What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes? (Fashion 2024)

Not so long ago yellow was not exactly a favorite color to wear. It has been getting popular these past few years, and if you are not sure how to style this vibrant color, keep reading to find out all about it. There are so many wonderful combinations that you can choose from!

What Colors Go With Yellow? 

Many think that wearing yellow is a bold move. This is probably because this color wasn’t really in style for a long time, but luckily, things are changing. Here are our favorite colors to wear with yellow as well as some styling tips to help you shine bright.

Yellow And White

wear Yellow And White

As science has taught us, white isn’t technically a color, but what’s important is that it goes perfectly with yellow clothes! It is plain and it greatly balances the radiance of yellow. What’s better is that you can wear it with any shadow of yellow because it is neutral.

If you have a white dress sitting around in your wardrobe, pair it with yellow shoes and a yellow bag to give it a pop of color, and you will be amazed by the results.

You can do the same for any white outfit – whether it’s a shirt and a skirt, a suit, or pants and a sweater. You can also accessorize with yellow earrings, eyeshadow, or a headband.

This works as long as it’s not the other way around – try not to wear a completely yellow outfit with just a few pops of white. In that case, it’s better to pair yellow with some other, more vibrant colors.


Yellow And Blue

wear Yellow And Blue

It is said that opposites attract, and while this is arguable when it comes to relationships, it is definitely true when it comes to colors. The opposite of yellow is blue, and this is one of the most attractive clothes combinations out there.

In the case of the whole yellow outfit, a few details of navy blue, and your outfit is complete! You can wear all-yellow and put on some navy blue shoes and a bag. It’s the same the other way around – if you have a blue outfit, you can refresh it with a few yellow accessories. The results are breathtaking.

Don’t forget the option of jeans. Combine your favorite jeans with any of your yellow clothes and you will most likely be satisfied with what you see. [What Colours Go With Blue Clothes?]


Yellow And Red

wear Yellow And Red

Both red and yellow are strong, warm colors. Wearing a combination of these two can have a powerful effect. This color combination looks especially nice during autumn when the leaves are just as colorful.

You can go simple – as simple as red pants with a yellow sweater. You can also opt for wearing a red dress and a yellow cardigan, combined with some red accessories like a bracelet or lipstick. It works amazing vice-versa too, except maybe the yellow lipstick part, but that could also look great if you are feeling up to it!

Be careful to match the shades too. For example, mustard yellow wouldn’t go well with bright red, and salmon red wouldn’t be the best option to pair with gold or medallion yellow. [10 Colors Go With Red Clothes]


Yellow And Orange

wear Yellow And Orange

Another warm color that can go pretty well with yellow is orange. This is an unusual combination, but certainly an interesting one. A yellow dress goes perfectly with orange shoes and a bag, as well as the other way around. You can also wear an orange dress and decorate it with a yellow belt and shoes.

The same goes for pants and a shirt – yellow pants and a shirt can leave a great impression if you combine them with an orange belt and some other accessories, like a bracelet or earrings. Don’t be afraid to take out your old orange and yellow clothes and experiment; you may be surprised with the results!


Yellow And Green

wear Yellow And Green

The combination of yellow and green works especially great when both colors are in lighter shades. For example, lime green can go great with lemon yellow. The same goes for darker shades – mustard yellow goes well with emerald green.

Combine these two however you want and you will get a perfect outfit. Whether it’s yellow pants and a green shirt, or a green skirt with a yellow shirt, all-green or all-yellow with accessories of the other color, you will not fail to make an impression.


Yellow And Purple

wear Yellow And Purple 

Another lively combination that you may have not tried yet is yellow and purple. You can combine yellow with both lighter and darker shades of purple and it is bound to look stunning.

You can choose to wear lighter shades of yellow and purple at weddings, at a beach, or during summer months in general, as both are very gentle and soft. Darker shades are more suitable for everyday activities as they are a bit more aggressive. [What Colors Go With Purple Clothes?]


Yellow And Brown

wear Yellow And Brown

Combining yellow with brown can result in an outfit that can be considered more professional than informal. If you do this right, you can leave a great impression on your first job interview, or on your colleagues at your job.

Our top pick when it comes to this combination is wearing brown boots with yellowish pants, a skirt, a shirt, or a dress. You can add a brown cardigan or a jacket to complete the outfit, along with red or mahogany lipstick. [What Colors Match With Brown Clothes]


Yellow And Grey

wear Yellow And Grey

Another professional attire that you can wear is an outfit consisting of these two colors – yellow and gray. A yellow suit with a gray belt and coat along with a gray hat is all you need for a perfect outfit.

Another interesting combination that you can try out is wearing yellow pantyhose with a gray dress and a yellow belt. It may be a bit more informal, but it can certainly leave a great impression.

[What Colours Go Well With Grey Clothes?]


Yellow And Black

wear Yellow And Black

We finish this list with another color that isn’t technically a color – black. It’s true that black clothes go with almost anything, including yellow. Who doesn’t love this combination? If you wear all-black, yellow is just what you need to prevent black from washing you out.

You can combine black pants with a yellow shirt, a yellow dress with some black heels and vice-versa, and, in case you are wearing all-black, just a headband or a bag to bring some color to your outfit. This color combination is good for both formal and informal occasions, so you can wear it to a business meeting or some fancier occasions, like dinners and weddings.

What Patterns Go With Yellow Clothes? 

If you want to decorate your outfit with some patterned clothes instead of plain-colored combinations, continue reading to see what patterns go with yellow clothes.


what go with yellow

Yellow is by itself a color that reminds many of us of summer and the sun. Add some flowers to that and there is the perfect summer combination!



colors that go with yellow

Plaid is one of those things that regularly come in and out of style. In these past few years, plaid clothes have seen an increase in popularity, with yellow plaid skirts and pants being quite popular. They are usually in combination with black, which, as mentioned above, is an awesome combination.



what color goes with yellow

We can usually see the striped patterns on yellow clothes in combination with either a lighter shade of yellow or white. This pattern is mostly printed on dresses, skirts, and shirts, and they are a great choice for the summer months.

You can also find some striped clothes in yellow and black; depending on the exact design, this can be a good option too, although it has not been particularly trendy this year.


colors that go with yellow clothes

Probably the best pattern that you can wear when it comes to yellow is leopard print. It is usually combined with black, and you can find many shades of yellow in combination with it. Leopard boots, wallets, coats, hats, shirts – you name it, they have all been getting increasingly popular. Don’t hesitate to experiment – an all-yellow outfit can be improved just by adding one of the leopard-printed accessories.

Don’t Be Scared To Experiment

Although we listed colors that go well with yellow, don’t be afraid of experimenting with multiple colors at once. Yellow, green, and orange can go pretty great together if the shades and designs are right. The same goes for yellow, purple, and gray, as well as yellow, brown, and red. You can also combine yellow, brown, and leopard print. Get creative and enjoy the results you get!


Wearing bright, strong colors can seem intimidating, but they can become one of the favorites in your wardrobe with just a little bit of creativity. Some of the colors that go with yellow clothes are white, blue, red, green, orange, purple, gray, brown, and black. You can also add different patterns to your outfit to make it even more exciting and interesting.


what colors go with yellow

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