Fabulous Colors That Match with Orange Clothing

Orange is a vibrant color and conveys positivity. But you should know what colors go well with orange. You might end up looking like a Halloween queen if you don’t.

Continue reading to discover fabulous colors that match with orange clothing so you’ll always look stunning in your perfect attire.

Orange and Black

what colour to wear with orange

The orange and black color combo may have a Halloween feel to it, yet it’s attractive. Choosing fashionable elements is the key to nailing a black-orange pair.

Combining black and orange can give you a more formal look. But orange lightens the tone of black, dispelling its darkness and weight.

Nothing brightens up a black attire better than a splash of eye-catching colors, and orange is no exception. When black is paired with orange, it can create a bright, optimistic, trendy image that makes you look elegant and modern.

You can also combine a cute orange blouse with a pair of waist-high black pants to look sleek and fashionable.

To exude a dashing and relaxed business outfit, you can wear bright orange trousers with an unornamented black blouse.

A modern orange dress will make you look vibrant and stylish. Layer it on top of a black shirt so you’ll have a distinctive street style statement.

Also, you’ll certainly look like a fashion expert wearing a black leather jacket paired with an orange shirt.

Since not many own orange clothes, pairing orange with chic items such as black leggings or a leather skirt will make you look amazing.

Orange and Blue

orange and green outfit

One perfect example of the most daring color combos is orange and blue, especially if you choose royal blue. If you wish to dress up like a street style icon, this color combo is a must-try.

But if royal blue is too much for you, you can still wear orange paired with a lighter blue color.

You’ll also look trendy and elegant in a pastel metallic blue worn together with bright orange.

You can also try pairing different tones of blue with orange for a lovely and bold look. For instance, a baby blue jacket over an orange dress will certainly look stunning.

Deep dark blue also looks fantastic with orange.

Shades of dark blue color, including sapphire, navy, ink, indigo, and denim, will grow more expressive. But orange will get brighter and bubblier, becoming the main focus in clothing.

Navy blue is a versatile color that works well with other hues. Consider an all-navy attire if you like a simple and “safe” styling look for your orange layers.

The color combination of orange and blue is ideal in a color-blocking approach. Choose blue pants with an orange top or an outfit that is the perfect mix of the two colors. Try combining a burnt orange with a darker navy blue for a unique look.

Some designers find the orange and blue combo in clothing controversial. But, if you keep balance and style in mind and choose the proper tone, you can create an exciting, fresh, and dynamic look.

Orange and Denim

what color goes with orange

Because orange is such a bold color on its own, mixing it with neutrals is probably the best approach to avoid looking “too much.”

And, while denim is typically a blue shade, it’s considered a neutral that goes well with practically any color, including orange.

Orange and denim combination makes you look casual yet modern without worrying about looking overly brash or strange.

For instance, ladies can pair an orange top with skinny jeans.

If you wish for a more daring style, you can try your orange top with cool printed jeans. The key to pulling off head-turning looks with orange is to pair it with an item that makes a similar statement.

To look even trendier with your orange and denim pair, you can also add a cropped or an oversized denim jacket. A denim-on-denim outfit is one easy yet fashionable combination you can put together.

If you own an orange jacket or blazer, try wearing it with trendy pieces in neutral colors like straight-leg jeans. This great combination can give you a cute but stylish look.

Orange and Green

what colors go with orange

One good example of the most beautiful color combos is orange paired with green.

Because forest green is considered a top fashionable hue, it’s only natural to wear your orange garments with forest green. Green and orange are both colors that represent nature vividly, such as lush vegetation and colorful fruits.

Ideal for summer clothing, this color combo will excite you and put you in a good mood.

A dark green tint like jade or emerald works beautifully with tan or burnt orange.

Orange paired with shades of green like jade and dark green will look particularly appealing. Such vivid and deep colors complement the tangerine brilliantly and beautifully.

With a bright orange shirt, silk green pants will also look gorgeous.

Orange and Burgundy

green and orange outfit

Another stylish color that goes well with orange is burgundy. It’s ideal for fall and winter clothes, and when paired with dressy attire, it will appear quite classy.

An excellent way to dress up and look professional is by pairing burgundy pants and a blazer with a distinct orange accent, like a cute tank top.

You could also wear orange pants with a chic burgundy shirt and a warm color like mustard to complete the look.

Orange And Purple

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While the color combination of orange and purple is rare, it doesn’t mean it’s not remarkable. Surprisingly, the combination looks fantastic.

Purple and orange blend well together because they are complementary colors.

Take a hint from fashion icon Rihanna if you’re still unsure about the pairing. If she can sport a purple shirt and orange pant combo, definitely you can, too.

Guided by a subtle purple palette, you may also pair the carrot color with aubergine or plum.

Select shades with similar qualities, such as brightness, saturation, and depth, to get the highest color intensity. Just bear in mind that while this combo appears to be great, if it’s too intense, it will tire you out. [What Colors Go With Purple Clothes?]

Orange And Pink

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When you see a color combo repeated frequently in nature, you know it’s a good one. Both corals and sunsets are stunning examples of how beautifully orange and pink complement each other.

The orange and pink color scheme works well in almost any scenario, whether in a wedding or a sophisticated apartment.

Pink in combination with any other colors will not go ignored!

Bright orange looks fashionable when worn with shades of pink like magenta, crimson, neon, and blush.

Choose a delicate orange for delicate pink shades like the flamingo, mother-of-pearl, powdered, and dusty. [Think Pink: 13 Colors To Pair With Pink]

Orange and Yellow

orange and brown outfit

The orange and yellow combination reflects joy and energy as a color scheme for an outfit. These comparable warm colors, when combined, may transform any appearance into a gorgeous, warm look.

When combined with yellow, orange gets even warmer and more intense.

It’s important to blend them properly so that your clothing doesn’t create a visual “explosion” and the people around don’t have their eyes glued on you.

Orange and White

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White blends well with all shades of orange, including peach, coral, orange-red, and ocher.

White color enhances orange’s qualities of brightness, dynamism, and activity. This color combo draws attention and makes you stand out in a crowd.

This classic contrast combo of orange and white is ideal for a summer look. Such a combination sets you up to be warm, open, and willing to establish connections.

White-orange clothing is appropriate for both leisure and city wear.

Orange and Grey

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While orange looks great with either black or white, it also looks especially good with grey.

Grey is a cold color closer to the complementary varieties of orange, purple, and blue than white or black.

Grey’s brilliant color balances orange by its restraining quality.

Grey is lighter in appearance than black, so this color pair can make you appear calmer, crisp, beautiful, and noble.

Orange and Brown

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Orange and brown both radiate warm tones. Thus, they work nicely together to create a natural and harmonious outfit. The outcome is attractive to the eye, lovely, and inviting. In everyday clothing, all shades of brown look fantastic when completed with orange.

Orange paired with shades of brown like coffee, chocolate, and umber convey an intense and active aura. But a soft personality exudes from orange combined with cocoa, caramel, taupe, peanut, cappuccino, and beige. Orange and beige together are a beautifully delicate color scheme that makes you look gentle and peaceful without being too feminine.

This color combo is perfect for rustic outdoor weddings with lots of green grass and shrubs in the background. Orange and beige work well together because they evoke the natural colors of fall. [What Colors Match With Brown Clothes]


Orange as a bold color can easily capture attention. According to your fashion style, you can pair orange with different colors to help enhance or temper its brightness. Be familiar with these fabulous colors that match with orange clothing so you won’t appear as a fashion terrorist in people’s eyes.

what colors match with orange clothing

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