What Colors Match With Brown Clothes? (2023 Updated)

Brown, like black, can be used in a variety of contexts. This is a must-have color for any wardrobe because it’s ageless and has been popular for numerous reasons. Brown looks surprisingly classy when paired with the suitable variety of colors. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your outfit, try one of these ideas and color combinations that will go well with your brown clothes.

How To Choose Color Combinations

How To Choose Color Combinations

Choosing the right color choices for your outfit can make a significant impact on how you look overall. It is easy to achieve a balanced and comprehensive appearance simply by combining suitable colors.

The color wheel can assist you in selecting complementary and similar colors that complement one another. Because they are so powerful, split complementary hues are frequently utilized instead.

Colors on the wheel that are analogous have similar tones and blend nicely. While the wheel might be helpful, it should not be your only source of guidance. It takes practice and understanding to get the perfect color and style combinations.

Colors That Go Well With Brown

does brown go with black

Brown is frequently linked with dullness, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have knowledge in pairing the brown outfit with the proper color tones and accessories, brown may become your favorite go-to look. Brown looks surprisingly sophisticated when paired with various other colors, making it an excellent alternative to the all-time favorite black.

Brown, like other colors, varies in its pastels or saturation. It is usually most important to match the level of pastel when talking colors. Lighter browns and tans complement bright hues like oranges, reds, greens, blues, and, of course, white. Darker browns complement burgundy, navy, forest green, olive, mustard, grey, and black, to name a few.

Warmer tones like sepia, rust, cream, beige can complement brown. Warm reds like tomato red and generous greens like forest green can also all complement brown.

Combining brown and black is always a good idea. The two neutrals complement each other effectively to create a polished look. Army green is a versatile color that can be worn with practically everything and works as a neutral. Still, we think it looks gorgeous with brown tones.

What to Wear with Brown Top

1# Brown shirt with dark-colored jeans

What to Wear with Brown Top

A brown shirt will look fantastic when paired with dark-colored jeans or pants to achieve a monochromatic minimalist appearance, which is currently popular in the fashion world.


2# Brown shirt with white pants

Brown shirt with white pants

A brown shirt looks great with various bottoms, including white, navy blue, grey, and charcoal grey.


3# Brown polo with white pants

Brown polo with white pants

A brown jacket or polo paired white pants, navy blue pants, grey & charcoal grey pants, off-white or cream, will give a smart-casual look.


4# Brown puffer coat with off-white pants

Brown puffer coat with off-white pants

The best option would be off-white pants. They both compliment each other well. Off-white goes with any color. When in doubt, use off-white.


5# Brown sweater with white jeans

Brown sweater with white jeans

White would also be a good option. It will be a complete contrast, but you don’t have to choose the brightest white.


6# Brown corduroy suite

Brown suite with Light peach corduroy pants

Brown corduroy suite, suited for metro-sexual men.


7# Brown coat with pale yellow pants

Brown coat with pale yellow pants

Shades of lightest pale yellow imbibed from nature’s combination like sunflowers. [What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes]


What to Wear With Brown Bottom

1# White shirt with brown mini skirt

White shirt with brown mini skirt

The combination of a black shirt or a white shirt is stunning.


2# Denim jacket with Brown trousers

Denim jacket with Brown trousers

Brown trousers are worn with a denim shirt or a denim jacket for a casual look.


3# Blue shirt with brown pants

Blue shirt with brown pants

Shirts in light colors such as sky blue, blue oxford, and grey are recommended. [What Colours Go With Blue Clothes?]


4# Flannel shirt with brown pants

Flannel shirt with brown pants

It goes excellent with flannel shirts, Cuban shirts, and other similar clothes.


5# Dress shirts with brown pants

Dress shirts with brown pants

It looks great with both casual check shirts and dress shirts.


6# Loose-fitting shirt with brown pants

Loose-fitting shirt with brown pants

When worn with a loose-fitting shirt that is not tucked in, it looks great.


Colors to Wear with Brown Pants

Browns of all colors are dominating the show in the fashion world for the first time in years. Most of us probably are not used to wearing brown so we can be at a loss about how to wear brown pants.

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of this year’s fashionable brown pants, here’s everything you need to know about styling and color matching them.

Brown Pants With Light Colors

what colors go with brown clothes

For a semi-formal look, pair your light or dark brown slacks with pastel-hued tops. Think about wearing a light-colored top with brown bottoms when your skin tone is warm or cool. Pink, apple or mint green, and lavender are all examples of cool colors. Warm colors include tones like tan and burnt orange.

Single-color clothes can be just as figure-flattering when worn with a brown shirt that is lighter or deeper in tone than your brown slacks.

