9 Reasons Why Women Wear Revealing Clothes

With the more inclusive views on women, the visibility of revealing clothes in pop culture and media also increased throughout the years. This increase in popularity prompted a lot of women to also try it. In this article, we will tell you all about the reasons why women wear revealing clothes.

What are Revealing Clothes?

overly revealing clothing

Revealing clothes can differ from person to person. As fashion is a subjective topic, the number of opinions and meanings will vary across the population.

With that said, these are the clothes that are commonly recognized as revealing.

  • Short Tops – Any tops that may show skin that is believed to be covered are included. Some examples are off shoulders, crop tops that expose the belly button, and spaghetti straps.
  • Low Cut Tops – Tops that reveal the chest area like V-neck belong to the list.
  • Short Shorts – Shorts that don’t cover the knees are assessed to be incident due to the display of legs.
  • Form Fitting Clothes – Clothes that accentuate the female form are considered revealing. Areas such as hips, breasts, and the backside are the area this type of clothing mostly emphasizes.

Of course, this list can be a lot shorter or longer based on different societal factors. This list is just a generalization and does not mean to be comprehensive and complete.

Now that we know what type of clothes are considered revealing, we can answer the question: Why do women wear them?

To Boost Confidence

why do girls wear revealing clothes

It’s no secret that women are valued tremendously for their beauty and looks in our society. Whether you wear what people consider as revealing or conservative, women’s fashion is going to get judged.

For a large number of women wear revealing clothes as a source of empowerment, especially if you are in a more conservative community. Their subversive fashion sense is a testament to their confidence in themselves and their body.

Show Their Individuality

Fashion is a way to show who you are. It’s an art of self-expression and a way to demonstrate one’s individuality.  This art also applies to revealing clothes.

A woman might have a short explanation of their fashion sense, it’s that they just want to. This is a very valid reason to wear these types of clothes.

Clothing pieces that show a woman’s individuality and self-reflection are an incredible way for empowerment.

Higher Economic Status

clothing revealing clothes

Believe it or not, according to these studies, people with lower economic status opt for more revealing clothes. It’s speculated that this is due to the fact that revealing cloth clothing is viewed as desirable. Women at the lower end economically are drawn.

If a woman shows up to a corporate job interview with just a pair of jeans rather than a pencil skirt, she has a lower chance of getting the job. Dressing in a revealing way can increase the economic and social status of women. Clothes that are big and not form-fitting are commonly associated with the working class.

As much as this point is a testament to how society treats women, it can also be a powerful tool for empowerment. The rise of women who become successful with their subversive fashion is a tremendous testament to their determination and drive.

More Variety

It’s no secret that the majority of clothing for women is discerned as revealing. Crop tops and shorts are a staple of female fashion, especially in the 2000s. If women are limited to just fitting into what society deemed not revealing or proper clothes, they will have a lesser option for their wardrobe.

A rise in contemporary fashion these past years is very noticeable. Aesthetics such as alt, goth, y2k, and many more made it’s way to social media. Clothing pieces that are considered as revealing are more accepted in the mainstream.

You can watch this video if you want an in-depth guide on these fashion aesthetics.

Female Empowerment

women wearing revealing clothes

With the rise of female empowerment, revealing clothing has become synonymous with this movement. Of course, wearing skimpy and subversive outfits is not just one way to prove empowerment as a woman.

Revealing clothing’s relationship with female empowerment comes a long way. For most of history, women were looked down upon and considered less than the opposite gender. This belief leads to more uptight and arbitrary customs against women.

Along with that is their clothing. A lot of fashion in the earlier times cover a lot of women’s skin to the point that ankles are scandalous to show. With the choice to wear whatever they want, women can be reminded of how far they achieved.

Imitate Their Favorite Idols

A lot of women, just like other people, want to imitate their idols. The majority of pop culture icons nowadays can have a more provocative sense of fashion. Icons such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, are known for revealing outfits and a sense of style.

One of the reasons some women might want to wear revealing clothes is to imitate the people they look up to. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a celebrity or icon. A family member or a friend that shows the greatness of being a woman can be a fashion inspiration too.

