What Colors Go with Turquoise Clothes?

We have recently seen more and more turquoise clothing on and off the fashion runway. It is only proper that we incorporate it in our closet too.

But the critical question is”What colors go with turquoise clothes?”. Keep reading to learn about the colors that go well with turquoise and how to rock them.

What is Turquoise and its Undertones?

What is Turquoise and its Undertones

Turquoise is a unique color somewhere between green and blue. It is named after a rare gemstone; many describe this color as vivacious.

It comes in various undertones, ranging from cooler to warmer ones. Cooler turquoise undertones have more blue in them, giving this frosty look. Warmer turquoise undertones, on the other hand, are closer to green on the color spectrum, giving off an earthy, summer-like vibe.

In rare cases, a turquoise undertone looks like a subtle blend of cooler and warmer tones.

Turquoise is a secondary color made by blending an appropriate amount of green and blue. But sometimes, turquoise is obtained by mixing white, blue, and viridian.

What Colors Compliment Turquoise?

Some of the colors that go well with turquoise clothes include:


Pink is a color famous for its romantic and soft vibe. Depending on the occasion, it can be paired with the peaceful aura of turquoise.  You can wear turquoise pants under a pink top or a turquoise jacket over a pink gown.

wear Turquoise and pink



No matter what shade of yellow you have on, it gives room for the invigorating vibes of turquoise. The yellow and turquoise combo goes well for an outdoor event outfit, especially in the summer.


Brown and turquoise is a symbolic representation of the vibes between earth and water. Adding an element of brown to your turquoise outfit is an excellent way to neutralize its vividness. Picture an all-turquoise outfit with a brown belt, bag, or footwear.


Red is passionate and adds a rush of energy to your turquoise outfit. You could wear red bottoms under a turquoise shirt or a red top over turquoise pants or skirt. Alternatively, you can limit the red color to your accessories: bags, belts, shoes, scarves, or even jewelry.

wear Turquoise and red

Black or Grey

Pairing an outfit made of black or gray with turquoise automatically evokes a balanced dynamic. This color combo is perfect for dinner parties and similar high-class events.

Wear a black evening dress for an elegant and expensive look, and complement the outfit with a vivid turquoise accessory- nothing too extravagant, but something powerful enough to make a statement.



Orange on turquoise is yet another instance of loud and calm. It is like having a loud beach party beside a soothing sea. An orange top on turquoise gives you an energetic yet delicate appearance. You can pair up this combo for your formal events and gatherings.



Turquoise blends perfectly with shades of blue to instill a peaceful atmosphere in your outfit. It is suitable for office and official gatherings. But you can also throw in a piece of turquoise shirt over blue jeans or shorts for a more casual event.


How to Style Turquoise

How do you rock turquoise colors? Let me show you:

For Casual Wear

To style your turquoise outfit for a casual outing is not rocket science. Below are a few ideas you can play around with.

Turquoise Top: Put on a light-colored pair of short or long pants with a turquoise top. For a more casual look, you can wear denim trousers, preferably ripped or mom jeans.


Turquoise Bottoms: Another option would be to wear a turquoise bottom with a dark or neutral top. This color combo ensures that turquoise remains the center of focus in your outfit.


Turquoise Dress: With a dress, you don’t have to do so much. The most important thing is to pick a fabric you will be comfortable in. I suggest silk or cotton. Finish up your look with a pair of sneakers or sandals.


Turquoise Accessories: You wouldn’t want too many accessories on your casual outfit. Keep it simple. Boost your outfit with a little turquoise necklace, earrings, or bracelet.


For Corporate Events

For your corporate events, you need something professional and more sophisticated. Below are a few ideas to consider:

Turquoise Blouse: The best option here would be to go for a tailored turquoise blouse and wear it with a dark-colored bottom. A navy blue or black trousers or skirt will do just fine.

Turquoise Blouse


Turquoise Blazer: Throw in a turquoise blazer over a light-colored outfit. This helps you stay colorful even in professional attire.


Turquoise Accessories: This helps to incorporate turquoise into your corporate look subtly. Such accessories include turquoise necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, or scarves. Remember, your accessories shouldn’t overpower your outfit, so go easy.


For Parties and Dinners

Dressing up for parties gives you more opportunities to play around with turquoise for an elegant look.

