24 DIY Clothesline Ideas (Inside and Outside)

Constructing a clothesline is quite simple. It doesn’t need a lot of tools. Are you planning to make one? Look no further. You can choose from these 24 DIY clothesline ideas. Consider which one best suits your needs.

1. Simple Backyard Clothesline

Simple Backyard Clothesline

This design is so straightforward that you could build it over the weekend. You can buy the materials in the morning. The afternoon is then the time for construction. Easy as pie!

It’s best to construct this clothesline with treated lumber. You can also utilize leftover wood. Additionally, you don’t need to drill numerous pilot holes.

Are you concerned about how durable this will be? Bury the posts two feet underground. This clothesline is helpful if you consistently have a lot of laundry.


2. Internal Curtain Rod Clothesline

Here is a fantastic idea for an indoor clothesline. You’ll only have to spend roughly $20 for it. Not bad, huh? Additionally, it doesn’t call for woodworking.

This clothesline is a simple solution for those living in small apartments. It’s simple to look at. The curtain rod serves as the main component of this. It’s excellent for coat hangers.


3. Genius Indoor Clothesline

Genius Indoor Clothesline

Drying clothes any time of the year doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here is a simple clothesline that you can use indoors, especially in the winter. Thanks to this, your clothing will no longer be exposed to mold outside.

You need a piece of rope for this project. You may spread it out around your living room. Twist it with a robust screw hook to make it durable. It is simple to remove and store for the upcoming wash. It saves space in a small flat.


4. 4×4 Post Clothesline

This clothesline features a fantastic design and functionality. It can save you a ton of money on electricity! How does over $100 each month sound to you? And you’ll only spend about $140 on this project.

This project can come off without a hitch, even if you’re inexperienced.  You need to dig the post holes and put in the cement. Make sure that the distance between the poles is fair. It will work out beautifully.


5. DIY Outdoor Clothesline

DIY Outdoor Clothesline

This homemade clothesline can accommodate five typical loads of laundry.  Additionally, this unusual clothesline can also dry queen-sized linen.

Many of the materials to build this clothesline are typical household items. The equipment consists of a miter saw and an electric drill. You’ll also need a boring drill bit for the carriage bolts.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an electric compound miter saw.  You can purchase one at your hardware shop for a very reasonable price.


6. Indoor Clothesline

Do you want a fantastic heavy-duty permanent clothesline? You can easily construct this for a meager cost. You won’t need an expensive dryer anymore. You can save money on electricity and keep your home damp in the cold.

You can build this in your garage. This is ideal if you have trouble drying large, thick items like beddings.


7. 13-Step Clothesline

13-Step Clothesline

Are you worried that a homemade clothesline might collapse? This one is supposed to be strong. You can hang your clothing up, and they won’t sag. This clothesline is also simple to take down.

It is not necessary to build a clothesline pole. You’ll hang this improvised clothesline from trees. First things first, though! Make sure you have the right to construct a clothesline on your site. If not, your efforts will be in vain.


8. No-Ugly DIY Clothesline

No-Ugly DIY Clothesline

Here is a simple, attractive multi-lined clothesline. You can modify it to meet your needs. You must pick a spot in your yard that gets direct sunlight. A location distant from trees would be preferable.

Also, choose the distance that you want the posts to be apart. You should bury the posts at the proper depth. Are you worried if it’s strong enough? Brace the structure by pouring concrete.


9. Old-Fashioned Clothesline

Old Fashioned Clothesline

This clothesline is a quick and sustainable outdoor solution for drying clothes. It lowers your energy use and costs with little expenditure.

It is high enough to prevent bulky goods from dragging on the floor. And it should be low enough for you to reach comfortably. A steel line with plastic can hold three loads simultaneously.

You can string this clothesline easily between two sturdy trees or posts. Try to locate trees that are no more than 25 feet apart. The obvious disadvantage is that the trees’ shade may restrict the sunshine.


10. Outdoor Clothesline with Pulley

This outdoor pulley clothesline is simple to set up. You’ll install a clothesline pulley to prevent sagging. A clothesline tightener on one end is also vital.

You can also have your variations for this clothesline. Would you like to set it up without a pulley? That’s possible! This excellent clothesline will save you pennies on gas or electricity. It’s also environment-friendly.


11. DIY Clothesline with Palo Woodcraft

DIY Clothesline with Palo Woodcraft

A grandmother initially had this clothesline constructed for her. Do you want to try it, too? You’ll need some lumber. Four pieces of 4x4x8 will do great for posts. You can have a 45° cut to reduce the size of the wood.

The line used for this project was straightforward. You also don’t need massive holes to bury the posts. The knee braces also make joinery incredibly easy. This clothesline has cool-looking accents thanks to hex-head washers.


12. Amish Clothesline Pulley System

Hanging clothes is a breeze with this clothesline pulley system! You’ll employ 16″ and 12″ pulleys. You’ll also need a coated cable, clamps, and spacers. This one will endure for several years. You don’t have to construct one again and again.

The spacer begins where you hang your items on your clothesline at the smaller pulley. You continue to push the spacer away as you hang your items. It helps prevent the wind from tangling the garments and lines together. It also maintains the lines close together and secures them.


13. Farmhouse Clothesline

Farmhouse Clothesline

Do you dislike using the dryer at home? Then this clothesline is for you. It’s impressive how classy it looks. It was fashioned to complement the farm. So, it was painted white.