As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. Taking fashion inspiration from someone you idolize is a great way to pay tribute.

The Weather

psychology of revealing clothing

The annual increase in temperature made wearing clothes that hide skin hard. Just imagine wearing sweatpants and long sleeves shirts in 38°C weather. That’s going to be uncomfortable.

Choosing appropriate attire for the summer season is great for your health as it decreases the risks of dehydration and heatstroke. Most shorts and tank tops are made to cool down a person and alleviate their body temperature.

Clothes typically used in hot seasons can be seen as revealing when it’s just a commodity for comfort and health.

Revealing Clothes for the Right Place

Everyone loves to blend in with the crowd. When going to the bar or the beach, one is not expected to wear clothing that covers everything. Form-fitting clothes and apparel that show skins are a staple to these places. Wearing bulky sweaters and jackets will make you stand out.

When dressing in what society can deem a provocative way, it’s best to know where and when to choose these types of clothing.

To Please Others

women in revealing clothing

It’s safe to say that people want to blend in with the crowd. As stated above, wearing revealing clothes for the proper place is one of the reasons why women wear revealing clothing.

Although, keep in mind that women wear revealing clothes to please themselves and not others. Our modern society has this misconception that women want to please others, especially men.

As stated above, women wear revealing clothes for themselves and not for others. Assuming and believing so is absurd and objectifying.

Because They Can!

Lastly and the most important reason of all: because they can. A women’s choice to wear revealing clothes should not be a point of contention and long as they don’t hurt other people. They have the right to wear whatever they want without the harsh judgment of society.

Women have always suffered from unfair treatment all over history. If wearing clothes the society deemed as revealing or improper is how they want to cope with it, let them be.

Every human has the right to do whatever they want to as long as they don’t hurt others and break the law.

Always stay respectful. Don’t let prejudices dictate your point of view.  Keeping a kind and open mind is the key to more knowledge and sympathy.

Now we know why women wear revealing clothes, we should now learn what are NOT the reasons women wear skimpy clothing.

Women Want Attention

women revealing clothes

It’s a common notion that women wear revealing clothing to gain attention. This belief isn’t just limited to the opposite sex but extends to other women as well.

People mostly do things they want for themselves, which also applies to women. It’s not good to assume their motives.

Offering Sexual Interest

Unfortunately, a large number of sexual assault that happens is diminished to one question: What are the women wearing?

This mindset is very damaging to everyone. It assumes that women who dress in a certain way deserve to be objectified and have their rights taken away when this is farther from the truth.

Whether a woman chooses to wear clothes that are provocative or conservative, everyone deserves a level of respect. Implying that someone shouldn’t be given so just by the standard of their clothing is detrimental to our society’s development.

Respect is the key to treating others with sympathy and kindness. Once you know that these people have the same rights as you, it’s much easier not to pass prejudices against others.

Don’t equate a person’s worth to their clothing.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of reasons why women wear revealing clothes. Whatever type of clothing someone chooses to wear, it’s better to not pass any form of judgment and prejudice.

We hope you learned a lot from this article. If you have more questions about fashion and clothing, be sure to comment down below.

why do women wear revealing clothes

116 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Women Wear Revealing Clothes”

  1. They have no respect for themeselves! Looks cheap! If they have any respect they would wear more less,revealing fashion!

    • You wouldn’t say that to men. Because you only see women just a body. They do respect themselves. And clothes has nothing to do with self respect. It just fashion.

      • Real Men don’t walk around with pieces of clothing stuck inside their internal body parts.
        Men are more modest than women and usually go about their everyday business.
        Your skin is more hot being exposed to the sun…look how they dress in middle Eastern countries.. women AND men.

      • Facts man, I guarantee that if a man was half naked they would tell him to put a shirt on or to leave but if it was a women, they will see that as okay.

      • Yeah I would. If a dude was walking around shirtless with a fit body he’s also seeking attention. Not saying something’s wrong with that, but let’s fucking call it what it is.

