What Colours Go With Teal Clothes?

If you’re looking for a color that isn’t too flashy yet gives a touch of class to your dressing, teal is your go-to. It looks good on every skin tone and accentuates the most attractive parts of your body. Combine it with the right colors, and you have a bold fashion statement. That being said, what colors go with teal clothes?

Teal: Origin, Shades, Significance

what colors go with teal clothes


Teal isn’t a standalone color; it’s gotten from a mixture of colors. But to understand its origin, you have to know what the color wheel is. The color wheel shows the relationship among the three types of colors: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Red, yellow and blue are primary colors, orange, silver, and violet are secondary colors, while tertiary colors include blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, and yellow-orange. The color “teal” was first discovered in 1917 and was popularized by the Eurasian Teal, a freshwater duck with a blue-green stripe on its head. 

Teal is a tertiary color, as it is obtained from mixing a primary color, blue, with a secondary color, teal. It’s almost similar to the aqua color, if not for its lower saturation. In 1987, it was added to the 16 colors that made up the HTML.


Even though teal is obtained from a mixture of blue and green, there are different shades of teal. The shade you want to achieve determines the proportion of the 2 foundational colors and an extra one, white.

For example, if you want a light shade of teal, you can add white to the blue and green. The more the white color, the lighter the teal. However, if you prefer a darker shade of teal, don’t add white to the mixture.

You can also add colors like black or gray to create a more muted shade of teal. The different shades of teal include bright teal, dark teal, teal blue, dull teal, marine teal, empress teal, common teal, deep teal, tropical teal, etc.


To understand the meaning of the teal color, you must first know what each foundational color means – blue and green. Blue, the color of the sky and sea, stands for openness, imagination, peace, intelligence, responsibility, serenity, calmness, intuition, etc., whereas green signifies nature, life, rejuvenation, newness, rebirth, health, growth, hope, restoration, refreshing, etc.

If you want a lighter shade of teal, you’ll need white and white stands for purity, innocence, brilliance, light, goodness, sincerity, perfection, etc. In light of the qualities of each primary color, teal has a huge significance. From signifying calmness to being regarded as a sign of prosperity, teal accommodates the qualities of blue, green, and white.

7 Colors That Go With Teal Clothes

How you combine teal with other colors determines whether your dressing will be subtle or bold, and the occasion primarily determines your dressing. Below are some colors that go well with teal clothes.


Teal and gold wear

If you’re looking to add an exquisite touch to your dressing or appear luxurious, you can pair your teal clothes with gold. Beyond the glitter, gold also puts you in a class of your own among the crowd.



teal and White wear

White is a neutral color and goes with everything. As such, teal clothes aren’t an exception. If you want to add some touch of innocence to your look or showcase your brilliance, don’t hesitate to pair your teal clothes with a sparkling white.



teal and Purple wear

Have you ever tried combining teal with purple? If you’ve never done that, now is the time to try. You won’t look weird; you’ll look regal instead. Purple naturally signifies royalty and nobility and will only enhance the stability and class teal is known for. Besides, you can express 2 different sides of your personality with this combination: lively yet not attached.



wear teal and Yellow

Yellow catches attention. Teal fixes the attention on you. Imagine how much respect you’d command if you entered a crowded room wearing teal and yellow clothes; you don’t need to say a word before heads turn to look at you. Why? Teal and yellow make a bold and fun fashion statement. Together, they are classy! [What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes]



Pink and teal wear

You can’t go wrong wearing teal and pink. Pink is naturally a warm color, and depending on the shade of teal you wear; you can accentuate or contrast the warmness. In addition, pink and teal look very creative. You’ll surely stand out from the crowd.



teal and black wear

Which color does black compliment? None. And teal can be no exception. What stands out for this combination is its versatility. You can wear teal plus black to the workplace, a business meeting, a presentation, a fun hangout, a sober-themed party, etc. 



teal adn Gray wear

If you want something versatile but not black, go for teal plus gray. It’s unexpectedly chic and works for all skin tones. The teal color makes up for the liveliness gray lacks, and gray makes up for the subtlety in the combination.

Why Should You Include Teal Clothes In Your Wardrobe?

You might have wondered what’s the hype around teal clothes; many fashion influencers consider them an asset and one of the best for making any fashion statement you want. But if that’s not enough to convince you, check out some of the reasons you should include teal clothes in your dressing.

Hides imperfections

If you like to cover some parts of your body from public scrutiny, teal clothes are a must for you. They hide the areas you don’t want to be exposed well. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t deal with insecurities if you have them.

Teal clothes only enhance the parts you want to be enhanced; it doesn’t take away your insecurities. Being comfortable in your skin will go a long way in loving your imperfections and upping your fashion game.

what colors go with teal


Teal clothes are versatile; they’re not restricted to an occasion or event. You can rock teal for a romantic dinner, a meeting with potential clients, a work presentation, or a get-together with your friends. There are no places or functions you can’t wear teal clothes to. It becomes better when you’re good at color combinations.

Suits different tones and personalities

Teal has no favorites; it looks good on you no matter your skin tone and personality. If you’re the outgoing type who loves to make an elegant appearance wherever you step into, teal has got you covered. If you prefer to be unassuming and blend in with the rest of the crowd, you can wear teal clothes as well. What matters is how well you combine it with other colors to show what you want it to.

Makes you feel good

Color has a vital role to play in our daily lives. You must surround yourself with the colors that portray the energy you want to receive. For instance, if you look forward to bright and beautiful days, yellow and orange represent such qualities.

If you want serenity and calmness all around you, blue falls in this category. Teal is a combination of colors whose energy you want to work with – blue signifies serenity, depth, openness; green indicates newness, renewal, revival, and white stands for goodness and excellence.

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Teal Clothes Or Clothes Of Other Colors

what color goes with teal

Now that you know which colors to combine with teal clothes and why they should be must-haves, you should be particular about selecting the best teal clothes. If you aren’t, you might end up throwing your money to the wind.


For teal clothes, the color is the same, but the quality isn’t. The quality of fabric determines how you can wear it and for how long you can preserve it. As such, you should be intentional about buying teal clothes of good quality.

If you’re not too good with distinguishing a suitable fabric from a bad one, then look for a reliable seller who will provide the correct information and help you make the right choice.


Have you ever wondered why you look taller in some clothes and shorter in others? It’s because of the lines. They determine your size and height in clothes. For instance, vertical lines will make you look smaller, while horizontal lines make you look bigger. How tall or short you look is a function of the diagonal lines. Therefore, look out for the lines on the cloth. 


You definitely don’t want your clothes to tear when you bend to pick something or say hello to a kid. If it does, that means its workmanship is poor. The workmanship determines whether the clothes will have defects or not.

Unfinished stitches, wrong cuts, crooked lines, no room for adjustments, etc., are examples of poor workmanship. The only way to avoid this is to buy your teal clothes from a reliable seller.


There’s no price too high for a piece of teal cloth, as long as the quality is worth it. In essence, you determine if the teal clothes you’ve been eyeing are worth the price or not. However, ensure you don’t fall victim to fraudulent sellers selling poor-quality fabrics at an excessive amount. You should check two or three shops before you make your final decision.


To be on the safe side ultimately, buy from sellers that provide a warranty for their goods. You can fall back on this in case you need a replacement or refund.


Teal clothes go with yellow, purple, pink, gray, gold, black, and white. But since teal is versatile, you can also explore other colors and see how they look on you. Besides, you can create a personal fashion statement using teal clothes in conjunction with colors that go well with your skin tone and personality. 

colors to wear with teal

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