27 DIY Barbie Clothes Ideas – Free & Easy

If we are on the subject of dolls, the most popular one – Barbie – would probably be the first thing to pop in your head. With Barbie, you are free to dress her up in anything you like. If your doll runs out of things to wear, here are 27 DIY Barbie Clothes ideas that you can do!

If you have some time to spare, you can definitely try making clothes for Barbie! So let your creative juices flow and have fun creating these!

1. Easy 10 Minute DIY Barbie Dress

free barbie clothes patterns

Do you have 10 minutes to spare? If yes, then this easy do-it-yourself Barbie dress is for you! For this, you would only need a few materials like the following:

  • Tulle
  • Jersey
  • Thread

With these, you can create an adorable tulle skirt for the doll. Before you start, you can use the free PDF pattern for the doll’s bodice. Using the pattern, it would be easier for you to sew Barbie’s skirt!


2. Barbie Clothes From Socks

barbie doll patterns

If you want to make use of your old socks, you can try using them to make nine different outfits for your doll. Take note that some of these outfits might involve a little sewing. However, don’t stress yourself. You don’t have to be an expert to create these outfits.


3. No Sewing Required

barbie dress pattern

If you aren’t too confident with your sewing skills, don’t fret! You can still make Barbie’s clothes without using a needle and thread. All you need are the following, and you can make at least five different outfits:

  • Scissors
  • Organza
  • Glue

If you have some gems lying around, you can glue them to the outfits to make them even cuter!


4. No Sewing and Gluing Required

Imagine creating clothes for Barbie without sewing and gluing involved. At first, it would probably baffle you. But the truth is, this is doable!

This video tutorial teaches you how to create clothes for Barbie without using a single thread or glue. Just follow the pattern-making steps, and before you know it,  you’ll have fabulous clothes for your doll!


5. Go Natural

beginner printable barbie clothes patterns

If you are into sustainability, then this might interest you! You can make at least two dresses from materials you can find in nature or from your garden. You can use flowers and leaves to embellish the dresses you would be making!  To piece these materials together, you might also need some double-sided tape and white contact paper.


6. No Sew Swimsuit

When the Summer season is here, Barbie’s beach wardrobe should also be ready! That’s where her swimsuits come in. If you want to make one for Barbie, you can do so without any sewing involved.

You might want to get yourself some stretchable fabric like Lycra or Spandex. For you to be able to produce a swimsuit, you have to make sure you follow the pattern correctly.


7. Sew in One Minute

beginner barbie clothes patterns

Sew a new Barbie outfit in a flash using old scraps of fabric! If you think that’s hard to do, then think again! It’s very easy to do, and you can even finish one in a hot minute!

Before you start, make sure you have a knit fabric around.  It’s easier to put a dress on your Barbie if the fabric is stretchable. You can make several outfits in a matter of 10 minutes!


8. Barbie Balloon Dresses

A balloon is an unconventional material for clothes. However, if you know what to do with you, you can make dresses out of them for your Barbie!

In the process of creating balloon dresses for Barbie, there would be a lot of cutting involved. Make sure you have trusty scissors with you. If you are doing this with your kids, don’t leave them unsupervised!


9. Make A Top And A Skirt

barbie clothes sewing patterns

If you are a beginner, this is a great way to learn how to sew clothes for your Barbie. You can make a top and skirt using some pieces of fabric, sewing materials, and glue.

To make the process easier for you, there are printable patterns for the Barbie clothes that you can download for free. Use these patterns as a guide in creating clothes for your doll.


10. No Sew, No Glue, No Problem

Would you believe us if we told you that you could make numerous kinds of Barbie clothes out of a single pattern?

While this might sound like a stretch, it’s completely possible. It starts by cutting a circle from a piece of fabric. It takes about a minute. Once you have mastered this, all the other steps will be easy to follow.


11. Make It Three

barbie pattern

If you want to know three simple yet practical clothes for your Barbie, then this one’s for you!

With some sewing and gluing, you can produce a dress using an old shirt. You can also put together a pair of pants that’s perfect for both female and male dolls using a sock. If you have two pieces of fabric with you, you can create a skirt complete with an elastic waist!


12. Old Unpaired Sock Barbie Clothes

If you have old unpaired socks lying around at home, don’t throw them out just yet! Why not turn them into new clothes for Barbie?

Compared to other do-it-yourself clothing ideas for Barbie, you might need to make sure you have the skills for this. Some steps can be difficult to do. But if you are keen to follow this, then salute to you!


13. 10 Barbie Patterns For You

diy barbie clothes patterns

Imagine learning how to make 10 delightful outfits for your Barbie! That’s what you can get if you check out this collection of Clothes Patterns for your doll.

You can generate several outfits including the following:

  • Skirt
  • Dress
  • Apron and Mitt
  • Mermaid outfit

Don’t let the number of outfits intimidate you. All of these are easy to sew and only require basic skills!