      • Yeah I agree with you and nobody said women are not human . But think again . Men are naturally attracted to women . It is natural sexual attraction . So it’s normal if u wear revealing dress they will be attracted. And they may share ur appearance with other man explicitly. They may use some word u don’t like . I don’t know if u know this that most European girl will reply that the revealing cloth that they wear is to make man attracted to them . Suppose u have gold and u wear those while going to a quit place and u know that there are robbers there , but u still do it . There is 99% chance u will get robbed right?

        • My wife has a sexy body & dresses revealingly! I love it but it does cause problems. Some men think that is an invitation to get touched. Her butt gets felt & so do her boobs. She never makes a scene. One night a black man reached in to removed her bra.
          One boob fell out & she put it in.
          I was not about to challenge him because he was big, & he got a big kick out of it & my wife just laughed it off.

          • Best response!! Thanks. And I agree that you can wear what you want but to think it’s not going to get reaction is crazy. Your wife was perfect in my eyes. You too. Great responders.

          • Really? So your wife’s dress code has turned you into a cuckold? She should be more respectful to you and not put you in those situations.

    • agree. how does a harlot get business? displays the merchandise. women dress provocative because they want to promote lust. no self-respect, just sad

    • You are the only one who has no respect, respect is measured in character, brain and heart and not in skirt size, a woman should not be ashamed of the body she was born with! There are enough miserable people like you who make women feel that their bodies belong to the world and not to themselves and the fear of the female body in general is ridiculous.. The fact that a woman is sexy does not mean that she wants sex or that she should be seen as a sex and nothing else because of the feminine curves she has. And whoever does that, his mind is very narrow.

    • I thot they wore those clothes bc tgey wanted to, for themselves, they like how they look in them, personal reasons, i didnt know about these other reasons, in fact i dont believe them.

  2. Reveling clothes are worn for attention and is exciting for some women. Some men also find it exciting when their partner wears revealing clothes.

  3. I agree Linda. Decency and propriety have gone out the window. Women should feel empowered and yet respect themselves and respect others. There’s a time and a place for everything and only your significant other should be able to see your underwear or you bra in the confines of your own house or apartment.

    • I agree.There are people who have low self esteem that feel uncomfortable seeing young girls wearing revealing crop tops.Women who do wear revealing clothes are wearing the clothes for themselves because they think they look good and are comfortable I have a daughter who likes t shirts because she thinks it’s comfortable me I pick clothes that look good but I don’t show revealing skin it’s about respecting yourself.

      • Low self esteem?? What utter BS. Normal people don’t have to flash their body parts in order to get attention, but if you have zero personality or intellect, I can see that it’s all you have to offer.

    • They respect themselves and wear what they want and in relation to respecting others? If they have a fear of the female body they should move to a desert island of men or better yet to Iran.

  4. Women just want to expose their body and look cheap. I feel like if they want attention, people should pay attention to their personality. Not their body. This especially applies to the boys.

  5. I believe its what’s in the inside that counts..the soul the person..not what the person wears.
    I have met people from all walks of life…I see the soul not the clothes

  6. Men wants to see things like that.
    They want to see girls wearing revealing clothes just to satisfy their eyes’ lustful desire. And women must be aware of it, but some of them says men should be taught how to respect and not to look lustfully on women even they knew it’s because of their clothing. Men in it’s nature cannot be manipulated that easily, for you know we have a mind that thinks million times a day and it cannot be controlled or something like that. Wear a well and not revealing clothes to respect men and yourself.
    No one can change mind and attitude but by God alone.

  7. walks like a dick quacks like a duck; most likely if you act like an exhibitionist you probably are an exhibitionist whether you are male or female

  8. Being a victim of sexual violence myself, nobody deserves to be assaulted for the clothes that they wear. But to say everyone deserves respect regardless of what they wear in public is ridiculous. Not only is it disrespectful to oneself, but is just as disrespectful to ones peers to use sexuality to garner undeserved attention. If you want to be taken seriously and don’t want your loved ones to be unjustly disrespected, maybe leave the yoga pants for the gym.