Turquoise Cocktail Dress: You can never go wrong in a turquoise cocktail dress. But ensure you pick a dress in a comfortable fabric. Also, consider your body size and shape when picking out a dress.


Turquoise Jumpsuit: If you want that chic and modern girl vibe, dress in a  turquoise jumpsuit instead. It gives you an elegant look, especially wearing a pair of light or neutral-colored heels.


Turquoise Heels: If you do not wish to go too loud on the turquoise, you can finish your dressing with a turquoise heel. It adds a pop of color to your neutral or dark-colored outfit.


Some elegant turquoise outfit ideas are in this video:

How to Choose Color Based on Event or Occasion

If you have an event, how do you choose the right turquoise combination?


Monochrome turquoise here means an all-turquoise outfit. You can wear monochrome turquoise to a summer party and look glamorous because this color complements the summer atmosphere.

You can also rock a monochrome turquoise outfit for festivals, tropical vacations, and fashion events. One thing these events have in common is that they create a lively, vibrant, and cozy atmosphere- somewhere you would wear a monochrome turquoise outfit.


Contrasting Look

To achieve a contrasting look, pair turquoise with opposite bright colors like orange, red, or yellow. The turquoise can go on top or bottom, depending on your wardrobe or preference.

This look is great for night parties because it is bold, energetic, and vibrant. You can also rock turquoise with a contrasting tone while attending concerts, art exhibitions, or runway shows.

Turquoise and contrasting colors make you stand out in any crowd, just what you need for these events.


Neutral Combination

You would want to wear a turquoise and neutral color to an official meeting, casual gathering, date night, or wedding ceremony.

You can pair a turquoise top with neutral-colored trousers or a skirt for work meetings. You can look chic for casual outings when you pair a neutral-colored top with turquoise shorts. Also, a neutral-colored gown or jumpsuit accessorized with turquoise screams elegance for weddings and date nights.

What are the Best Accessories to Elevate Your Turquoise Combo?

Every outfit needs one or two accessories to complement it. Below are a few accessories that can polish your turquoise outfit.

Gold and Silver Jewelry

There is no better way to elevate your regular outfit than by adding a piece of silver or gold jewelry to it.  This jewelry can be a statement piece or something simple, depending on the design of the outfit.

If your original outfit is simple, the better option would be to go for more elaborate jewelry. Statement jewelry adds sophistication to your style and makes you stand out.

On the other hand, if you are working with an already busy outfit, you can go for simple jewelry. You don’t want to overdo it. Remember, simple is the new complex.

Turquoise Jewelry

Another way to complement your turquoise outfit is by adding turquoise jewelry. It could be statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or knuckle rings.

This jewelry made out of fine gemstone adds a pop of color and elegance to your regular outfit. It comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to style it to your taste.

For instance, if you want something extravagant, you can stack your turquoise bracelet with other beads. But a single turquoise bracelet will do fine for a minimalist look.

Beaded Handbags

A lovely beaded handbag is a fashion element you must invest in. It is beautiful and has a way of pulling your outfit together.

It comes in various colors and shapes and adds a bit of class to your outfit. Depending on what you wear and the vibes you intend to give off, you can wear your beaded handbags with or without straps.

Statement Belts

A statement belt is one accessory that can give your outfit a quick and automatic upgrade. You could go for the thick leather cuffs, bold or slim buckles, or a more profound metallic chain with all the extra pearls and studs.

Whichever way, wearing a statement belt over a turquoise outfit adds class and a bit of complexity to your outfit. And more importantly, statement belts are versatile, allowing you to style them in whichever way you like.

Here’s a video that shows you how to accessorize like a pro:


The secret to rocking in turquoise is knowing what colors go with turquoise clothes. When you are dressed in the right color combo, it makes you beautiful, it gives you confidence, and of course, keeps you in fashion.

Keep this in mind when next you visit the clothes store. And remember, there are no strict rules in fashion. Be yourself.

What Colors Go with Turquoise Clothes

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  1. Turquoise pairs well with earthy tones like sandy beige and warm browns, creating a balanced and natural look. It also complements cool shades like navy blue, enhancing a sophisticated and calming appearance. For a vibrant contrast, combine turquoise with coral or citrusy yellows. Neutrals like white and gray can highlight its refreshing hue. Ultimately, turquoise is versatile, lending itself to a variety of color combinations for stylish and eye-catching outfits.


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