Perfect Colors To Match With Sage Green Clothing

Sage green is now trending both in home decor and fashion. Because of the freshness it brings, many prefer to wear sage green in any event.

Although it is a neutral color, it can create a sophisticated look. If you wonder what colors go with sage green clothing, keep reading.

Monochromatic look

sage green bridesmaid dress

If you aim for a cohesive look, you can wear an all-sage green outfit by putting on a dress, tracksuit, or suit. You can also choose analogous matches for sage green.

If you look at the color wheel, yellow and bluish-green can complement sage green well. These colors make good combinations.

To flatter your all-sage green outfit, wear soft gold-toned shoes.. Other shoes that can fit a sage green dress or suit are nude/beige, white, and black.

If it is a satin dress for a party, you can pair your outfit with strappy sandals with heels. Slingback pumps are also good options.

For summer wear, you can leave your sage green dress uncovered. But if you want to have a layer, light hue cardigans like cream are a perfect match.

To look like an irresistible goddess, you can drape the cardigan over your shoulder. Also, don’t forget to wear chunky gold hoops for accessories. If you are not a fan of accessories, you can also try layering necklaces.

You can add elegance to a monochromatic brown attire by adding a sage green purse. If you are not a fan of handbags, you can try sage green sunglasses.

These accessories will enliven your outfit and make the sage green color pop.

As a reminder, pay attention to the fabric and texture when aiming for a monochromatic look. The top and the bottom must differ in texture so that your outfit can have dimensions.

Eclectic Outfit

what colours go with sage green

Wearing complementary matches for sage green like purple can make your outfit interesting. These colors can emphasize your sage green outfit.

Any color from the purple family will help you achieve the unique and trendy style you are aiming for. You can also use complementary colors like lavender and pink to add accents to your outfit.

Pastel colors like pastel pink and pastel blue are great colors. Aside from them, pastel yellow is also a perfect combination for sage green clothes.

You can wear a sage green cardigan with a yellow top and blue pants to give you an idea. Add pink clips to your hair for a playful and sweet touch to your outfit.

You can mix sage green clothes with colors like khaki and orange for a unique look. Aside from that, you can also combine it with gingham and floral prints for a vibrant and dynamic look. [What Colors Go With Purple Clothes?]

Refreshing Vibe

sage colored dress

Making a sage green outfit pop with a white garment brings a refreshing vibe. If you want to add some touch of sexiness, you can pair white boots with a short white dress and a sage green sweater.

You can also wear a white bralette with a sage green cardigan and straight-leg pants for a college chic look. Also, try light-washed denim to look fresh and fun.

If you have a sage green pleated skirt, you might prefer to pair it with a white top. This outfit will make you look youthful and fresh.

Sophisticated Style

sage color dress

Sage green and black clothes will genuinely make you look sophisticated and professional. These combinations create mysterious and retro vibes.

If you want to look like a lady boss, you can pair a black top with sage green pants. Aside from looking elegant, the colors will also make your figure elongated to look at.

Aside from black clothes, deep browns create a sophisticated look. If you have any old brown trousers in your wardrobe, it is time to get them out.

If the weather is warm, wearing Bermuda shorts also works. You can mix them with a sage green mock neck or a sage green blouse.

Bold yet sophisticated, you can try faux leather sage green pants with white tank tops. When it comes to sage green, you don’t have to be afraid to experiment.

A sage green dress with puff sleeves accented with cream-colored accessories is elegant. It is the perfect attire for formal events.

Sage green leggings will also look sophisticated when paired with tall boots. You can also wear ankle boots that have darker shades. This outfit is advisable for those who find wearing leggings practical wear.

For men, the best professional look is a sage green turtleneck sweater combined with any color of trousers. This outfit is subtle, and simple, yet sophisticated.

Animal Prints

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Surprisingly, sage green can go perfectly well with animal prints. Since it is a muted color, sage green does not go against animal prints.

Instead, it creates a balance with complicated patterns and designs. So if you love leopard prints, go ahead and wear them with your sage green outfit.

If the prints are too wacky, you can create balance by adding solid colors like a purple handbag and white heels. If you wear a sage green cardigan, you can tie it up under your chest to make a mini cardigan.

Super Chic Look

If you want a super chic look, you can mix sage green with muted colors like black, white, grey, brown, and green. Wear a sage green blazer and black boots to achieve a simple yet chic look. You will surely love the combination.

Wedding Motif

sage bridesmaid dress

Not only is sage green perfect for an everyday look, but it can also be a motif for weddings. You can combine a sage green dress with other green colors like emerald and deep sea for a complete look.

If you want a lighter look for your sage green dress, you can pair it with light desert rose and champagne-colored accessories.

You can also add some blousy ivory blooms or shades of pink and peach for a more stunning look. Silver dresses work with sage green color for a perfect balance of neutral and whimsical. If the groom is wearing a navy or grey suit, a sage green tie blends well.

One with Nature

sage green wedding dresses

If you look at nature, you can see sage green almost anywhere. If you are going for a walk in the park, your outfit can harmonize with nature.

Sage green is a “nature shade” that complements yellow. It also improves the earthiness of brown colors like chocolate-based tones and beige. Another combination that you can try is mixing sage green with other shades of green.

If you’re unsure what color to pair with your sage green cloth, try to look at sage green leaves. Check what colors appear to it. If the color complements the sage green leaves, it will also match your outfit.

Watch this video to know what other colors work with sage green clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sage green trendy today?

All kinds of green are trendy nowadays, including sage green. Some also consider it the new black since it is partnered with different styles and outfits. Wedding events also choose sage green as a motif because of its calm and sophisticated hue.

Do sage green and grey fit together?

Since sage green blends well with muted colors, it also fits grey. Grey can be paired up with any color since it is one of the best neutral colors. [What Colours Go Well With Grey Clothes?]

Is sage green a cool or a warm color?

Sage green can either be a cool or warm color. Known as a muted color with grey undertones, it works with earth tones.

Some of these, such as ochers and browns, match warm sage green. If not styled up properly, sage green clothes can be boring to look at.

Is sage green a cool or a warm color

What look can I pair up with sage green shoes?

Not everyone is bold enough to pull off sage green shoes. You can pair your sage green shoes with a monochromatic look or a neutral outfit.

The best sage green shoes to wear are a classy pump and light sneakers. Indeed, it will help you make your outfit trendy and stylish.

What colors go with sage green pants?

Whether it is a pair of khaki or jeans, the colors that could match are pastels and other neutral hues. If you want to add some brightness to your attire, you can wear seafoam-leaning shades for your top. You can experiment with chinos, linen, and denim.

Do sage green accessories match with a light suit?

Sage green accessories with a light suit bring a summer feel. For grooms getting wed in summer, adding sage accessories to their light suits works. It will set a perfect calm yet fun mood.


What used to look like a dull color is now one of the popular colors to wear this year. Sage green brings freshness and calmness that perfectly goes with any color.

Knowing what colors go with sage green clothing is essential. The combination can either break or make your outfit.

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