  9. Who the hell is anyone to judge what you wear, if you wanna wear short shorts go ahead. Tank top go ahead. All these little rules and what-nots for some puny earthlings in the middle of space. God. No one cares and just have some respect for others despite their personal attire. Be wary of your personal choices and surroundings though as there are many sick perverts who don’t have any respect.

      • Why do men try to compel women to hide their bodies and faces in public? One reason that is never discussed is obvious to anyone who pays attention to male attitudes: Women have to cover up because the men cannot be trusted to leave women alone, even if they only show a part of their faces. To them, women are objects to be used.

    • Finally a comment I agree with, like wear what you want to wear. If a girl wears revealing clothing it’s because she is confident and it makes her feel good about herself. It’s not our fault if you’re perverted just have a little god damn self control.

      • men with self control still drool and talk and think about it. ALL OF THEM! Be sexy wear what you want but their is a time and place especially if with kids or your man. It ja disrespectful to flaunt it in a crowd when with family. Woman dont seem to u derstand the mans thinking process and you woman need to know when and where. Sad but very realistic to safety and so on. We me can literally undress you when you where revealing clothing and we are teisted in the head even ones like me that are respectful and harmless! Ladies must understand this.

      • The only reason you “feel good about yourself” while flaunting your body parts is because of male attention that you can’t get while dressed respectfully. Your “confidence” is only generated by men leering at you, how very sad.

  10. I was at king soopers yesterday and saw 2 girls in the span of 1 minute wearing short shorts pulled up to their belly button with their ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. And your saying that’s not for attention but for female empowerment? Give me a break. I love women but that’s trashy and pathetic honestly. Why are so many female role models ones that promote that culture of less clothes and selling your body to claim female empowerment when it’s really decreasing female empowerment. Fighting for the right to vote, get equal pay, same high level jobs as men, respect for contributions to society and accomplishments was/is true female empowerment. Not teaching our young daughters and nieces that showing their bodies off for likes and followers is what will gain them the equality that they deserve, but that fighting for real issues through hard work and intelligence will. Watch/listen to a Cardi B or Nicki Minaj music video then look at a 12 year old girl and tell me in a few years that’s what you want her to be like and follow as an example. Brains and personality SHOULD be more important then each fashion trend aimed at removing more and more material for a false outlook on equality.

  11. get me pregnant. That’s the root of this. We exist to make more people.
    Studly man dresses in suit to look stronger and taller. They wear hats to raise their “height”

    • The most misleading words written in this article are that woman DON’T dress to get attention from men:)))))! I have way too much experience with women from all backgrounds and social statuses to even consider this a serious article. Write what you want and still you can’t change nature.

  12. I don’t have a problem with some tight clothing but having the whole lower half of your boobs hanging out with a see through super short skirt with a thong on underneath. A lot of girls look more like they’re going to work at a strip club. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many girls dress like that these days and then cry about guys not committing. They can already see all the goods so what’s the point ?

    • dating shouldnt be so they can have a surprise when they take off her clothes, being able to “see the goods” doesn’t mean there’s no point in trying to have a genuine relationship, this suggests women are only supposed to wear clothes that conceal their bodies so men can discover, have fun, and discard.

  13. Fashion is a language. For people to ask “What was she wearing?” is no different than asking, “What was she saying?”

    The deep underlying drivers of revealing women’s fashion are: 1) the change in the sex ratio which has left us with many more single, heterosexual, stable women than single, heterosexual, stable men; 2) hypergamy, where 100% of the women are competing for the top 20% of men (according to studies of Tinder users). It is not clear what can be done about these factors, even in principle.