14. Sporty Barbie

We all know Barbie has a lot of looks, and this includes Sporty Barbie. If you want to try making something that reflects Barbie’s sporty yet fashionable side, then this DIY Adidas-inspired look is perfect for that!

You can create this tracksuit look with the help of free patterns. Using these, you can make three items – shirt, jacket, and pants!


15. Creative Patterns and Ideas

easy barbie clothes patterns

If you want to have fun with your kids, then you can try making artistic yet easy clothes for their Barbie dolls. There are five amazing outfits that you can construct with simple materials.

You don’t have to worry about the kids hurting themselves with needles. There is no sewing involved here!


16. Cute Sleepwear For Barbie

If you are looking for the perfect lounge outfit for Barbie to wear while she’s chilling in her Dream House, then you need to see this!

For this cute lounge set, you need some fleece fabric. You can start by working on the tank top. Once that’s done, you can proceed with creating the shorts. Your Barbie would look even more adorable with this look!


17. Learn How To Sew Barbie Clothes

patterns for barbie doll clothes

If your goal is to learn how to make different clothes for your Barbie, then you have found the perfect one for you. Sewing miniature clothes can be quite fun and challenging. However, there are steps, tips, and photos that can guide you.

In no time, you would be able to sew a skirt, a strapless bodice, and so much more! The more you try sewing, the better you will get!


18. Barbie Jumpsuit Made From Face Mask

If you got to any home today, you would find a box of face masks or two. If you have an extra one, you can make a chic and jumpsuit out of it for Barbie!

The process of creating the jumpsuit starts by removing the sides of the mask. There’s a lot of cutting and sewing involved here. But if you follow the steps, you can have a stylish outfit like no other for Barbie!


19. Sew Barbie Clothes By Hand

barbie sewing patterns

If you are eager to learn how to sew clothes for your Barbie but don’t have ample sewing skills, then you can always trust your hands to help you out.

There are so many Barbie clothes that you can sew by hand. It’s just a matter of knowing how to and having the right materials. At first, it might be overwhelming. However, over time, you would be able to make some of the ones featured in this.


20. Party and Prom Dresses For Barbie

Barbie loves parties. And if she wants to make a statement in these parties, she has to have the right dresses!

You can now make easy DIY party dresses for your Barbie by watching this tutorial. At the end of this video, you would be able to make at least five dresses perfect for parties and proms for Barbie.


21. Pastime Activity: Making Barbie Clothes

barbie doll clothing patterns free

Making clothes for Barbie dolls can be a great bonding moment for any child and her mother. And if you have some time to spare, then you can spend it making DIY Barbie clothes with your daughter.

This activity does not have to be expensive or extravagant. You can just use the doll’s old clothes as patterns. And you can make new clothes for the Barbie dolls without sewing.


22. Crochet Clothing For Barbie

handmade barbie clothes patterns

If you want your Barbie dolls to sport something fresh and unique, then you might want crocheted clothes for them.

If you have got that crocheting skills down, then this is your chance! You can create fascinating and one-of-a-kind pieces for Barbie. It takes a lot of skill and patience to produce these fantastic looks. However, if you are confident in your skills, then go for it!


23. Barbie in your Area

If you are a fan of both Barbie and Blackpink, then you can now transform your doll into your favorite K-Pop idol! You can create four looks inspired by their music video for Ice Cream.

To make these Blackpink inspired looks, you would need the right materials. There’s some sewing and gluing involved. But once done,  your Barbie would transform into either Jennie, Lisa, Rose, or Jisoo.


24. Barbie Gown

free barbie sewing patterns

Barbie is known for her beauty and glamour. So if there’s one staple in her wardrobe, it has to be a beautiful gown.

Making a gown for Barbie can be daunting. However, if you are committed to this challenge, then all you have to do is believe in yourself. If you have the materials at your disposal, you can easily follow the steps by looking at the photos for guidance.


25. Squid Game BarbieSquid Game Barbie

Squid Game is a very popular TV show around the world. And if you want your Barbie to be in the know, you can dress her up as one of the players!

Apart from the signature tracksuit look of the players from the show, you can also create two other variations of this look! These are enchanting alternatives to the original look.


26. Many Looks, One Fabric

Did you know that you can create four different looks using just one piece of fabric? This plan is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of fabrics lying around at home.

There are several steps involved in transforming into different looks. They can look complicated if you don’t observe well.


27. Wallpaper Dress For Barbie

barbie patterns

Paper is not the usual material that we use for making clothes. But if you want to recycle and upcycle old wallpaper, then you can still use it to make clothes for Barbie.

Wallpapers usually have beautiful designs and patterns. And they would be perfect to make fancy outfits for Barbie.


Make Clothes For Your Barbie ASAP!

Putting stuff together to make new clothes for your Barbie is a clever, and imaginative thing to do! This activity won’t only amuse and please you. With these DIY Barbie Clothes ideas, your doll would have a brand spanking new wardrobe that no one else has!

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