What Colors Go With Lavender Clothes? [Fashion 2024]

Lavender has always been known as the color of femininity. But it is not an easy color to match with. The wrong combination can make your outfit overpowering.

Luckily, we find the perfect combinations that will make you look fashionable. Keep reading to know what colors go with lavender clothes!

Lavender tops

lavender outfit ideas

If you are going on a date, a lavender top paired with a gray pencil skirt works. When mixed with neutral colors, lavender adds life to its muted and depressing vibe.

Match a black skirt with a lavender blouse to look sophisticated during date night. But be careful in adding too much black element to lavender since they can be overpowering.

A lavender top combined with the fitting pants or skirt can also be worn as everyday attire. If you want to add crispness to your cardigan, white lace shorts will help you achieve the desired look. Light gray skinnies make lavender tops fashionable.

For men, an orange sweater matches well with a lavender T-shirt. It gives a vibrant and fun vibe not only to the outfit but also to the personality.

You can pull off a lavender top when going to work. Paired with navy jeans, it creates a low-key yet elegant office attire. Who says that lavender is exclusively for women?

A lavender dress shirt is best paired with a gray wool suit for men. It is a unique office attire yet a stylish one that can turn the eyes of your workmates.

A lavender dress with a white sweater for a laid-back party brings the classic impression. Also, a lavender top plus a lavender cardigan are suited with a white pleated midi skirt.

For clubbing, your lavender top is perfect with a mini-sequin skirt. The details of your skirt can add interest and uniqueness to your lavender outfit.

Lavender skirts/skinnies

colors that go with lavender clothing

You cannot see lavender skirts or skinnies worn every day. It is a brave move taken only by a few. However, the perfect blend makes the lavender outfit one of a kind. Depending on the look you are achieving, there are different ways you can style up a lavender bottom.

A hint of blue combined with lavender can create a whimsical royalty character. Lavender pants with a sky blue sweater are everyday wear that can give your outfit the vibe. If you want to look funky and fresh, a turquoise top combined with lavender is the perfect outfit.

One of the best casual wear is a white off-shoulder top with a lavender skirt during fall. When dressing up for a holiday, it is time to bring out your lavender maxi skirt from the closet.

Pair it up with a white blouse to look fresh. If you are a fan of a gothic style, a lavender skirt with a black top can bring a classy look.

You also don’t have to be afraid of experimenting with prints. Lavender is the best way of turning these outfits into a fashionable style. A leopard peplum top looks romantic and cute with lavender pants.

It is the perfect attire if you are going on a date. You can also wear a polka dot T-shirt with a chiffon lavender skirt. Amazingly, the polka dot adds a fun vibe to the outfit!

If you love tops with bold colors but don’t know how to blend them with lavender bottoms, here are some ideas.

Red is one of the bold colors that doesn’t overpower lavender. An orange shirt and lavender pants, on the other hand, can create a daring yet vibrant vibe.

When wearing lavender, never forget to pair it with pink. These colors go hand in hand. A light pink top with a lavender bottom will show your femininity. Aside from that, it brings a sassy vibe. If you want a funky pop, a hot pink top can deliver this kind of look.

All-lavender outfit

colors that match lavender

An all-lavender outfit may look boring if not styled properly. If you have two separate lavender clothes, make sure that the top is lighter while the bottom is darker.

This variation can break the monotony of your outfit. It will also emphasize the distinctions between your top and bottom clothes.

All-lavender jogger suits can bring a relaxed street-style look for your workout outfit. For a lavender blazer dress, the best way to style it up is by wearing a black overcoat and over-the-knee white boots.


lavender color dress

If you want to accessorize your lavender outfit, there are a variety of colors that can work with this color. A bright yellow necklace can give you a vibrant and beautiful look if you’re dressing up for summer.

On the other hand, a pastel yellow can make you look youthful. For a dash of modern style, a yellow bag helps a lot.

Gold accessories never fail to add sophistication to any outfit combined with. Gold items added to your lavender outfit will make you look elegant and gallant.

On the other hand, silver accessories can add a vibe of luxury to your attire. Olive green accessories and lavender clothes match for a funky and playful look!

Bags and clutches with these colors harmonize with lavender: salmon, beige, and lavender. You can pair these bags with your lavender attire if you are going to your office or on a date night. The combination also works when attending a formal event.


what goes with lavender color

Your outfit cannot be completed without the proper shoes. You must be careful in choosing the color of your shoes so that you won’t look like a clown.

For a modern look, yellow shoes work with a lavender outfit. As a reminder, though, the color of the boots must complement the hue of your clothes.

White shoes also go well with a lavender outfit. However, white tends to get all the attention when paired with lavender attire. To avoid this, wear shoes with small white details like sandals.

You can also wear white ballet flats, but ensure that they don’t steal the attention from your dress.

Combining black boots with a lavender dress brings a bolder style. But if you prefer a classy and subtle style, choose black sandals instead. Limit adding more black details to your outfit since it can make you look bleak.

For a beautiful touch, you can match leopard print pumps to your outfit. For men, orange sneakers are in harmony with the lavender outfit. It creates a twist and fun out of your attire.

7 tips when wearing lavender clothes

lavender shirt outfit

  1. Combine lavender with cool pastel for a fresh look. It won’t overpower other colors. Mixing it with electric blues and greens also works.
  2. Add bold colors to your lavender outfit as accessories. This can make you look so daring.
  3. Don’t put too many bright and bold colors since they can be too overpowering.
  4. Don’t combine lavender with bright neon outfits and black clothes when attending photoshoots.
  5. As much as possible, don’t wear an overall lavender outfit without adding any other colors. It may not look fascinating. To break the monotonous look, put some accessories in different colors.
  6. The best make-up for a lavender outfit is bright or soft make-up. But this would depend on the saturation of your clothes.
  7. Wear a lavender outfit during the daytime and lilac clothing at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors blend best with gray tones lavender and bright lavender?

For a lavender with a gray tone, you can pair it with warm brown, magenta, gold, yellow, and beige. If you deal with bright and crisp lavenders, you can match them with lime green and orange colors.

What colors can I match with lavender for a wedding?

If it’s for bridesmaids’ dresses, white, pink, and blue are the colors perfect with lavender. You can also use a darker shade for wedding invitations.

What does lavender color mean?

Lavender can symbolize femininity and beauty. It is also known as the “grown-up” pink because of its elegance and gracefulness. Aside from that, it is associated with wealthy women.

What colors of lipstick match a lavender dress?

There are bunches of colors that can go perfectly with your lavender dress. You can choose nude, pink, red, peach, and purple. If you don’t want your lips to get any attention, you can try a nude shade.

For a youthful look, pink lipstick is the best choice. But if you want to make your look outstanding, the classic red always does the work.

What colors should I avoid combining with my lavender dress?

These colors can overpower lavender dress: bright neon colors, black, and bold colors. If you add these colors, make sure that you don’t overdo it.



Lavender is a very challenging color to match with. Knowing what colors go with lavender clothes helps! It is time to get your lavender garments from the closet and style them up.

Combined with the right colors, a lavender outfit is sophisticated. It has a natural beauty that stands out.


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