  14. I have a genuine question; maybe more than one. It’s a core idea I’m trying to understand here. This article states that wearing tight/revealing clothing gives a boost of confidence to the woman. Confidence to do what? What is it about wearing clothing that is (as the author points out) provocative, that gives a boost to a woman’s confidence? I’ve always understood that confidence comes from being prepared, practicing, and learning. How does wearing tight/revealing clothing give confidence?
    Genuinely asking to understand…

  15. All these are trash and rubbish you spoke.

    Tell me how many women sell their bodies in the guise of fashion. shorts, revealing etc.?
    How many prostitutes in number on this planet? more than 60 million
    How many part-time hookers and escorts do sex work? more than 20 million
    all in the name of shorts and revealing dresses they disguise.
    Woman in the highroads/ public places looks for rich men, and make a relationship to extort money

  16. Why do women wear revealing clothing? The answer is in the story above!

    Don’t judge people negatively because you think they are being cheap, tasteless or downright immoral. Those judgements are vanity and speak more about the person judging than anybody else.
    People generally wear the clothes they feel comfortable or appropriate for themselves, unless they do it to conform.
    If you’re going to complain, talk about all those men wearing baseball caps. Talk about the attitudes of people who judge YOU.

    • Baseball caps aren’t offensive to have to look at. Your balls aren’t hanging out of your baseball cap, are they? No boobs squished out of a fedora?? How ‘bout a rear end protruding out from a visor??!??
      If women want to dress like that then they need to go work at a strip club. Since you don’t mind it, it seems you already frequent them and can’t get enough. You and the street whores need Jesus….you’re all severely lost if you think there’s no problem. You try to call it judgement….it IS!!! More appropriately it’s called RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT!!!!

  17. you guys are making this to complicated the truth is women should where what they want, end of story but if it makes the women confident. what does it make them confident about.

    • Rubbish, it may come as a surprise to you but some people don’t want to see their naked bodies displayed for all the world to see. It is offensive and immoral. They belong hidden away in strip clubs for sleazy blokes to ogle at, nowhere else.

  18. I think the author of the article is quite naive in many of his or her statements. I find it interesting that there is no author name or bio on the article as well. He/she states a few times that women dress to please themselves, not for attention. Did the author do some real research on this topic? To make a black-and-white statement like that for the entirety of women is grossly inaccurate. It also seems to imply that she is speaking for younger women. So this leaves out the opinions, if she even researched those, of women across the range of ages.

    I think some of the replies are important to not ignore and one is that men are attracted to and turned on by provocative clothing. And the comment that face it, there are men who commit crimes against women who are not well balanced so telling the entirety of men to control themselves around a woman who is dressed provocatively is unrealistic. Dressing this way in many cases/environments is just plain dangerous. Like a few others, I am disturbed about the way so many younger women are making themselves look with tight revealing clothing of their breasts and butts, heavy drawn-on eyebrows that look like caterpillars, and false eyelashes that look like giant spider legs. It’s unattractive. I do also bemoan the amount of time and money women spend on doing themselves up like this. It takes away from using those valuable resources for other, IMHO, much more important things. I think women are going backward when they dress in a revealing way in some environments. I don’t see this look as one of empowerment at all. Many women look clownish and ridiculous and that isn’t empowerment. They won’t be taken seriously. Empowerment comes from the ways we carry ourselves, speak, act, and think. And educate ourselves about the ways of the world.

  19. seeing a woman with revealing clothing, or tight clothing, form fitting yoga pants, the list goes on, seeing this makes a man lust, I personally can’t stand women that do that, that want to cause men to lust after them, no man is going to commit to a woman like that. they just want to hit it and get it

  20. Could someone please explain to me why some, not all, women pay hundreds of dollars for their hair and clothes and look really nice then glare at men for staring at them. because to me that sounds a bit weird. like, why look really sexy then when someone stares at you act like then violated the law. men and women were made to be together you cant change that

    • If “looking really nice” means looking like a dumb whore then that’s why guys are staring. Maybe she needs to find Jesus, start dressing respectfully, and thereby have a brain…..she probably won’t be gawked at like a nightly meal.

  21. This article is beyond biased, selfish, digusting, disregarding of other and evil.
    If i am feeling good the world could burn, i could care less, that is the essence of this vomit of an article!
    Nobody should argue woth sucj selfishness and unfairness, the women who wear revealing clothes would cone by and say that it is a nice article.
    I bet people from Sodoma think about themselves that they where normal as well.

