophistication.

Club and Party Outfit

black Club and Party Outfit wear

If you wear a black sequined top for clubbing, prepare a dark satin mini skirt. Also, wear silver accessories. They will accentuate your curves. A reflective clutch and a silver-bucketed belt will add elegance to a monochrome look. You can also add a pair of reflective glasses that will surely add a sexy and fashionable vibe to your outfit.

Formal wear

black Formal wear

You can wear an elegant black blouse and pair it with a white skirt for formal occasions. Adding gold accessories like belts and buttons brings sophistication. You may also want to try the classic combination: a black blouse matching a cherry red suit.

For black pants:

Black pants may look compatible with any color, but there are colors that you must prevent. White, royal blue, and red tops are perfect colors for black pants. You can also wear different colors to make your outfit more trendy.

Casual wear

black pants Casual wear

Black skinny jeans suit best with a white tee. You can also add a beige knitted cardigan to make your jeans stand out. Creamy colors like beige aids in highlighting a black backdrop. If you want a sexy look, you can match a black pin-up style of trousers with an orange striped jumper.

Tops with bold patterns will suit plain black pants. Black will emphasize the patterns of your clothes. If you are wearing striped or checkered pants, match them with lightly-colored tops. Examples of these are white, pink, and light blue. Avoid wearing tops with patterns because your outfit will look busy and crowded.

The colors that you must avoid mixing with your black pants are pastel-colored tops. Black tends to make pastel colors look more subdued and unnoticeable. Also, don’t wear a black top with a different hue from your pants. It will only turn your attire into a sloppy one.

Workout Attire

Workout Attire black wear

If you have black joggers, you can choose a neutral-colored slim-fit t-shirt. The t-shirt will give a balanced effect to your attire. If you want a casual and understated look, you can wear a plain white tee. If cold outside, match your joggers with a black logo hoodie.

Winter Outfit

Winter Outfit

You can pair your black pants with a mint green coat and sweater for winter. It may look unusual, but it has a light and lively vibe. You can also try partnering black leather pants with a rose gold warm jacket. Adding black faux fur will also warm you up.

Summer Attire

blackSummer Attire wear

Black crop pants and wide legs pants look great with dark florals during summer. You can also pull off this attire while you are in your office. Style up your outfit with a pair of sunglasses and bows to complete your summer look.

For black skirts:

Most women love wearing black skirts because they are versatile. However, there are specific colors that can match these skirts. The colors of the shirts and blouses will also depend on what style you want to achieve.

Casual Wear

black Casual skirts Wear

A plain, solid-colored t-shirt combined with a black skirt will give you a chic and casual look. If you want to be a little edgy, try wearing a t-shirt with a graphic tee. It will also bring you a playful vibe.

The best color that fits a black maxi or a-line skirt for casual spring attire is pale pink. To achieve a down-to-earth summer vibe, pair your skirt with a cropped t-shirt that has a neutral color. These colors include white, beige, brown, and gray. But if you want your outfit to be eye-catching, choose bold colors. Examples are bright red and hot pink.

If you prefer a relaxed outfit, you can match up your button-up skirt with sleeved tops. Don’t forget to layer your outfit with a tank top with a neutral color.

You cannot complete your casual attire without the proper footwear. Matching it with leopard print flats or shiny gold sandals will add fun and elegance to your outfit.

Work Outfit

black Work Outfit skirts Wear

If you aim for a simple office look, wear a plain-colored tailored button-up shirt. Mix it with your black pencil skirt. The best combination is a red silk blouse with a pencil skirt for a classic conservative style. But if you want to make it more fun, you can partner the black pencil skirt with floral print or a polka dot blouse.

When choosing a blazer, you can wear a black blazer to have an all-black look. A bold-colored blazer will make your attire more noticeable and eye-catching. Try wearing a pale blue blazer with a white camisole if you want a fresh look.

It is a basic rule that you wear neutral-colored shoes if you have a colored outfit.  Choose bright pink or leopard print shoes if your attire has neutral colors. These colors will give some life and vibrance to your clothing.

3 Tips to Style Up an All-black Outfit

Wearing an all-black outfit seems safe to wear. But there are things that you must consider first. Choosing the wrong fabric and texture can make your attire look dull. Or worse, it may look like you are attending a funeral and not a party. Following these tips below will help you a lot.

Tip #1: Ensure that the black outfit flatters your figure

Style Up an All-black Outfit

One of the benefits of wearing an all-black outfit is that it can make you look slimmer. However, the black color cannot flatter your curves if the clothes are shapeless. Choose clothes that fit your body to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Choose black dress shirts that have darted waists. Avoid those shirts that have boxy styles. Aside from that, you can pick belted tops and wrap-style tops. For black pants, select those that emphasize your waist. If you want a form-fitting top, you can try on a pair of straight-leg pants.

Tip #2: Add some accessories

black wear with accessories

Without accessories, an all-black outfit can look dull. If you want your attire to look attractive, wear bold jewelry. For an expensive and sophisticated look, choose gold and silver jewelry. But if you want a daring and modern look, you can wear red, emerald green, and light blue jewelry.

Nude shoes and beige shoes partnered with a black outfit make the legs look more elongated. Some of the colors of the shoes that can blend with this outfit are metallic, silver, black, white, brown, and pink.

Tip #3: Wear the right lipstick color

The right lipstick color can make an all-black outfit chic and sophisticated. If it is daytime, you can wear a light pink lip stain. But if you are going to an evening event, the best color of lipstick to try on is deep red lipstick. If you want to look sassy, you can try putting on nude brown lipstick. Another color that you can try is wine color lipstick.

If you want to get more ideas about wearing all black clothes, you can watch this short video.


Black-colored clothes will never go out of style. But to make the most out of them, you must know what colors go with black clothes. The right combination will make you more appealing. Also, knowing the perfect colors will make it easier for you to achieve the look you desire.


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