10 Color to Will Surely Match Your Green Clothes

When wearing clothes, most people go with neutrals such as white, gray, and black but most of us don’t know the power of other colors regarding fashion. If you want to know more about what colors go with green clothes, we are here to guide you.

color Match Your Green Clothes

An Overview with Color Green

Green is a very flexible color. Like every color, green comes with different hues. Depending on what you are trying to say with your clothes, you can go from a striking neon for a look that pop or a muted color for a more mature or elegant feel.

This color is often used in movies, particularly in fantasy and period pieces. In fact, the color evergreen fogs us the color of the year for 2022. Whatever hue of green you want to wear, we are here to help you with the choosing process. Read further down below on what colors, patterns, and different hues we know will go along wonderfully with your green clothes.

Green and White

wear Green and White

If you are just first trying out green-colored outfits, you can’t go wrong with white. White, along with other neutral colors, goes along with any color and green is one of them.

Any shade of green will look good with white. Not only is white a very clean and elegant color, but it also works well with balancing any color you pair with it.


Green and Black

wear Green and Black

Green and black exudes formality and elegance. If you want a perfect color to match your green outfit, you can never go wrong with black.

This combination is great since black balances out green and makes the outfit to be more cohesive and put together.

For example, you can wear a green coat atop a black undercover. This is a great look, especially if you want the green color to pop out.

Having black accessories such as a necklace, bag and shoes can also be a great pair with your green clothes as they not only highlight the green, the color black can also blend easily with other colors.


Green and Gray

wear Green and Gray

You can never go wrong with gray. Whatever shade of green you have, gray can be paired with it. As a neutral color, gray will easily match with your green outfits. This color is very great for more classy and formal events since gray balances out any color you pair with it, blending it together to look more put together and neutral.


Green and Brown

wear Green and Brown

If you want to go with a more earthy look, you can go with brown and green. This combination goes along really well and depending on the hue of your clothes you can go from bright and fun to sophisticate and mature.

For example, pairing brown and dark green with a hint of yellow will give off a fun and bright feel with a hint of nature. To see examples of this color combination, you can watch this video.

If you want a more mature outfit, muted brown and pale green will be perfect for you.

Of course, the color brown will not always apply to bottoms or dresses, you can also have it as accessories. Pairing a green dress and brown boots will give a very chic vibe. You can also have this color as a bag or other jewelry to balance out your green.  [What Colors Match With Brown Clothes?]


Green and Yellow

Green and Yellow wear

Some may think that this color combination is too bright but depending on your style, you can totally make this work.

If you want a muted color combination, you can pair up mustard yellow and dark green. This color combo is the most pleasing to the eye if you want to opt for a balanced-out saturation for your clothing. [What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes]


Green and Blue

wear Green and Blue

This is combination is also another analogous color. As these two colors are beside each other in the color wheel, they are paired up as they harmonize with each other.

If you want these two colors to better blend in with each other, you can choose hues like teal and dark sea green. Wearing shades that are near between the split of green and blue in the color wheel will make your outfits blend in with each other and be more coherent.

Although, you can go on the other side of these two colors and mix them up to make the colors pop. For example, mixing royal blue with any high saturated shade of green will make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you want to make a statement and be in the spotlight, this is the combination for you.


Green and Red

wear Green and Red

Green and red give off a very festive vibe as these are the most common colors during holidays. If you want to exude an air of welcoming or comfy feel to add to your wardrobe, this color combination is for you.

As green and red are complementary colors, they will have the most contrast and can make you stand out from the crowd, especially with a more brightly saturated variation.

If you want to have a more toned-down look, you can always


Green And Pink

wear Green And Pink

Green and Pink may be the furthest color combination in your mind right now. But, it can in fact be mixed well together.

Although this does is mostly seen together in interior designing, you can very well pair these colors together. Albeit, it’s a little trickier we have a few tips to help you.

These colors are immediately easily striking to the eye. If you have an outfit that is equally divided between this color such as a top and a bottom, you will have a hard time blending with the crowd so if you want to stand out, green and pink are perfect for you.

Although, you can pair the color pink with your green outfits. This can be done with the use of bags and jewelry.


Green and Orange

wear Green and Orange

The colors green and orange may be familiar to you, as they are commonly used with a lot of media like Hannah Barbera’s Aquaman or Sam from Totally Spies. This is a testament to the popularity of this color combination.

Green and orange are mostly used to contrast each other. So if you want to have an equally striking color scheme, orange and green are for you.


Green and Green

wear Green and Green

This may come as a surprise but green can also go along with green. To make this monochrome outfit work, we have to be creative.

You can pair up green with different hues for a two-toned look. For example, wearing a mint-colored top with dark forest green is very good to look at. The difference in the saturation of the colors will give you outfit balance and make it more pleasing to the eye.

If you want a bolder look, you can opt for neon green, both on top and for your bottoms. Note that this color is very striking so if you are going into a more formal, we recommend having a more subdued color hue such as sage or olive green.

Patterns will also greatly help this monochrome outfit to pop. Wearing the same patterned top and bottom or dress is a great way to make the otherwise monochrome outfit look more coordinated. This can also divide the attention to detail.

What Patterns Go With Green Clothes?

If you want to have more fun with your green outfits, you can always choose to lively up your wardrobe with patterns.


green outfits

If you want to start out safe, you can always go with stripes. This pattern is great if you mix up green with other neutrals such as black and white. Whether it be horizontal or vertical, bug or small lines, stripes are very easy to wear and style.



what color goes with green

If you want to lean in the more natural feel of green, a floral pattern is always an option for you. Outfits with this pattern are great for either a carefree outdoorsy look or for a more elegant and regal feel. This will solely depend on the design and color of your pattern.



green and Tartan wear

You can never go wrong with tartan, especially with skirts and coats. This pattern can be a very good addition to your wardrobe. This pattern can also be an easy statement piece without overpowering your other clothes.



Green and Gingham wear

Gingham is great for summer and what color is perfect for the occasion other than green. This pattern is perfect for a nature trip or picnic in the park. It shows playfulness and a bright feel in your clothes.


Polka Dot

Green and Polka Dot wear

Polka dot pattern goes well with any color. If you want to give off a friendly and fun vibe, this pattern is for you. As a general rule, you can always go for neutral green and black or green and white color combinations if you are just starting.

But, if statement pieces are what you are looking for, pairing green with violet, blue, or orange can make your outfit really pop and stand out from the crowd.

In Conclusion

Although trying new colors other than the usual neutrals and monochrome may be a bit challenging and scary at first but you should always be out for new and exciting ideas outside of your comfort zone. I hope this article helped you find what is the best color for your green clothes.


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