  22. First of all, it’s okay if you deny others’ more mature and sane point of view.

    I find myself losing faith in being a ‘Female’. ‘Feminity’⎯ a term which seems to have evolved for the worst and lost all its true essence in the Western part of the world. I cannot leave this site not saying this. It’s so obvious even as a fellow lady who luckily did not grow up in a Western world (Which I used to look up to until this last hour).

    I’m an Asian girl who grew up in a developed ‘First Class’ country.

    The reason why I’ve spent 6 hours reading about Western culture and googling “Why Western girls wear so promiscuously” that ends me up reading your article (I have a hard time sleeping now) is because I am a world traveller who is shocked by your cultural sense of fashion while living in a western populated hostel in an Asia country. While 90% of them were English, it seems like European and even Americans are suffering from the same irrational logic.

    As someone who lives on her own since 17 years old with no shortage of ambitions, I am very in touch with my own feelings and behaviour. I have observed all those young 20’s western girls in that hostel including Asian girls who live in your countries and got influenced by your culture.

    Here’s what I can easily tell AS A LADY:
    1. Girls who dress promiscuously are highly insecure
    So many of you look so beautiful and are slim yet it’s not enough for you, you need to show your titts indirectly, in addition your ass. These celebrities’ ridiculous sense of fashion is the worst example in history and you girls don’t have a mature mind of your own to decern what’s right and what’s wrong⎯ how sad! I used to think you Western girls are smart, but now I have ZERO respect for those who wear like this. Don’t make excuses, we are not judgemental or stupid. I have the same sex organs as you and I know the motivating behaviours behind these dress codes (Stop deluding yourself and other girls).

    2. You complain about getting shitty boyfriends when you dress that way.
    Confident girls don’t put up with lusty men that lack self-control. You attract all of them with this sort of dress code, misbelieving you are truly attractive.

    3. For some strange reason, western girls are so unfriendly towards Asian girls in the presence of Western guys (English Girls especially)
    Western guys don’t even do that to Asian dudes!
    We can sense that you perceive us beneath you. We are not interested in taking your Western guys who drink and party so much. Guys that you dress sexily for but yet at the same time treat like trash according to forums. But honestly, looking at how you ladies dress and your divorce rates plus ridiculous stories of wanting to have financial support from your ex-husband for the rest of your life is insane in this age of independence that our ancestors have painstakingly fought for Women. You girls are abusing it.

    2. You want to attract male’s attention but call them out when they make sexual advances
    No one should be repeatedly telling you this. When you dress like a pornstar, you are inviting others to treat you that way. It screams “Come F**K me now!”. Omg, what is wrong with you girls to think you deserve respect when you have none for yourself? What happened in your culture that removes the NATURAL sense of decency and desire for safety from being molested and raped that was born in every girl??

    3. Stop ruinning the real meaning of being feminine
    The most feminine girls to me are the Koreans. Japanese girls have virtues and mystery. Even loud girls in Vietnam are sexy (I haven’t been elsewhere yet).

    Stop being so insecure and demanding the world to respect you when you don’t. Stop using ‘Feminity’ as an excuse. It’s so clear that you girls are so focused on past female oppression that now you’re acting like ……. because you don’t know how to balance your emotions and well-being in this generation where things have gotten so much better for girls. What happened to gratitude?

    I am so pissed after reading about Western culture and seeing these articles. The way the women in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ dress are so beautiful (except for the part where they forcefully tighten their waist too much and that bottom metal balloon casing), to see what it has become now, even in America (Not sure who started these promiscuous distasteful fashion) is a huge disappointment!

    Your country’s road to happy fulfilling marriages is bound to be broken if this nonsense goes on. And you wonder why. Work on your personal growth, not your promiscuous wardrobe. Man, that sexy teddy bodysuit was meant for inside a private bedroom or a hot steamy date night with the right guy!

