What Colours Go Well with  Grey Clothes? (Fashion 2023)

Before 2020 ended, Pantone announced the Colour of The Year. For 2021, they were actually two. One of them was Ultimate Grey. With so much focus on this colour, you can help but wonder what you can mix and match with it? What colors can you pair with grey clothes?

Get Neutral With Grey

what colors go with gray clothes

If you are looking for a neutral colour, grey is one of the best options you can find. It takes being neutral or achromatic to the extreme, given that it’s between black and white.

We can trace the first use of grey pigments back to 15,000 to 17,000 years ago. The people who painted the walls of the Lascaux caves found in France steel-gray manganite. Since ancient times, grey has been present in various forms and parts of history.

The color grey has come to represent different things. It’s an awesome color that compliments so many other colors. It’s no wonder that a lot of brands lean towards grey. It has that modern, firm, and fresh feel that is cool to look at. It looks professional yet does not alienate the target audience.

Grey also gives us that sophisticated vibe that helps lift other colors. It also has that air of calmness and mysteriousness that you might lean towards.

500 Shades Of Grey

It’s time to move over, Christian Grey. There are more than just 50 shades of grey! As with other colors, there are various shades of grey. Our eyes can distinguish more than 500 shades of grey.

While we might not be able to identify or name all of them, there’s one thing we know. Grey is everywhere. And if you are thinking of dressing up, there are numerous shades of grey that you could choose from. Apart from that, you can pair it up with different colors.

Whatever you intend to do, you can always dress up in your best grey outfit. If you want to add some pizzazz to your look, there are some great colours that would go very well with grey clothes.

Mix and Match Your Grey Clothes

If your grey clothes need a little pop, then you need to add more colors to your wardrobe. For some people, coming out with numerous clothing options might be difficult. But if you know what you are working with, it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you need some ideas for your grey clothes, you need to take note of these combinations:

Grey and Red

Grey and Red style

If you want to go for a strong yet classic look, there’s no better combination than grey and red. Combining these two colors together would totally look chic and sophisticated.

The neutral tone of the grey color works perfectly with the boldness of the red color. If you are looking for your fall fashion color palette, the grey and red mix would be amazing.

Whether it’s for business or casual attire, you can definitely try the grey and red pairing. If you have a grey jacket or blazer, you can wear a red shirt or blouse. If you are wearing a grey suit, a red tie would add a great accent to your ensemble.

If you plan to wear grey clothes but don’t have any red piece of clothing to add, you can always put on your favorite red lipstick! That lip color would look so good with your grey clothes! [10 Colors Go With Red Clothes]

Grey and Pink

Grey and Pink wear

Another exceptional color combination is grey and pink. It’s giving you a classic yet romantic vibe that you would totally adore.

If you have a grey suit, a pink dress shirt elevates it. There is something sweet and soft about the mix of these two colors. The warmth or coolness of the grey tone would work well with the calming and pretty pink color.

If you are going for the dreamy yet also polished vibe, you can wear a light pink sweater and a grey pair of pants or skirt. If you want to be even bolder, you can go for a brighter pink and darker grey fit! With this, you can still stand out in the best way possible! [Think Pink: 13 Colors To Pair With Pink]

Grey and Yellow

what colors go with gray clothing

We all know that Ultimate Grey is one of Pantone’s Colors Of The Year. If you don’t know what the other one is, it’s a color called Illuminating. It’s a vibrant yellow that exudes positivity and fortitude. Since the year is not over yet, you still have the chance to wear these two colors together!

If you also want to add some cheerfulness to your grey clothes, then yellow is a color that you should add! Apart from that, yellow can give your grey clothes the vividness it needs. There is soothing energy that you can get from these two colors together.

If you have a basic grey dress and you want something to make it more exciting, then grab a yellow scarf! A yellow blouse also works with a grey skirt. If you have a bright yellow dress and you are afraid of looking like Bird Bird, grab something grey to tone it down a bit. [What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes]

Grey and Purple

what colors go with gray

Different shades of purple work with different shades of grey! It is what you should remember whenever you want to combine these two colors.

Some people view the color grey as something serious and cold. However, that’s not the case if you add a little bit of purple to it. The fall and winter would be the perfect time to mix dark grey with deeper shades of purple. You can get a grey coat and add an Aubergine-colored scarf.

If summer is upon us, you can still wear this color combination. A lighter shade of grey works well with brighter purple like lavender.

Grey and purple also seem to be a popular color scheme for weddings! The neutrality of the grey works so well with the royal flair of purple. It’s subtle yet bold without being over the top.

The great thing about this wedding palette is that both colors have so many shades and hues. And if the wedding entourage chose to wear something grey, there are various purple shades to complement their gowns and suits. [What Colors Go With Purple Clothes?]

Grey and Green

Grey and Green style

If you are wondering if green goes with grey, then the answer is a resounding “yes”! You might think they don’t work together. But in reality, they do. The trick here is figuring out what shades of grey and green work well together. This goes out for both men and women.

By adding green, you are adding more vibrancy to your grey clothes. If you want something casual yet striking, you can wear green pants with a grey top. You can look cool even with minimal effort.

If you are on the lookout for a fall outfit, you can wear a combination of grey and sage green. The coolness of these colors is a good contrast to the orange and yellow colors of fall. You can stand out yet blend in at the same time! You are definitely getting the best of both worlds!

Grey and Black

colors that go with grey clothes

If you mean business, then you can’t go wrong with grey and black. While it sounds basic on paper, in reality, it’s a combination that works.

Apart from both being neutral, it works for anyone who wants to look polished and professional. Whoever sees you in your grey and black ensemble wouldn’t dare question how serious and committed you are to your professional life.

If you think that you can only wear grey and black at work, then that’s where you are wrong! You can wear this color combo outside the office. You can pair something light grey with black. You can still look chic yet still have that serious air around you! It’s just about finding a middle ground.

Grey and Grey

colors that go with gray

If you can’t think of anything else to pair your clothes with, look no further! Since grey comes in so many shades, you can just combine them! You don’t have to worry about looking meh at all. You can still look fabulous even when you are wearing all grey!

Don’t be afraid to explore the different shades of grey out there. You can also look into the different textures of your clothes as well. Combining these elements would give you the edge that you are looking for.

As monochromatic and minimalist looks seem to be fashionable these days, the grey and grey mix and match would totally make sense. There would be chic and cool air around you that you love to vibe with! You can look fashion forward but without going over the top!

Be Bold! Wear More Colors With Your Grey Clothes

If you want to be bolder and braver in your fashion choices, don’t be afraid to add more color to your neutral outfits. There are plenty of colors that go so well with grey clothes. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone and look your absolute best!

what colours go with grey clothes

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