29 DIY Dog Clothes Plans – Free & Easy

Finding the right clothes to show our fur babies’ personalities could be challenging, and when you do find one, they usually cost a lot.

Well, that does not mean our fur balls would have to skip the fashion scene. No! So, here are 29 DIY dog clothes plans for all the good boys and girls out there.

1. Dog Shirt

Let us start with the dog shirt.

Shirts are one of the most common types of clothing for us, so if you want to make your dog some clothes, start with the good ol’ shirt. It is easy, and it can even be the base of many of the other items on this list!


2. Dog Shirt 2.0

diy dog clothing

Here is another dog shirt. It is a shirt, but it has a different style. The previous one is best for your small dogs. It might fit your medium-sized dogs, but we doubt your big boys and girls will be able to get into them. This shirt is best for them.

Also, it is a great way to recycle old shirts! Win-win!


3. Easy Dog Pants

We already talked about shirts, and what goes with shirts? Pants! Complete the outfit of your dog with some pants.

As you might have noticed, dog pants are not that common. It might be a good time to note that some dogs will not be able to tolerate pants. Do not force your pups if pants are not their thing.


4. Dog Skirt

make dog clothing

Now, if you have a little lady on your hands, you might want to make her a skirt instead.

You can let your little one wear the skirt by itself, or if you have already made a shirt, you can make a skirt that would go with it! Mix and match your pup’s clothes like how you mix and match yours!


5. The Reversible Dog Dress

Dogs are like kids. They get into all kinds of trouble and usually end up in some messy situations – literally and metaphorically.

In that case, your pup might dirty her clothes. Well, this reversible dress might be the answer to that problem. This dress is reversible, so if she dirties its outside, you only have to reverse it!


6. Dog Dress

making dog clothing

A reversible dress might be fancy, but it is also a little challenging to make. If it seems a little complicated, then you do not have to worry. You can make a simple dress like this one instead.

It may not be reversible, but it is still adorable and would most probably bring out the cuteness of your pup.


7. The Reversible Dog Coat

Now, if you are all for reversible clothes, this reversible coat might be for you and your pup.

This coat is not only going to help keep them warm when it starts to get chilly, but it will also allow them to be in the fashion scene. If you want, you can even match with your pup!


8. Dog Jacket

how to make dog clothes from old clothes

Do you like jackets? If you do, then you probably have some pair you do not wear anymore. Well, we have the perfect DIY for it. Let us turn it into a jacket for your dog! It will help keep them warm, it is cheap, and it is fashionable. We think it ticks off everything you would want in dog clothes!


9. Dog Rain Jacket

Does it constantly rain in your area? You might want to consider making them a rain jacket. That way, if you are on your way home from the doggy park and it starts to rain, you and your pup will be ready.

Do not forget that doggy clothes are not like our clothes. If your pup is already wearing something, you might not want to make the little one wear another layer.


10. Dog Hoodie

diy dog jacket

Do you like hoodies? Why not make your pups a hoodie of their own?

Hoodies will not only help keep them warm, but they will also earn your pups dozens of compliments! Just imagine how cute a dog in a hoodie would be!

Do not forget to add a few extra inches in the neck area. You do not want your pup having any trouble breathing because of the hoodie, after all.


11. Dog Hoodie 2.0

If your pups liked their hoodie, then you might want to try this one. It is another hoodie, only with a different style. Do not worry. It is still easy to do! Also, we believe all the effort is worth it to see your pup wearing this one! You might even want to create one that would allow you to match with your dog.


12. Dog Sweater

how to make dog clothes step by step

The sweater is probably another favorite piece in our wardrobe, so why not make one for your dog?

Also, dog sweaters are probably one of the easiest ones to make. Whether you are a fan of sweaters or not, it is worth trying to make your pup one. This one, in particular, is a good choice if you are not great with sewing.


13. Dog Sweater 2.0

Got some socks you are about to throw away? Let us turn it into a doggy sweater instead!

As we have said above, sweaters are easy to make. If you enjoyed creating the last one, you might want to give this one a try.

However, keep in mind that this one will only work for your little dogs. If you have larger breeds, you might want to skip this one out.


14. Dog Pajamas

making dog clothes

Who says being a fashionable pup has to stop when it is bedtime? Well, it does not! Try out this pajama that is not only cute but also comfy.

However, if your pup is not a fan of clothes, it might be best to skip this one. You do not want them to be uncomfortable when going to bed, after all.


