What Colours Go With Blue Clothes? (Fashion 2023)

People who are into fashion are unbothered and can pull off no matter what they wear. They are already knowledgeable in mixing and matching clothes as well as for the color scheme. But how about those who struggle even with mixing and matching colors? For starters, what colours go with blue clothes?

What is the psychology behind the color blue?

We all have our own favorite color, which is reflected by the usual colors of the objects we own. You may notice that some people have a lot of greens in their bag and shoe collection, some have a lot of pink in their stationery, or you often see someone wear all black almost every single day.

Frequently, the colors represent who we are as a person as we resonate with it. The psychology of colors varies, and you may wonder about what is the psychology behind the color blue.

Blue is a cool color that can represent you being a confident and loyal person. Apart from those representations, it can also mean peace and success.

According to the research of scientists, the color blue enables the human body to generate particular chemicals that provide calming properties. Whatever shade of Blue you wear, there is a psychology behind it.

Watch the video below to learn more how colors affect your feelings and choices

10 Colors that Match With Blue Hues

Blue is a universal color, and almost everyone has at least more than one shade of blue clothing in their wardrobe.

Regardless of the shades, tints, and tones of Blue can make the person wearing it more classy, calm, and confident. Whatever the shades, tints, and tones of the Blue will go along well with any other colors.

Wear Blue and Black

Wear Blue and Black

Black can go along with any color, and that includes any shade of Blue. This combination is perfect for a laid-back outfit or whenever you do not have enough time to prepare.

Although not people may not be fond of taking risks of trying this color combination, it is definitely worth the try. Black perfectly goes well with other shades, tints, and tones of blue such as royal blue, cerulean, teal, baby blue, and navy blue.


Wear Blue and Beige

Wear Blue and Beige

Beige is a color of autumn, and it goes perfectly well with any shades and tints of blue. You can rock your autumn outfit by adding a touch of any blue shade to bring a pop of color.

Blue is widely known to be a cool color, while Beige is known as a warm color. Hence, they both make a delightful contrast towards each other.

If you want to flaunt a muted outfit, you can match beige with dark blue or dull pastel blues. And in case you want it a little bit energetic, you may opt to choose bright hues of blue.


Wear Blue and White

Wear Blue and White

You can pair any color with White, but it does not give off the same vibe just how much the color blue does. A blue and white pairing has that nautical vibe that is somehow exciting yet calming at the same time.

You can play around with any shades of blue together with White. You may opt to have blue as your accent color in your outfit, like having a navy blue or coral blue dress with white shoes and a bag.

These color combinations are also perfect to wear for summer outfits due to their high contrast and blue being a cool color.


Wear Blue and Neutrals

Wear Blue and Neutrals

Earth tones complement any shades, tints, and tones of blue pretty well. These colors reflect a very calming and peaceful aura, just as much as nature affects us.

Blue can go along pretty well with neutral colors. Always make sure the rule of thumb is contrasting colors to avoid an eye-sore palette.


Wear Blue and Green

Wear Blue and Green

Blue and green are the colors of the ocean, making it a perfect and excellent combination that makes it adventurous. These two colors are next to each other in the color wheel, and you can never go wrong in pairing these two colors regardless of the shades, tints, and tones.

The technique to win this color pairing is always remembering the color contrast rule and concentrating more on the shades.


Wear Blue and Red

Wear Blue and Red

This color pairing of Blue and red is considered an all-time favorite but can be pretty tricky as you need to find the perfect shade of the two colors that match each other very well.

A bright tint of red, such as scarlet red, can work well with royal Blue if you intend to stand out amongst the crowd. Or your tattered denim jeans with a scarlet red stiletto to rock a laid-back outfit.

But if you want to be subtle and do not want to gain much attention in an event, you can pair your muted shade of red such as burgundy or raspberry red with a muted blue. [10 Colors Go With Red Clothes]


Wear Blue and Orange

Wear Blue and Orange

For most people, the blue and orange combination is quite tricky and scary to try. Not all are willing to take the risk for that fashion statement. However, gurus can say that it is possible to pull this color combination off as long as it is done correctly.

If you are unaware, these two colors are entirely the opposites of each other in the color wheel, making them complementary.

These two colors are powerful. Therefore, you have to know what perfect shade of blue and orange that goes well with each other. It is a head-turner when you try to wear a navy blue or pastel blue dress and accent it with a bright orange stiletto or boots. You will feel empowered and stylish.

But if you are not much of a big risk-taker, then you can opt to wear a toned-down color of both Blue and orange for a subtle look.


Wear Blue and Pink

Wear Blue and Pink

You can play with your colors, such as pairing blue and pink. Surprisingly, these two colors work pretty well with each other, and you can choose which particular shade and tones you prefer.

These two colors can be alluring when styled very well. You can either opt to be bold by wearing bright shades of blue and pink with prints and patterns. On the other hand, if you are not confident enough and want to go for a softer look, you can choose a blue and pink pastel pairing.


Wear Blue and Yellow

Wear Blue and Yellow

One of the powerful color schemes is pairing a darker blue shade with a brighter color like yellow. Regardless of the hue, tints, and tones of yellow may it be mustard yellow or butter yellow, its warmth always complements the cool vibes the Blue gives off. You can rock these two colors by mixing and matching them with prints and patterns or some layers. [What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes]


Wear Blue and Violet

Wear Blue and Violet

This may sound weird to you, but mixing and matching blue and violet colors is possible. There is a balance between the calmness of Blue and the ferocious energy the violet gives off.

Though it can get tricky, make sure that you always consider the contrast of colors to achieve the perfect balance and harmony of these two colors.

2 Factors you need to consider to know what color best suits you

Matching colors that best suit you can be challenging, especially if you are not a fashionista who can somehow pull off almost everything.

Not all colors look great for everyone. What might look good for you may not look good for others and vice versa. Therefore, here is a guide on how to know what colors work best for you.

Consider your skin tone

colors that go with light blue clothes

People who have an eye for design and aesthetics are completely aware of the importance of contrast. Make sure that you avoid wearing clothes with a shade that is entirely near to your skin tone.

For people with pale or light skin complexion, try to avoid lighter shades of clothing such as pastels, white, beige, cream, and yellow. In order to help you stand out amongst the crowd, aim for darker shades such as black, brown, gray, bloody red, or royal violet.

The same goes for people with darker skin complexion. Wearing a dark shade of clothing may wash you out, so opt for a lighter shade instead, such as white, yellow, orange. These colors will make you pop up and maybe the reason why you are a head-turner.

For gifted people somewhere between a medium skin complexion or a honey-tanned skin tone, you will not find it difficult to find what color best suits you. Most colors will look good on you as you are in the middle ground. As long as you keep in mind the primary rule of contrasting colors, you are good to go.

Consider your eye color

Ensure that you know the right shade of colors that will help you compliment your eyes. If you find it challenging to do, you may take a quick look at the color wheel to guide you.


Now that we know what colours go with blue clothes, it is now your time to bring them to life. It is also necessary that you have an eye for which color combinations will make you a head-turner. Always walk head up regardless of what you wear and slay it.


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