Determine the location of your desired clothesline. Choose a distance. This line of dryers is 25 feet apart. The clotheslines will sag the further you space the poles from each other. Thirty feet is the maximum length for your clothesline.

This task only needs a few hours. That is in addition to giving the cement ample time to finish curing. Keep the poles in place overnight as well. They’ll be forced to exert constant pressure inward.


14. DIY Clothesline with Scrap Wood

Do you happen to have any leftover wood lying around? Put them to good use. Convert them into something extraordinary like this clothesline. It is also incredibly cost-effective. The price of the rope is about $10.

Don’t sweat it! This clothesline appears to be dependable. The wood should be charred for durability and then oiled. Make sure the poles are appropriately positioned. Directly pour the concrete into the holes. And voila, you’ve got yourself a nice clothesline!


15. Pipe Clothesline

Pipe Clothesline

Clotheslines made of metal piping can be very pricey. You can use a PVC pipe instead. It is much cheaper. And working with it is much easier.

A PVC clothesline structure is a fantastic option for drying your clothes outside. This project is entirely a do-it-yourself undertaking. But you can complete it in just a few days.

What are you going to use for the laundry string? Use premium cotton for your clothesline for optimal results. You can also use a poly rope. Avoid using any wire rope that is covered with plastic.


16. Modern Clothesline

This project is a pulley-equipped clothing line in Edwardian fashion. You can adjust it to different heights. The material expense for this line was about $30.

Do you intend to use it yourself? Set up the line about two inches above your head. Be sure to leave adequate space between the lines for the size of your family. About 40m of the line is perfect for four family members. But how frequently you wash will also determine the size needed.

Do you worry about bad weather? Use an additional folding line in your garage or carport. You can also dry delicate clothing there out of sunlight.


17. Kickass Clothesline

Kickass Clothesline

Do you have the stamina to dig far down into the earth? Digging a few three-foot postholes is required for this clothesline project. However, it might not be essential in your location.

What if you reside somewhere that has an annual deep freeze? Try to bury a post no deeper than 18 inches. Do you think your clothesline will survive till the following spring? So put in more effort. You can use stakes to indicate where to drill holes for the posts.


18. T-style Clothesline

The fact that this clothesline is T-shaped is evident from the name alone. So yes, it does appear to be a cross. It seems to be extremely easy to construct. You don’t require sophisticated woodworking skills.

Power tools are required for this job. So, get your gloves and safety glasses ready before getting started.

You’ll put the cross pieces together using glue. Is durability bothering you? You’ll install trusses for additional support.


19. Fairy Garden Clothesline

The endeavor is a tiny clothesline. The materials have to be small as well. You’ll need small clothespins, for instance. Paper clips make suitable replacements.

For this adorable project, posts won’t be necessary. Two sticks that are the same height are required. Make sure the sticks you select are not too short. If not, the laundry will drag on the floor.

Ready to cut the string? Consider the number of garments you wish to hang from it. Your line will need to be longer the more pieces you want.


20. Parachute Rope Clothesline

This project will show you how to set up a paracord clothesline. Its overall weight capacity is 750 pounds. This unique clothesline calls for the use of a green cord. It’s designed to be undetectable from within the house.

The paracord is strong enough for military use. It is used to make cargo parachutes. Can you imagine how strong your clothesline will be?

It is also simple and cost-effective to set up. You would only pay a total of $9 for it. Aren’t you happy to get that value for such a small amount of money?


21. Easy DIY Clothesline

Easy DIY Clothesline

Go old school and make this cheap and valuable clothesline. You can buy the supplies easily obtained online. You can also pick them up at any hardware store. The total price is about $50.

This project makes use of coated steel cables. It’s strong and won’t stain your clothes.

Determine the most effective method for mounting the clothesline on your walls. You might use a piece of wood. You can also insert your screw directly into the holes. Remember to consider the weight of the clothing.


22. Outdoor Clothesline

Are you looking for a garden clothesline idea? Or perhaps for the yard? You can make this project work for you. Concrete, wood, ropes, and standard hooks make up the structure. Additionally, the varnish is required to coat the wood.

Only a few hours are necessary for this task. It is straightforward. And it consists of seven lines. How does saving more money and electricity by air-drying sound to you?


23. Sturdy Outdoor Clothesline

Sturdy Outdoor Clothesline

Do you need a simple, reliable outdoor clothesline? Here is one that will significantly improve your household. It can accommodate a significant volume of laundry. This design is made of alkaline copper quaternary.

This project features 8x8s with 4×4 knee bracing. It has three distinct lines that operate on pulleys. Do you think that’s excessive? Big wood is ideal structurally and aesthetically. But wood is pricey.

You might choose 6x6s if your design doesn’t call for cross braces. Will you utilize guy wires connected to ground anchors? Then you can use thinner wood.


24. Pulley Clothesline

Here is another simple pulley clothesline project. And it’s going to be a long clothesline. You’ll erect a clothesline with trees serving as the end posts.

You don’t have to leave your porch or deck to hang your clothes. Thanks to these pulley clotheslines. Everything is done in one handy location.

The line may be situated quite high off the ground. You can do it even on the second floor. And for the line tighteners? You can purchase them from Walmart or Amazon.


Run out of concepts for a clothesline? Pick from the 24 DIY clothesline ideas presented above. Airdrying has many benefits. How do you want your clothing to have a fresher scent? It’s also gentler for your clothes. Are clotheslines permitted where you live? If so, go ahead and build one of these great clotheslines.


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