15. Dog Onesie

On the other hand, you might want to make your pup an onesie instead. Not only are onesies easy to make, but they are also usually easy to put on your dog. That is if your little one is not putting up a fight!

As you might already know, some pups do not take too well to clothes immediately. Give them some time to adjust.


16. Dog Polo

dog clothes

Now, a dog polo will put your dog on the covers. Maybe not in a magazine, but maybe your gallery.

If you need to bring your dog along to some fancy party, do not leave them out. Dress them up too!

This dog polo will make them fit right in, and might even make them the star of the party.


17. Dog Tie

Now, if your dog is not a fan of being covered, you do not have to worry. Our next set of clothes might do the trick.

If your pup does not want to wear a polo, you can try making him a dog tie. It will not fully cover him, but it will put him in the fashion spotlight.


18. Dog Bow

dogs in clothes

If you have some extra fabric, you might even want to make them a bow. It will not irritate your pups, and it will make them look like a bunch of charming gentlemen.

Do not underestimate the dog bow! Bows may be a small addition, but they make large impacts.


19. Dog Shirt Collar

Another thing you can make for your dogs that do not like being fully clothed is a dog shirt collar. Like the bow and the tie, it will help make your little pup look like a charming gentleman. Also, you can even pair it with one of the two!

When making a collar, do not forget not to make it too tight. You do not want your pup choking, after all!


20. Dog Bandana

homemade dog clothing

Now, if your pup is a little more on the chill side, then a bandana might suit the little one better.

It is easy to make, but like the previous clothing we have discussed, it will make an impact. It is a great go-to outfit if your pup does not like being fully clothed or it is generally hot.

If you are going to the beach, you might want to put a bandana on your dog and partner it with a cap. He will not only be ready to go in the water but to catch other beach-goers hearts as well.


21. Dog Diaper

Probably the most functional clothing on the list is the dog diaper. It is a fashionable way to take your untrained pups out.

You usually would not encounter any problems taking trained pups out. However, that is not the case for your untrained little ones. Instead of leaving them at home, you can use a dog diaper to help you.


22. Pineapple Costume

no sew diy dog clothes

Of course, we cannot forget the costumes! These costumes will most probably make your pup one of the most well-dressed guests at that costume party you are taking them.

Make your pup a pineapple costume because why not? They will probably be one of the most – if not the most – adorable pineapple you will see!


23. Bat Costume

If your dog does not like to be fully clothed, it does not mean you have to avoid clothes and costumes entirely. Earlier, we showed you some pieces that do not require you to fully cover your pup, but still allow them to be stylish. Well, here is a costume for them!

This one will be great for any dog, but it might best match those with black or grey coats.


24. Dog Cupcake Costume

do it yourself dog sweater

Do you have a sweet dog? Why not dress them up as a cupcake! This costume will perfectly show your dog’s sweet personality, not to mention their adorableness!

This costume might look big, but you do not need to worry, it is not heavy. It could also be great for dogs that do not take to being fully clothed too well as it does not cover them entirely.


25. Ghost Costume

Now, if you are a little short on time, you can make them a ghost costume.

This costume is also great if you are not that good at crafts, as this is probably the easiest costume on the list. Also, you will not have a hard time finding materials for this one. If you have a white sheet, you are probably good to go!


26. Taco Costume

pattern for dogs clothes

Many dogs are named taco. If your dog is one of them, then maybe you would want to make them a taco costume to match their name!

The taco costume can show you and your pup’s foodie side, or it can just be a fun costume to try making for your dog!


27. Angel Costume

Dogs are angels, so why not dress yours as one? This costume is a great way to show that to the world!

Again, this costume is great for those dogs that do not take well to being fully clothed. However, feel free to make this for any pup! They are all angels, after all.


28. Spider Costume

The spider costume is another fun and easy one to make.

A tip! You can make the spider legs in any color you want, but you might want to match the coat of your dog to make it look like the legs are really part of them. If your dog’s coat has several colors, you might want to alternate the leg color between those colors.


29. Hot Dog Dog Costume

Finally, of course, we cannot forget the hot dog costume! It might be an old joke, but I think we would agree that it is still gold.

If you still do not know what costume to make for your dog, then we think you cannot go wrong with a hotdog costume. Do not worry. It is easy to make!


And that is 29 DIY dog clothes plans! You can now match with your pooch or show the world your puppy’s personality!

Finding dog clothes could be difficult, but making their clothes does not have to be. With these plans, we hope we were able to help you fill your dog’s wardrobe.


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