    Damn, this should have been on Quora and GirlsAskGuys but you’re my last article of the day, dumping it all here. Goodnight! 😤

    • Very well said Artemis! Thank you for your very interesting perspective on a subject that I feel has needed to be addressed for a long time. When I was a young woman, I was a bit of a prude. I dressed respectably and I hardly dated at all. My hope was to find a decent young man who had good morals and would appreciate a good woman. That’s how I was. At age 72, I am appalled at the way young women in today’s society dress and behave. It is my thoughts that women who dress provocatively do so because: a. they can b. do it to attract attention from men and c. to make their friends and other women jealous of what they might believe is a better body than other’s is. Dressing like a slut or prostitute is a way of attracting men, the wrong kind albeit like bees to a honey pot. If you are a decent woman and choose to dress inappropriately then, don’t expect to be treated with respect, especially when you are not respecting the boundaries of people around you. I for one do not want to see women barely dressed: boobs on display, skirts/dress that barely cover their bottoms, and mid riffs on display. In society there are unspoken rules regarding appropriate dress. Women who barely dress are not respecting those around them and don’t complain about men who stare at you… you have, whether you intended to or not, attracted their attention. Stop it and dress appropriately!

    • I wish you had written the article instead of the deluded, brainwashed female that decided to spout some ridiculous point of view that seems to be pushed on women by men who want them to be nothing but sex objects.
      I’m so sad society has come to this.

  23. I’m in my 70s and I agree with the last posters. I guess you would call me a pragmatic traditionalist. Married twice, once divorced. I like the look of a women who takes care of herself and dresses modestly in public. I dress to reflect my culture and personality, either professionally or socially. When I was single and on the hunt in the nite clubs and bars, I was approached by women who dressed provocatively. Whether they were just mooching free drinks or trying to establish a relationship, I politely passed.

    If good women are looking for a good solid relationship, you aren’t going to get it braless, commando, short skirts, tight tops. I’m a grown man who is entitled to his opinion without being accused of being misogynistic, sexist or racist. And if you don’t want men to look, don’t advertise. Save it for the privacy of your home. And husband.

  24. God please, my daughter should not see this vlog and wander in streets half naked telling women empowerment and self confidence (btw good looking clothes is a part of self confidence, not breasts and butt revealing tight clothes you editor idiot). World becomes disgusting in the name of crap excuses. My daughter has to be safe, secure, strong, wealthy and free! Just like every normal human being who does not focus on wearing revealing tight clothes. Such a dumb post leading to wrong path!

    • Exactly, it’s encouraging women to look as if they work in the sex industry, even young girls are dressing this way.

  25. Of course this was written by a woman. The truth is they dress that way because they’re hoes. They are like puppies who constantly crave attention. They do it to seek validation. It’s like catnip for them. Pathetic species really!

  26. There are only two reasons a woman will dress revealingly, 1, Attention, 2, Envy. Women sexualize their bodies for these reasons alone. Empowerment, confidence, and whatever else was mentioned are all BS. Wanting to ‘feel free’ is just an excuse to wear revealing clothes. There is no comfort, freedom or class in wearing shorts with half your ass cheeks hanging out. Don’t kid yourselves, you will only gain the wrong attention. What real men find most attractive in a woman is the fact that she’s beautiful and doesn’t even know it. Men will have sex with sluts, but their true feelings are for a modest woman, after all, that’s the mouth that kisses their children at nights before bed.

  27. your a pussy. No man would get away with tat no matter how big. have some self respect man and stand up for yourself. You r wife laughed it off because she attracts that kind of thing and she probably has sex with other guys behind your back cos she knows your a pussy.

  28. A woman isn’t always of low moral character who wears revealing clothes. Some women are aroused knowing men are turned on by seeing them in sexy clothes or even semi nude. Also some husbands are equally turned on seeing their wives in public like that. It’s a fetish called exhibitionism and of all the fetishes they could be into it’s actually one of the more tame. If someone doesn’t want to look it’s easy to look the other way. With everything going on in the world getting bent out of shape about a woman in a short skirt or low cut top I’d say their priorities are screwed up. In some countries the beaches are nude in the entire country. It doesn’t mean it’s a country of heathens.


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