Brown Pants With Medium brown shade and neutral accessories

what colors match with brown clothes

Dark brown trousers go well with jewel-toned colors such as emerald or sapphire greens, blues, and purples during the fall and winter. Wear patterned brown tops, T-shirts, and shirts with a clear color accent in the pattern to break up the overall color scheme.

Brown tops and brown slacks can be spiced up with frills, flared sleeves, or bow ties. Black or brown pants and tops look great with these colors.

Brown Pants With Dark Hues

what colors go with brown

Wearing dark tops with lighter brown bottoms has been increasingly trendy in the last year or two. Wearing dark blue with the right shade of brown, for example, is a contemporary fashion trend.

For example, if you wear dark coffee trousers, you can pair them with some tops in light, medium, or dark colors. Light or medium brown trousers, on the other hand, look best with more lightweight shirts since a dark top and a light trouser clash. A blacktop, for example, seems out of place with white jeans.

Combinations in brown and black

what colors look good with brown

Old rules regarding what colors go with brown have been abandoned, as everything now depends on the specific hue or tone you’re going for. Brown can now experiment with anything. Pair black with a few distinct brown tones if you want to appear fashionable and current. There’s no reason you can’t wear them together because most brown pants work with any color of jacket or belt.

Denim and brown pants

what to wear with brown

Light denim tops go well with dark or light brown slacks. With the proper footwear, you can dress up or down for every occasion. Wear trendy sneakers or flat sandals on the street, but black high heels to work for a more professional look. Also, flat, brown ankle boots with matching heels are the newest style for both work and play.

Wearing Brown Colors in Spring

Even while brown goes well with warm colors like yellow, orange, and red, it might make you look out of place in the spring because it mimics a tree with changing leaves. Use darker, richer greens, blues, and deep earthy purples to create a color scheme for the spring.

A brown suede purse would look great with a white button-down, a cream cardigan, thin blue jeans, a brown suede belt, and ivory Chuck Taylors.

For ladies, Females should wear a brown suede crossbody bag with a cream sundress, an ice blue slim belt, and mint green floppy sunnies with a brown suede crossbody purse. While the bright colors may make you feel uneasy at first, you’ll be Vogue ready and cute as a button in no time.

Wearing Brown in fall

Using hues from the warmer side of the color wheel can help you stay on trend and appear welcoming in the chilly months ahead. Wear something in analogous colors in the fall (colors that are similar to one another on the color wheel).

Whatever the weather, a dark brown jacket and brown brogues with orange pants and an orange tee make a welcome and snug combination for men of all ages. When you’re wearing a brown scarf with a mustard yellow top and camel-colored slacks.

What To Wear With Brown Dress

what colors to wear with brown

Like black, brown, and its many varieties are great accent colors. Going with the flow is easy when you wear camel or cinnamon brown and add fabulous jewelry. Wear an animal pattern scarf with a golden crossbody bag and muted gold shoes to provide visual interest. A brown plaid shirtdress with combat boots is another great fall style. Wear it to work with a pumpkin spice latte.

What To Wear With Brown Oversized Sweaters

what color to wear with brown

Something about monochromatic brown ensembles instantly ups your style ante. Sweaters, which go nicely with most light-washed jeans, jeggings, and fleece leggings, are intriguing choices. An ankle-length boot, boyfriend jeans, and a giant chunky pair of sunglasses with an oversized brown sweater are all terrific selections for updating and exciting your winter outfit.

What To Wear With Brown Shorts

colors that go with brown clothes

Instead of wearing your typical denim shorts or hot pants, opt for khaki shorts or brown leather shorts. Wearing a white shirt to a formal event, such as a concert or supper. Put on a simple tank top under a shrug (or not), a plaid shirt under it, or a bomber jacket to dress it up a little bit.

What To Wear With Dark Brown Skirts

does brown and blue match

Pencil skirts and neatly tucked-in white shirts are mandatory for corporate savvy gals on top of their fashion game. Pumps in a neutral or pastel color scheme complement this ensemble beautifully. A brown leather purse or tote bag, stunning silver jewelry, or a jacket will all add interest to your ensemble.

What to Wear With Brown Leggings

does brown match with black

This winter, your new best friend is brown leggings, so say goodbye to those boring black leggings. They look great with oversized pastel sweaters, white T-shirts, knee-high boots, heavy, dull gold jewelry, animal pattern scarves or blouses, and so on.

For a monotone ensemble, consider brown leggings, a camel trench, and ankle boots. If you’ve been considering having balayage or caramel highlights, now is the moment.


Brown is right up there with black in terms of elegance. All you need are a few fresh ideas and a willingness to explore new options to keep things exciting. If you want to style brown, you must also consider the different colors that go well with it. I hope this post about colors that go with brown clothing was helpful in your quest for the perfect look.

does brown and black go together

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