The Complete Guide to Match Clothes For Guys

Matching your clothes and fashion accessories the right way helps enhance your appearance, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are different resources that you can read or watch on the internet to match your clothes properly. Once you’re able to grasp the basics, you’ll find styling yourself an easy task. 

Why Match Clothes For Guys?

how to match clothes and shoes for guys

Although the knowledge and skill of matching clothes are believed to be peculiar to women alone, men can also learn how to combine their clothes to make a great fashion statement. Fashion is an essential aspect of life and is often regarded as a reflection of your person. Below are some reasons for matching your clothes.

A Good Impression 

Whether for an official meeting, a casual outing, or a romantic date, a properly put-together outfit commands respect. Your appearance always says a lot about you. From the moment you step into a room, your outfit already creates an impression on the people there.

The way you dress influences people’s perceptions of you. So putting on a mismatched outfit can make people have the wrong opinion of you, leaving you misjudged. Also, your putting effort into making sure that your clothes match shows that you’re intentional about everything you do. With a properly matched and cohesive outfit, you have won the hearts of people halfway.

Builds Confidence

matching clothes for men

Wearing clothes that match helps you look well put together. This gives your confidence levels the boost it needs. When you walk into a room sharply dressed in a well-matched outfit, you not only create the impression that you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, you feel confident in yourself and your abilities. Dressing well is one of the keys to building and boosting your confidence, not vanity, as some people regard it. 

Social Leverage 

As already established, an outfit that is carefully thought out creates a good impression on the people you’re meeting. Because you have already created a good image of yourself with your outfit, you can also increase your perceived status.

Society is mainly moved by what they see, and someone who is well dressed is perceived to be a person of reputable standing. When you’re well dressed, people tend to receive and treat you better than they would a person who’s shabbily dressed.

After all, the way you’re dressed is the way you will be addressed. This always gives you an edge over everyone else. You can then channel this social leverage your clothing gives you into building a more meaningful life for yourself.

3 Tips For Matching Colours For Your Clothes 

Colour is an integral aspect of matching your clothes. You want to ensure to pick the right colors of clothes to match. Knowing how to integrate colors when matching clothing items makes your overall style look fantastic. Here are a few tips that must not be neglected when choosing colors for your outfit. 

Go For Complementary Colours

how to match clothing for men

The first twist in matching colors for your clothes is that you don’t match; you complement. You don’t necessarily have to match the same colors in your outfit. Colors can align with one another even without sharing the same hue.

Complementary Colours are colors opposite on the color wheel. This includes all secondary colors, which are colors created from the mixture of primary colors. Each primary color – red [10 Colors Go With Red Clothes], blue, and yellow – usually has a corresponding complementary color; red and blue, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. 

As such, complementary colors create contrast. So the key to wearing complementary colors is using contrasting hues. This means that when wearing two complementary colors, try to make one of the shades in your clothes darker than the other.

This way, you’re not creating excess contrast with two pure complementary hues put together. For example, you can match a dark pair of blue jeans with a bright orange shirt. 

Analogous and Triadic Colour Matching

how to match clothes mens

Analogous color matching involves matching color shades that are right beside each other on the color wheel. This means that the colors have similar tones and can be well blended.

Triadic color matching, however, involves matching three colors that are equidistant on the color wheel. These colors work well in harmony. 

Add a neutral base 

matching mens outfits

You can only have a pop color in your style when a neutral color pops against it. Colors such as white, grey, brown, black, and other plain colors give you a great foundation to work with.

Incorporating colors in your outfit becomes more manageable when there’s a neutral base. A neutral base makes the color you’re adding more visible. For example, matching a khaki or a pair of black pants with a white shirt allows you to accessorize bright colors. 

Matching Accessories With Your Clothes? Take Note Of These 5 Things.

One primary function of accessories is to amplify your outfit. You could add accessories to add color to your neutral-based outfit or show off your tastes and uniqueness. Accessories for men include footwear, jewelry, belts, ties and pocket squares, hats, and bags. 


color matching clothes for guys

After picking out a bomb outfit with colors that suit your tone, the next thing on the list is your footwear. Your outfit is never complete without perfect footwear to match. For example, shoes with block, dark colors like black or white are versatile and work with everything in your wardrobe.

Shoes are also good for formal wear, white sneakers, boots, loafers, etc., will do for casual clothes.


matching clothes men

When matching any jewelry, ensure you match based on color. In cases where you can’t get them all to fit, make sure that all jewelry items don’t make an unappealing clash. The most popular jewelry items that men wear are watches and rings, and they are mostly gold, black, brown, or silver because they’re usually in sync with all your clothes and accessories. o 


matching men's clothes

Leather items, in general, must be picked to match one another in an outfit. If you’re wearing a leather belt,  try to make sure it fits with other leather materials in your outfit, especially your shoes. For example, a black leather belt usually blends well with a pair of khakis or jeans but might not go well with navy. Brown leather belts go best with navy, army green, or denim pants. 


matching outfit for men

The easiest way to wear socks is to match them to your pair of pants. This creates a complete look. Patterned socks are also welcome as long as the base color matches your pants and the rest of your outfit. Your socks should either be in the same shade or be a  complementary color with your pants. 


matching outfits for men

Sometimes, choosing the right tie for your outfit might be difficult, especially for guys who are not used to wearing it often. Choose a tie that complements your skin tone and the colors in your outfit.

For instance, a red tie on a blue shirt and black trousers looks nice. One great piece of advice to take is to buy ties that would match perfectly with outfits you already own.

4 Ways To Care For Your Clothes And Accessories 

how to match clothes guys

Sort your clothes before washing

The first thing to ensure that your clothes stay in good condition is to sort out your clothes while preparing to do the laundry. Never toss all your clothes into the washer without first sorting them. You must sort them first according to color.

Separate your white shirts from the rest of your colored clothes. This prevents any unwanted dye stains from other shirt colors. You should also separate your clothes by dirtiness. Put clothes that are too dirty away from those soiled with dirt. 

Air-dry your dress shirts

Your dress shirts are made of delicate fabric. So to ensure that their life span is prolonged, never dry them in your tumble dryer. The dryer breaks down the fibers of the shirt fabric, causing it to shrink.

Instead, shake out the shirt once you’re done washing to get rid of any wrinkles. Then, air-dry it on a hanger or iron it. Some experts recommend that if you’re to iron your dress shirts, iron them immediately you take them out of the washer, paying attention to the collar, the cuffs, and then the body. 

Keep your shoes clean and tidy 

Your shoes should always be polished, clean, and presentable. Always clean your leather shoes with a clean piece of cloth, and wipe away any dust that may be collecting on your suede shoes.

Experts suggest putting shoe trees in your shoes to maintain their shapes.  People tend to notice your shoes first in your outfit, so ensure they stand out. 

Handle other accessories well

Your accessories require more attention when putting them away. Use hat boxes to store your hats and caps. Folding or squeezing them will ruin their round sizes. Hang your bags on a bookshelf and use a tie rack for your ties.

You can also roll up your ties and put them in drawers. Whenever you aren’t using your ties, stuff them with paper to avoid losing their shapes. Keep items like watches, glasses, cufflinks, etc., in a tray. For your belts, use hook flats to fix them on your closet walls.


With the tips shared above, wearing matching outfits as a man doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply following what you’ve read and watched and tweaking it to suit your creativity will do the trick! And with a little more practice and intentionality, your matching outfits game is going to hit the skies.

how to match clothes and shoes for men

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