10 Colors Go with Red Clothes

Red is a popular color especially when it comes to clothing because it is bright and bold. Since this color is so powerful, it might seem like a challenge to wear it. Fret not! This article will share what colors go with red clothes and other styling tips.

Wearing Red

Red is such a strong color that it is often associated with being bold. From red blouses to red trousers and even red shoes, any piece of clothing in the color red will surely catch attention.

An all-red ensemble might be too fiery for the eyes so it is good to mix it with other colors. When it comes to clothing, putting the right colors together is crucial to making an outfit work. Not all colors work well together in the same way that some combinations are a match made in heaven.

In this fashion guide, we will share with you all you need to know about wearing the color red including what colors go with red clothes.

Red and white

Red and white wear

When talking about what colors go with red clothes, white is probably top of mind. You can never go wrong with red and white. White is such a pure neutral that it pairs well with just about any color — even red. On top of that, white is also very classy and makes any color combination look well put together.

If you don’t want too much red on your outfit, pair together red and white garments. White will balance the strong intensity of red, making it easy on the eyes.

For example, if you are wearing a red top, match it with white bottoms such as a pair of shorts or trousers. If you have a red skirt or trousers, put on a white shirt. This will neutralize the boldness of red but still make it pop.


Red and black

wear Red and black

Another neutral pairing with red, black is one option you should try to add to your red outfit. Though some may classify putting together red and black as boring and dull, the color combination can actually look stylish especially when you pick the right shade of red.

Black gives off a serious vibe and is intense, though in a grounding kind of way. Combining two intense colors like red and black will balance your outfit. If you don’t want much attention, red and black are the way to go.

Bold red with black may not be for everyone but it still depends on the type of clothing you are wearing. Exploring different styles, cuts, and layers might make it work. For a more subtle ensemble, try black with tomato red or dark red.


Red and grey

wear Red and grey

Want to wear red to work but still like to look professional? Pair it with grey. Grey is a beautiful neutral for formal outfits and it’s just as beautiful when paired with red.

Grey is cool and soft so it will make the color red pop. It’s a great alternative if you want a neutral pairing with red but wants to do without black and white. The two colors compliment each other very well, giving off a vibe that screams sophistication.

You can wear a grey business outfit and add accents such as a red belt and red shoes for a pop of color. [What Colours Go Well With Grey Clothes?]


Red and beige

wear Red and beige

Beige, camel, or tan is a color that’s probably in your wardrobe may it be a sweater, a cardigan, or a jacket. This neutral color is a must-have for classic outfits as it looks calming.

When you put together beige with red, you end up looking expensive and elegant. The relaxing color of beige matches well with the vibrance of red.

For a chic outfit, throw over a beige sweater on top of red trousers. Alternatively, you can also have a red top over beige or off-white trousers. Should you want a girly look, put on a red dress and tone it down with beige outerwear.


Red and blue

wear Red and blue

One color that comes to mind when asked what colors go with red clothes is blue. Both are primary colors and they make a powerful yet classy statement when paired with each other.

As red and blue are both found in the American flag, an outfit with these colors might look patriotic. However, if you pick the right garments, you can have a chic look.

Regardless of shade, blue in general looks pretty with red so you will have no trouble deciding between light blue or navy blue. You can also add white to your fashion equation.

A white tee with denim pants will look livelier with a red cardigan or jacket. You may also opt for a nautical feel with a white and blue striped sweater paired with red pants. [What Colours Go With Blue Clothes?]

Red and blue also look good in menswear. Here are some dapper outfits with this combination:


Red and green

wear Red and green

What colors go with red clothes? The color right across it in the color wheel: green. Green will beautifully complement red.

The red and green combination gives off festive feel because it reminds us of Christmas. However, this is not always the case. When you play around with different shades and fabrics, you can have a stylish ensemble.

Mix bold red with darker shades of green such as sage or emerald. Though not the usual, you may even experiment and consider army green. For a muted look, pair dark green with darker shades of red such as maroon.

For fabrics, explore corduroy, velvet, or georgette in green or red. Try out these different fabric choices and thank us later!


Red and pink

wear Red and pink

Did you know that red looks nice with its neighboring colors in the spectrum? One of the colors that go with red clothes is pink.

You may think that putting together red and pink in an outfit might seem overboard, but it actually is a romantic and sweet pairing. From hot pink to candy pink, all shades of pink will look fabulous with red clothing. That being said, you’ll save time deciding which pink to match your red outfit.

A pink top plus a red bottom would definitely look chic and sweet. In the same way, a bright red sweater with light pink pants will also give off a sweetheart vibe. The two colors will surely make you a head-turner. [Think Pink: 13 Colors To Pair With Pink]


Red and plaid

Red and plaid wear

Now that we’ve talked about what colors go with red clothes, it’s time to discuss red clothes and prints. Prints are a great way to liven up your outfit.

If you don’t want to be too experimental and would rather stay on the safe side of style, pair red with plaid clothing. Instead of matching your plaids with neutrals like black or white, try pairing them with a muted red garment.


Red and animal print

wear Red and animal print

Want to go all out and be funky? Mix and match classic red with animal prints. Animal prints are very playful fashion pieces as they add character to any outfit.

Pair your red t-shirts or sweaters with animal print bottoms such as skirts or pants. You can also do animal print blouses with bright red trousers.

Should you wish to have a good mix of both, throw a bright red blazer or jacket over your cheetah-printed dress. The opposite works great too when you put a cheetah-printed blazer on top of your bright red dress.


Red and red

colors to wear with red

What colors go with red clothes? Other shades of red! This might seem funny but red goes well with other shades of red.

Have bright red shoes? Pair it with a dark red dress. You can also have a maroon top with red pants and still look fabulous. Don’t forget to put on red lipstick to complete your bold look.

Red of the same shade looks great together as well. If you have a top and a bottom with the same shade of red, don’t be afraid to wear them together. You’ll look bold and vibrant and will definitely catch people’s attention!


Red must-haves in your wardrobe

Red is such a beautiful and bold color so you should not skip having it in your wardrobe.

Because red is truly a rich color, you can have different kinds of garments in red. The good thing about it is you can match it with other colors.

Here are some red must-have pieces that you should own:

  • Red sweater
  • Red blazer
  • Red pants
  • Red skirt
  • Red dress
  • Red scarf
  • Red belt
  • Red bag

Knowing what colors go with red clothes is key!

The key to flaunting the red color perfectly is to know what colors go with red clothes. You are not only stuck with black and white because red is also great with other colors. As a matter of fact, red looks good with prints too. Don’t be afraid to experiment in mixing and matching clothes.


colors that go with red clothes

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